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  1. Are you an Explorer or Home bird?

    I adore my regulars, some of whom I've known for years; both the frequent and occasional flyers. I love the connection with these gentleman and the experience just gets better with each encounter. Plus there is a bit more freedom that comes with expressing yourself and making dreams come true once you get to know someone and what they like. Even so, getting to know someone new, giving them a fabulous experience from the start, certainly has a thrill all its own!
  2. Who's doing something fun during Bronco game?

    Got me all hot & bothered and not in a good way! LOL. I was cussing at the TV like a trucker.
  3. Who's doing something fun during Bronco game?

    I'd rather be playing than watching these terrible plays! LOL
  4. Help about losing the erection

    There are many factors involved, and this happens for men over a certain age from time to time. It is nothing to stress about and don't let it ruin your good time. As a provider I never take it personally, and always look for other ways to overcome the problem or provide enjoyment in other ways. As long as you're having a good time, that's all that matters. I wrote a sex column & did sex talk radio before this hobby so nothing throws me off anymore, but any lady who's been in the game for awhile will know how to put a man at ease and still create a memorable experience when this happens. Also as far as how to react - always communicate. Tell a lady what will help to get you back there, or to complete the experience for you on a high note.
  5. Text or talk?

    I'm with you girlfriend! I took my phone # off my ads, because I always prefer an email introduction. Once I verify references I always have a phone call before meeting. I will not meet anyone w/o speaking to them first. I am highly intuitive and can usually get a good feel for someone on a phone call (even w/ newbies), and if we are a good fit or not. That way I can make sure it is a good experience for both of us. I still get a few random calls or texts from my number on one of the other sites that I didn't authorize, but I ask them to email me the necessary info for screening.
  6. Zodiac Signs

    In astrology language, your Sun sign dictates your zodiac personality, while your Moon sign, the second most important influence in your horoscope chart after the Sun, represents your emotions, your inner mood. And the two together strongly influence your emotional mode of operation.
  7. Zodiac Signs

    I am March 17th, but have 2 planets in Aries and have a lot of Aries energy and Aries friends. And was married to one. They are at opposite ends of the zodiac. Aries the beginning and Pisces the end, so very different signs. Makes life interesting.
  8. Zodiac Signs

    I follow astrology Megan, and have taken numerology classes and am about to start a course in Astronumerology which is a combination of the two. I have an unusual chart I've been told multiple times. I have a planet in 10 of the 12 signs. There is a book by a woman from Denver called You're Every Sign. I had a reading w/ her recently and she said I was truly every sign. Life is never dull for me, anyway! Or those around me! LOL Check out the book. People put too much emphasis on just the sun sign, when the position of other planets at birth also play a role. Your sun sign is who you are at the core of your being and process things internally. How you see the world. (mine is Pisces) Your rising sign or ascendant is how you appear to the outside world. (Mine is Leo) Your moon sign is how you process emotionally. (mine is Gemini) I had 2 astrologers (while I was married) in readings a year apart each tell me based on my chart, I should have never gotten married. That monogamy was a challenge for me b/c I could connect so deeply with multiple people simultaneously. No shit! LOL After that I read books on polyamory and suggested it to my husband as the marriage was quickly losing it's luster for us both. He didn't like that idea. Now he's my 'was'-band. Ha! We are still friends though. Check out the book. I think you'll like it.
  9. Zodiac Signs

    Me too Laci! We are natural born 'healers'. LOL
  10. Disappearing Listings??

    Oh, you know I will!
  11. Disappearing Listings??

    Thanks darlin'! I will, and we can only hope! The ocean always renews my sense of hope at any rate. Gotta stay positive in these times!
  12. Disappearing Listings??

    No more links to P411 listing for non-members. P411 took that down today. Just confirmed.
  13. Disappearing Listings??

    Great now I see what you're talking about. Gone. All Gone. What a week. Just glad I'm going to the beach next week. Maybe I'll just sell smoothies on the beach and never come back.
  14. Disappearing Listings??

    Yes, I know. I just heard back and see that now a listing is nothing but a title. No place to list rates, terms of engagement, descriptions, etc. Which means that we now have no choice but host a private web page, which is something I really do not want to do. At least it still links to P411. Hoping that won't go away.
  15. Disappearing Listings??

    Well at least I know it's not just me.