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  1. Newbie to TOB!

    Welcome to a great community
  2. Newbie to TOB

    Welcome to a great community
  3. Deal killers and the opposite

    To me a deal breaker is all about attitude i don’t want to spend time with someone who is not enjoying life ... I have enjoyed the company of ladies who are different in size and race and with and without ink. Turn ons I really have two main ones, if she can have a genuine Conversation before and after we have adult time, the other is if she enjoys being pleased as much as she does giving pleasure. I m always surprised when I ask “what pleases you?” How many tell me they have never been asked and will have to think ...
  4. review details

    I have read the reviews to help me decide but usually my choice is made when I get the opportunity to talk with a lady. I think that will be the biggest change. I wish all the ladies here the best luck and we men need to be a little more supportive as they go through this because it may be our desire or pleasure but remember this is their livelihood... be nice to each other and we will all get through this. I m open to answer messages and giving references for any lady I have had the pleasure of spending time with if guys want message me or if a lady want one for a website. Let’s all work together to keep this community strong thank you The Coach
  5. Happy April birthdays

    Happy Birthday fellow April baby
  6. Pueblo info

    I believe she is the same one I seen a year ago nice girl very attractive in real life a little hard to see the first time but then very easy. Service was good not a clock watcher but is a little flaky about donation...[Snip}
  7. Turning the tables

    I have to admit when I first started looking to meet providers I was looking for the LOOK, now I am looking for the review to see if I can see the attitude the respect a provider has for her clients and herself. I will select a provider who is a 10 inside over any looks anytime. I think women are beautiful in every shape and size if they are beautiful on the inside... thank you ladies for being ladies and I hope all the men treat you with respect and kindness as you all deserve.