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  1. Sexy, Naughty, Kinky Senior Citizens

    Jeez how does a guy go about finding these women I love the variety!
  2. Denied Booking....Not Sure Why

    I’ve had the same thing happen recently. Whatever.
  3. He would have turned 17...

    My deepest condolences I can’t imagine how that feels, I don’t know how I could even go on after something like that.
  4. Threatening a bad reviews as blackmail

    Exactly what was thinking one bad with a rebuttal along with several good reviews... I immediately think they didn’t click
  5. Genesee Marie in GJ

    Was she older or younger? Body type? Thanks
  6. How Old is too Old?

    I’d say as long as you enjoy it! As someone who’s visited you previously keep it up as long as you can!
  7. Homeless teens

    You did. Bravo friend.
  8. The quarterly geography refresher course

    Couldn’t have said it better. I’m in the same boat and I don’t get to the metro area often so going all the way to aurora or Westminster usually isn’t in the cards and yes I’ve found that “Denver” means a very wide range of areas!
  9. 411 Alexis 2k

    correct but by a brand new reviewer with only that review. Hopefully those aren’t fake pics. I was looking for additional input.
  10. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday dear you’re one of the good ones!
  11. Alexis2k27 Colorado Companion Anyone see her yet? I really like the pics but the one review is suspect at best thanks!
  12. No shit you’re lucky. Not many dreaming of puffy middle aged white guy cramming them
  13. Grand Junction

    Generally slim pickings over here and even more so after bp went away but check the reviews and listings, there are a couple gems over this way
  14. Bored wanted to play..

    I’m on the western slope and bp was useful and I never once found anyone who will do anything for 50 bucks. Lots of ladies visiting who don’t use tob or 411 that aren’t desperate like people here keep referencing. They *do exist* outside of this small world and they’re even harder to find now.
  15. It’s tougher than ever but I can’t understand the loss of basic civility. Just be nice it’s really not hard.