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  1. I was able to see Ivy before she left, what can you say, beautiful, fun personality, GFE in my book and definitely interseted in making sure you have a nice time. I hope she comes back sometime.
  2. I am pretty sure its the same Vivian I saw several months back. If so, yes worth it, top notch in all areas.
  3. With regards to Channel, definite must see in my opinion. Beautiful, sexy, good conversation and accomadating. I have seen her a few times now.
  4. I have seen Shu as mentioned above, since then I have also seen Vivian and recently Bee. All 3 of them are a must see in my book. Pictures are accurate for all three so far and the experiences have always exceeded expectations. Vivian is beautiful and BCD was over the top. Bee is also a gravure type beauty with a slender sexy body. With a name like Bee I was not sure if I would get stung, but turns out sweet as honey. Go with confidence grasshopper.
  5. Well I have to say I had a great time today with Shu. To my surprise was her cute personality, loved her laugh. Very sexy lady too. Thank you Shu. I also liked working with the booker, she is very quick and gave thorough instructions as well. Thank you to her and to Madison for the recommendation. I will be back.
  6. Madison also referred me to the site and totally agree referrals from Madision have more than worked out. I set up an appointment on the 20th. Looking forward to then.
  7. Asian Jessica Colorado Companion Anyone see this woman?
  8. Jessica ?

    Ok, I learned Jessica is friends with some of the traveling ladies. Worth a visit
  9. Members you miss

    Well it is encouraging to see some of these ladies coming back. I learned my all time favorite Pretty Katy / Lana will be back next week it’s been a year
  10. Dates. When others are home????

    Now for something a little different. I met a provider at a hotel near DTC several years ago and a little after things got going I saw rabbits come out from under the bed. She told me that she has a rabbit rescue and she worked part time to help fund it. I was like, okay, then proceeded to enjoy the rest of the session. Whatcha going to do?
  11. Do You Have Blue Eyes

    Hey Cuz, blue eyes here as well. Mine are about as blue as you can get too.
  12. Umm, you obviously didn’t search very hard.
  13. Halloween Costumes

    Last year I was invited to a Halloween party, but didn’t have any idea what to do for a costume. Anyway just before the party I took off all my clothes and put on a pair of roller skates. I went as a pull toy.
  14. Dining in Denver

    My all time favorite is The Blue Bonnet on Broadway and Alameda
  15. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    I can definitely say the Quality Inn in Louisville of 36 has King Suite rooms with a Jacuzzi tub right in the room and I mean in the room, not a bathroom tub. Decent enough hotel as well.
  16. Eccie Changes

    I tried ECCIE a bit and it was ok for Texas. I did notice a chip on the shoulders of the ECCIE users about TOB in their discussion forums. They would complain that ECCIE was not popular in CO. Anyway sad its gone, but will not affect me much, not sure where the Texas hobby will end up.
  17. Incall vs. Outcall

    I prefer incall, I am single but have adult children, one rents the basement and the other two are home from college now and then. I do a lot of business in DTC so its convenient to see ladies between appointments. Although I am limited on the amount of time I have. Which brings up this point, often I try to schedule a couple days in advance to ensure a full hour of my time is available between appointments, but quite often the lady will cancel the night before or morning of the appointment when I have scheduled a few days in advance. Not sure why that is? Seems its better to book the same day or no more than a day in advance. Then when you try that you find the time you want is already booked. Frustrating at times. OK thread hijack over. I see a lot of ladies set up in either DTC or Westminster and sometimes downtown/Cherry Creek. I suggest splitting the week between DTC and the North. I will only drive up north if its a lady I have seen before. I suppose its the same for North to South. I travel a lot for work and when I am out of town I still prefer incall. I have just not had good experiences on the road with outcall. When traveling I only see ladies that strike my fancy, but I do go to AMPs in Dallas - for the massage.
  18. Your Dream Ride

    Ford GT or anything vintage Shelby The other well there are so many, but let’s start with Mila Kunis.
  19. One nice thing

    I don't really post much here, but have been a user here since it started in the early 2000s. TOB has always been a great resource here for those actively posting and just active in the background like me. I have seen things get a little out of hand here now and then, but nothing too bad. TNA has seen some pretty shady stuff, more on the client end. I have met by far the best providers here, many local and many traveling. I would say in the almost 20 years I have only had about 4 negative instances here on TOB. One is a current provider that replied to a text inquiry with a you are a bad client and I will put you on a national list etc. Crazy because I never met here and pretty sure she didn't know my handle here. WTF? One is being stood up after many texts and when I arrived at the location I was ghosted, In both of these two cases it seems both providers have a history of those things. I wouldnt be surprised if clients know exactly who I am talking about, especially the crazy texter. The other two were just the bad 3g type experience we all hate, so with that I would have to say TOB is the best. I truly try to be a respectful and gentle person with these incredibly beautiful ladies. I have even fallen for one and needed to pull back to not fall too far if you know what I mean? Thank you all the providers who have treated me with respect, care and being so beautiful. Thank you to the clients who have responded to my questions and appreciated my replies to theirs. Thank you to the moderators who have gone out of their way to be helpful and resolve my little issues over the years.
  20. Other Hobbies?

    I have a few hobbies as well. Another Mustang Guy here, I have a 1965 289 Coupe that is pretty nice and 2015 50th anniversary Mustang with the Ford Performance Pack. I really like them both, but frankly I like the newer one the best. Also into Jeeping - Overlanding type. Motorcycling - just short day trips and such. Photography - In my past I was a professional doing primarily commercial work. I am thinking it might be fun to photograph some of the ladies here but never really pursued that. Previously a lot of woodworking, now primarily home improvement, I like to do things to a very top level when I can.
  21. Riding...

    I have a Honda NC700X that I do half day trips for lunch in the mountains with my son who has the same bike. I spend a lot of time in the mountains with my Jeep and do 2-3 days of see no pavement several times a year. I also drive my Ford Performance Spec Mustang in the mountains and do touring to national parks and such. See a theme here? In the mountains.
  22. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Today is The Blue Bonnet’s 50th Anniversary. Headed there now for a Beef Chimi and a Nega Modelo.
  23. I don’t have Hero’s per se, I do have what I call “The Man” list. It actually has more women on it than men but a solid mix of people doing the right thing at the right time for no reason except that it is the right thing to do. Martin Luther King is at the top of my list.
  24. Best Local Denver restaurants

    I like how SouthPark fans who are not from here ask about Casa Bonita like it’s some amazing place. Feel bad when they learn the truth.