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  1. 719-203-2760 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen southern comfort? https://colorado-springs.skipthegames.com/female-escorts/caucasian_w/southern-comfort/472826344591 She's been posting on stg for a while.
  2. New Girl, June COS

    Yep, very legit and very fun. Saw her this evening and was very happy i did. Review pending.
  3. And her name is Danielle
  4. Just saw her and she is great. Suggested she focus on TOB over skip the games. Hope she will. Not sure how to to review someone without a profile here.
  5. 719-373-6949 Colorado Companion Does anyone have any info on this one? Crickets on photo and phone searches. http://colorado-springs.skipthegames.com/female-escorts/caucasian_w/what-are-you-waiting-for/661823513254 https://www.eroticmonkey.ch/blondyswan-escort-colorado-springs-730725#erotic
  6. New Girl, June COS

    Ditto for me except MY phone died and I didn't realize it. She does seem to keep in touch. Will try again to meet her, she seems to be back in town.
  7. New Girl, June COS

    I had to look it up. Leave off the “I”. “Dont get around much anymore”. Duke Ellington
  8. New Girl, June COS

    “I don’t get around much anymore “. Isn’t that a song?
  9. June 719-401-4841 Colorado Companion Any info out there on June? Been posting in the Springs a few months now. My searches mostly come up with crickets, other than the definition of girl on Merriam-Webster. (Not much of help there but comforting to know she's a girl.) Thoughts, experiences?? http://colorado-springs.skipthegames.com/female-escorts/caucasian_w/the-new-girl-in-town/940119060690
  10. What's Must-See in Mile-High City?

    Ditto above on Red Rocks. Walk up the seats not the stairs for a nice knee workout. (Gotta get you ready for skiing). Walk around Sloan's Lake. Again a nice little bit of exercise and a fun view of downtown across the lake. (Kinda reminds me of the view of dtown Seattle from Kerry Park. The space needle actually looks big from there). 16th st mall, maybe hit Jazz at Jacks, see if Dotsero is in house? If you like museums, combine the Nature and History Museum with a jaunt around City Park. Denver Botanic Gardens? Walk around Wash Park, find a cool little restaurant near it, there's tons. As far as I'm concerned you can't go wrong being outside enjoying the fresh air. Have fun!
  11. Swinging?

    But did you enjoy your time? And will you go back?
  12. 411 on Selena4you

    Disclaimer: Before reading this, place your tongue firmly against your cheek. This already bruised male ego has just received a nearly catastrophic blow (not the fun kind). Leah, can we ERror on the er side? Perhaps oldER guys? Dang it still smarts. Double dang, I think I may be entering into drama-laden-comment country. At least it's only the drama of my own crushed heart. You may now remove your tongue from your cheek. YMMV is always there regardless of any of the preferences we all may have (on either side provider or customer). I do agree with you (in spite of the pain) get it out there (communicate the rules) right in the beginning. It is important to keep work enjoyable right? Anyway, I'm going to go pout. Maybe I'll trim some hair that's started growing in places where it never used to grow before. Maybe watch reruns of Wild Wild West. IN COLOR Cheers!
  13. My feelings are kinda hurt

    I saw that too when I was going thru the 411 forum just now. I think it's fine, but the damage done to my fragile (and aging) male ego is ...... okay I sat here trying to find a word and can't.
  14. 411 on Selena4you

    Sorry I can't help, I have no idea about her, but the 'won't see anyone over 50' pisses me off. Age discrimination at it's worst. There ought to be a law, get the sheriff on the phone. Had to get that off my chest.