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  1. Overflowed with bullshit

    It was a joke...the key term being 'working class'. Lighten up. I'm so OVER all the political bashing. Can't we all just get along? Everyone just needs to get laid more! Furthermore - I said 'administration'. I try to avoid the 'T' word at all costs these days. People sure are pent up about politics. I get it, but I don't come out here to see more of this crap. Social media and the news is bad enough. Sheesh.
  2. Overflowed with bullshit

    Ugh - more bad news from the administration. The president of the working ass.... And you are not alone - I am astounded by how things dropped of in the past 5 weeks, even taking into account the normal January slump. I'm thinking about updating my resume and having to go back to corporate slavery.
  3. Overflowed with bullshit

    Ahhh - that explains the dumb-ass, disrespectful calls, texts, and emails I'm getting for the past month or so (and the penis pic). These are people who are obviously not reading my ad and the directions for booking with me, and have no references. But then again, I won't book with people who can't respect my simple request to follow my booking protocol. Now and then these things are normally irritating, but right now especially since I have found things slow since January 1st. I don't understand all the NCNS, really. A true professional doesn't do that. Perhaps choose more carefully? More mature and established providers? Maybe a price point? You get what you pay for??? I also don't understand how you can find it impossible to book with someone when in Denver - perhaps step out of your normal criteria and try something different than the norm you are searching for? I guess the BP thing may also explain why this has been the slowest month since I started running ads here. I know this is historically a slow time of year - post holidays, pre-tax season, and start of new year for many CEOs and biz owners who comprise most of my clients. But I'm wondering - are there suddenly a ton more providers advertising here now? I am seeing a lot of very cheap specials, this I have noticed on the ad board. Some people are all about quantity over quality I guess. Whatever floats your boat.
  4. Hello Colorado! Not new, but finding my way around TOB

    Thank you CH Luke! Nice to hear from you! I appreciate all the welcoming replies, and I have connected with a few cool providers here as well!
  5. Hello Colorado! Not new, but finding my way around TOB

    It certainly would save time if members asked providers to give them a referral - sort of like the OK on 411. I'm glad you like my tits. They're real, and they're fabulous... And I looove being a girl with a reputation.
  6. Hello Colorado! Not new, but finding my way around TOB

    Yay! I'm all about the peace, love, & sunshine! And yes, I gathered that is what's going on w/ the CO pd ads. Makes sense. So you just gave me a 'reputation' Raoul. What exactly does that mean? Maybe that's what I saw when I thought there was some sort of referral system. Thanks for the warm welcome! So far, so good!
  7. Hello Colorado! Not new, but finding my way around TOB

    Merci Beau coup Ironman!
  8. Hello Colorado! Not new, but finding my way around TOB

    Thank you! I appreciate that.
  9. Hello Ladies & Gents! I am not new to this arena; been pretty much UTR for the past 6 yrs. [Snip} I almost jumped on here about a year ago, but lost my nerve after reading a couple of threads where some disrespectful and rude comments were made. After revisiting, I'm hoping that's more the exception than the norm. Anyway - feels somewhat alone out here at times, and I thought this might be a fun way to feel a little more connected...and if you would all be so kind, perhaps to get a few questions answered. I have seen a few gentlemen from this site, [Snip} I have been fortunate in that, 99.5% of everyone I've met has turned out to be quite enjoyable, and often a return visitor. So I'm wondering, are there some good ways to do some checking here, and feel comfortable with who you're meeting? I like the upgrades made to the site last year. It seems there is some sort of referral system besides the written reviews. Is that true? Also - why are ads free for every state except Colorado? Any input you can give is greatly appreciated! Look forward to hearing from you, and more opportunities to play this summer... Regards, Jasmine