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  1. There are some awesome rates right now.

    I understand this is a new normal for all of us. Do what you can for who you can. I enjoy meeting new people, but right now I think it is important to be a little extra loyal if possible. I’m focused on seeing my ATF’s and even though they are offering some special I’m adding extra with gifts or tips to show my appreciation. If you can give a little extra give. It won’t be long before this is all behind us and we will be stronger for pulling together. Be safe have fun and help where you can.
  2. Top 3 best gift ideas

    Audrey thanks for the suggestion. You hit on my point. I know money and gift cards are always appreciated. To me something personal is important because I’m sure most of the ladies have a lot of RL expensive like we all do and are less likely to do something nice for themselves.
  3. Top 3 best gift ideas

    Thank you for sharing... I like your added twist best and worst ..
  4. Top 3 best gift ideas

    Help us out ladies please. Tell us what are your top 3 favorite gifts to receive for those gentlemen who like to give you a little something extra to show our appreciation. Thank you for your help. The Coach
  5. Price of adds

    Hunter, not sure I understand? That isn’t my comment did I get tied to that comment some how?
  6. Price of adds

    ChloeBlue83 I’m sorry for your situation, I’m glad you figured it out. I work with a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs and they have the same thing happen to them all the time, most people have no idea how much it cost to run a business. My hat is off to you and every entrepreneur who finds a way to make it happen. I’m sure TOB had to raise their prices to make their business work also. I’m grateful for this community and platform that allows us all to connect and have fun while being safe. I wish you well in your business. Keep your head up and be proud of the fact that even when times are tough you figure it out. That is the sign of a winner. The Coach
  7. Oral Delights go both ways

    I love giving and receiving... taking my time to please a lady and feeling here enjoyment is what does it for me. The more she is truly enjoying it the more I get into it. I pay attention to her and how she guides what I do, some enjoy soft and slow teasing and other want it to like a hungry dog on his last bone ... what ever she wants is what I enjoy... nothing excites me more then the feel of her body quivering out of control as she is being pleasured... to me it make the whole experience!! Mutual pleasure is my desired outcome.
  8. Haven't we all....

    I think we all have been there is more about any relationship in or out of the hobby ... we as people sometimes miss read kindness for flirtation. I m a big giver and for the most part harmless. I have had feelings for a provider in the past and as well had a few express feelings for me. I would suggest your friend be very open and honest with himself and with her as to what he feels and wants leaving no doubt on the table. If it is ment to be it will be if not he needs to respect her boundaries and himself to do what they can agree together. It is not easy but it will leave him and her with no regrets if he is open and honest. I wish them both well remember we all have hearts and they are all fragile handle with care.
  9. What’s going on in Colorado Springs

    Audrey:we have some great ladies here in Springs but there is always room for more. I for one appreciate when ladies visit as with the crazy construction it is hard to plan a trip to Denver sometimes with any accuracy. have fun be safe. The Coach

    Nikki: I'm very sorry for your situation my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Public transparency is never easy, your post shows your heart and class. I would have done the same thing as my first concern is always family and friends. I'm not sure why you feel it was your fault, please just know there are times when bad things happen to good people and it is no ones fault. Thank you for your openness it shows real class your friends and family are lucky to have you in their lives. The Coach
  11. Happy 2020 my loveys

    Happy New Year to you and everyone. My wish for everyone is health and happiness this year. Be safe have fun all deserve it!
  12. How was your year?

    This was a great year. Had some ups and downs, more ups then downs and some great learning lessons. I was able to help some great people with the tools to help themselves reach their goals, both in business and in their personal life’s. I finally took my own advice and set good boundaries and made myself important... which made me better for everyone in my life and business. I hope you all had some good this year and more great next year!!
  13. How was your year?

    Hunter sorry for your loss, I experienced the same thing early this year so I can relate. I m so happy for you and Luna to have found each other “true unconditional love” is an amazing thing. Good job on credit score that is awesome. Take good care of you, your important!
  14. Happy holidays🍁❤️

    Thank you may the holiday bring you joy and happiness too!
  15. What about this feeling?

    Although most men won’t admit it sometimes we need more than the physical joy sex delivers. We need some type of connection, emotional, mental or even a common interest to really enjoy the hobby. I was feeling a little like you are a while back some of the excitement was gone ... my first thought was “ oh shit !! What was wrong with me ???” I’m a man these are amazing beautiful ladies being with them is ever man’s fantasy come true and it’s just good not amazing??? Yes all my experience where good and they where good providers but it was just the same ... and the same ... now what?? see the thing I found out was it wasn’t enough for me because, my own quick pleasure was short lasting and not long term or enough for me to fell the excitement. I decided I would take control and change things up from the norm ... sometimes it was all about her enjoyment sometimes it was more about the mental stimulation sometimes it was a dinner date and sometimes it was all about kissing and foreplay like kids ... this took a little more research and a lot of communication, and I know it wasn’t for all providers... but it was what brought back the excitement for me ... and yet others thought it was great... and that made it great form me too.. as a matter of fact yesterday I switched it up and we went shopping first ... had some good conversation made a few purchases and then went back to have one of the best hours of amazing passionate wild crazy sex I ever had ... I know this was a lot ... but the short side is simple ... every thing in life can loose it’s excitement if you go through the movement your expected to do and anything can be exciting if you take control and make it a great experience for you and others... shake it off the excitement is still there for you ... it may just need a little work or change from the same old same old ...