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  1. No shit you’re lucky. Not many dreaming of puffy middle aged white guy cramming them
  2. Grand Junction

    Generally slim pickings over here and even more so after bp went away but check the reviews and listings, there are a couple gems over this way
  3. Bored wanted to play..

    I’m on the western slope and bp was useful and I never once found anyone who will do anything for 50 bucks. Lots of ladies visiting who don’t use tob or 411 that aren’t desperate like people here keep referencing. They *do exist* outside of this small world and they’re even harder to find now.
  4. It’s tougher than ever but I can’t understand the loss of basic civility. Just be nice it’s really not hard.
  5. Hygiene issues...

    You aren’t alone, I’ve cut a few short for the same reason. I wish you’d review.
  6. NO Bait & Switch!!!!!

    Pretty much exactly my thought
  7. Is there a BMW mechanic in the house?

    Likely a dealer fix. A lot of bmws have security systems that have to be reset when switching a battery. Often they will connect them to power while switching batteries. Had a friend with an early 2000's 5 series that we learned that on.
  8. Unhappy with your VJ? There's a fix for that😜

    Probably crazy but I actually really love when they look like that
  9. 411 on Brittany - Rockies BP

    Kya is a relatively new girl. I've seen more than a few others over the last year or so with that bedspread. Might be nothing but sure seems fishy to me
  10. 411 on Brittany - Rockies BP

    Don't know if it's legit or not but I've seen that exact same bedspread on a few girls ads in summit. Doesn't seem right. Maybe a service or something.
  11. Anyone visit this lady?

    Jade 720-725-1605 Colorado Escort Wondering if anyone has visited her? Looks perfect to see next week Thanks ____________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Denver body rubs Nov 18, 2016
  12. I'm sure they are. That's why I always ask.
  13. I almost always ask if I can't find anything. I always search first or just ask where if the ad states it. Never had an issue except this lady she called me and screamed at me about "how dare you ask such a thing my clients are all happy," etc.
  14. 411 on Karmen 720 711 3111

    Anyone TOFTT? She's back around and I'm interested
  15. "Champagne" Westslope- anybody know?

    Care to share? See her ads often and I'm curious thanks!