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  1. Recommendations on providers who provide references

    I'm not sure why someone would turn you away if you have recent references in other cities. Many ladies are connected to others on platforms like Twitter, and as long as the reference has a valid listing online it shouldn't be a problem. Men who are just visiting Denver would have the same situation. If you have references, I wouldn't consider yourself a 'newbie'. There are other ways to screen if your refs aren't recent, or are not reference-friendly.
  2. Happy Birthday MileHi Jasmine

    oh my gosh! I can't believe I just now saw all of these lovely birthday wishes! Thanks ladies and gents! I needed this today, even if my birthday was almost 4 months ago. LOL
  3. Happy Birthday Laci French

    Aha! You are a fellow Piscean Laci! No wonder I like you. Happy Birthday month. I find that for every year I add another day to the celebration. So party on girl! I started on mine last weekend and had another birthday brunch today. Friends help take the edge off aging.
  4. Sushi

    I'm heading back to Scottsdale in a couple weeks, and love sushi. Suggestions in Scottsdale or Arcadia?
  5. Big Game watching

    I agree BadBoy! I do love good football. And I went to a fun party where none of us cared all that much about either team. I drank champagne, and didn't get home until midnight! The party was more fun than the game, obviously...LOL Did someone say the halftime show sucked?? I think most women would disagree. A shirtless Adam Levine? Doesn't get much better Amazes me how he could get away with that, and a few years back, everyone had a cow when Janet 'accidentally' flashed a nip. What a world we live in...
  6. Phoenix and Scottsdale

    I'd been there many times before, years ago in my other life Hunter, but it had been so long and I just remembered how much I love Scottsdale. Lucky for me I have friends there & one in particular who was all about trying the hot spots to find best recommendations for her future Airbnb guests. Didn't hurt that I was there over the Barret Jackson Auto Auction week along w/ other auto auctions going on. Being a gear-head and lover of palm trees, it was like I'd died and gone to heaven! LOL. Now that I've got the hang of the place, I'm planning my next warm weather getaway end of Feb. Happy to share, and ask me anytime if you head that way!
  7. Phoenix and Scottsdale

    I was just there last week & planning my next trip back now... Fantastic tapas bar w/ Flamenco guitars and dancers on Fri/Sat. night. Tapas Papa Frita. You can use the pools at most resorts if they are not busy, just buy a drink or some food. I liked The Adeline, Valley Ho (no pun intended LOL), and The Saguaro. Old town is full of fun places to go. Check out Grapevine for karaoke every night I think. Packed! A couple laid back bars that have a fun crowd: Old Town Tavern - live music some nights, cozy sports bar. Pattie's (haven't been there, but friends recommend) Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers for great burgers and fun scene. The W hotel bar for a cool vibe/upscale scene. Sip Coffee & Beer House - good bfast food, chill patio, great coffee, and beer! The Henry - great happy hour, coffee, pastries, and all kind of interesting food and people watching. Boondocks - busy bar, Kitchen 56 good food Walks along the canal near Fashion Square - huge mall if that's your thing. Ck out Kona's in mall for great happy hour. Yep, I did a lot while I was there. That's what I can remember and recommend... There are sooo many fun places there girl! Hope you're enjoying yourself...sorry I just saw this.
  8. What's a MILF to you?

    It would be great if we could all dispense w/ labels but that's the society we live in. Sigh. But since this topic was started regarding a label, I like your new acronym GoodGuy69. While I'm sure I've been called a MILF, I never considered myself one b/c I never had kids. As far as the term cougar and everyone's reference to it here, I once wrote an article in my sex column about this topic. My take (short version): cougars are not necessarily 'preying' upon younger men, they are often times being hunted by them. At least that was my experience when I got divorced. And just like the men who have dated younger women for eons, I said - 'hmmm, why not?' Yes, it was fun, and a helluva good way to get over a divorce and begin your single life again at middle age, especially with a raging libido! What one soon finds however, is that it is akin to being a kid in a candy store and all the best candy is free: you can eat all you want, but eventually you will get a tummy ache.
  9. Yes being over 50 has it's advantages

    #23 - you're confident enough to poke fun at yourself! I don't think #9 is true for most men, at least not that I've noticed (thank goodness!) And as a woman ages her sex drive increases as do her orgasms, as she becomes more confident and no longer worried about oops babies. LOL But truly, I think if most of that list were true for one person, it would have little to do with age, and more likely a list of symptoms of a boring life! Time to change things up, the clock is ticking!
  10. UTF vs. BBBJ

    Funny - I just looked up the def of UTF a few weeks ago. I knew it was the same as BBBJ, but I found out it stood for Untranslated French. But yes, they are the same thing. Size doesn't matter...particularly not in this case, BeatRellik. LOL
  11. Intimacy

    Great topic. I love your definition, Oldertruckguy. I have said this many times before, but probably not here: Intimacy does not equal sex. Sex does not equal intimacy. The words have been used interchangeably and should not be. You can have great sex w/o intimacy. You can have intimacy without having sex at all. When you have both together, it is a magical & powerful combination. Break the word down: Into-me-see, and it tells you what intimacy is about.
  12. Time?

    Hilarious! As a provider though, there are ways to keep this scenario from happening. If someone is paying for my time, I feel it's my responsibility to have them enjoy all of that time, one way or another. That may be with conversation, massage, some good laughs, (the list goes on) or simply delaying instant gratification with the right kind of intellectual or sensual foreplay. This is the art of the true courtesan. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing you provided an experience that will linger in their minds for days after and have everyone wondering what they're smiling about. We are entertainers, and if you're a good one, you aren't sitting around with an extra 57 minutes of showtime left, nor do you send your audience home early. They bought a ticket after all. And like a few of the ladies mentioned earlier, I think the experience is so much richer when you take the time to connect a bit. I've been on stage and it's the same concept really. When you connect with your audience the set, dance, presentation, whatever, will be better received and you'll have more fun. I realize not everyone sees it the way I do, and therefore, not everyone is the right fit for me. But as I said earlier, the onus is on both sides, to make sure that expectations are set correctly and met. Then everyone leaves the encounter with a smile on their face.
  13. Time?

    Thank you darlin'!
  14. Time?

    I don't book less than an hour because I don't like to rush, especially a first meeting. And if a gentleman schedules an hour, then we spend at least an hour together, sometimes a little more. Personally, in 10 or 15 minutes, we're just starting to get the formalities out of the way and getting to know one another and that's why I don't like 1/2 hr. appts. I have never ushered anyone out the door early, b/c I believe in delivering what's been agreed upon. And I never want anyone to feel rushed. If I'm running late I will add the time to the back end of the scheduled appt. To under-promise and over-deliver, as they say, is always better than the other way around. If a gentleman leaves before the scheduled time is up, it should be their choice, not the provider's, unless as someone said previously, there is a problem. That said, I realize everyone has their preferences, and their specialties...some like a fast food drive-thru and others enjoy dining in 5-star restaurants. Fortunately there are plenty of options to suit everyone's taste, so if both you and the provider have done your due diligence, you will likely be a good fit, and not be disappointed with your experience.
  15. Are you an Explorer or Home bird?

    I adore my regulars, some of whom I've known for years; both the frequent and occasional flyers. I love the connection with these gentleman and the experience just gets better with each encounter. Plus there is a bit more freedom that comes with expressing yourself and making dreams come true once you get to know someone and what they like. Even so, getting to know someone new, giving them a fabulous experience from the start, certainly has a thrill all its own!