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  1. What we need is...

    Plus threatening to write false reviews because he didn't like the way females talk to him
  2. Advice

    420 festival but I never been and can't go today but so want to
  3. Insight

    We I love Texas but literally on eccie I thought that's how all review boards were till I came here! Now all these forums are clogged with rude comments and it's not even the bp guys but it's still guys who are not contributing to the site and why they get to speak without permission is beyond me and lots going on with all this so smdh. Also I noticed most of the trolls on eccie had small dicks or e.d problems all the girls know that
  4. Insight

    Does my dad being borned in Colorado help not make me from Texas so much lmao joking!! But seriously
  5. I been on this site 2 years before this new law it was totally awesome but they deleted putting adds up in Texas so that's a bummer but other than that it has good people no b.s
  6. Insight

    Erotic monkey took my eccie reviews 3 years ago and won't let me log into use the site
  7. Insight

    One can talk about what they know nothing about but are you a female in this hobby are you dealing with these issues???
  8. Ladies remember.

    I honestly believe the guys who like to be super discreet and don't like thinking maybe this could reach there family or it's to much drahma left the hobby or is seeing there atf only right now till the smoke blows over and we are left with the bp guys.that is not every guy because I have seen some awesome guys this week that's all I'm going to see though the stupid texts get deleted or blocked but I get a good call a day to keep me ok and that's good I'll take that till things get better. I had a single guy I meet with say he is deleting his page and changing his number over this.
  9. I plan getting a job it's the initial part were u can't pay your bills for 2 weeks that's scary I'll start over of course but it sucks because when I got the news about this I moved 7 states away driving and had to leave after paying my fees to start school I do personally feel the effects of this I can bounce back but feel for so many who can't. I don't feel they stopped human trafficking them girls r being tortured because they can't work who is helping them right now
  10. It is tough I went to the springs just to try and get away from the crazy calls I think one guy is changing his number over n over probably a app to make fake appointments and so the calls I did get I thought were fake I couldn't get the nerv up to make a appointment all my regulars don't know I'm around or something because they don't call just a few great guys are helping me and for that I'm great full. Even though I don't support that other life style being managed imagine what them girls go thru when they can't make enough or single mothers out there who didn't over price n can't pay bills now government care is going to go up were they didn't need it before
  11. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    The same congresswoman who couldn't get him last year wrote this bill I'm just venting honestly because I loved this hobby n it's awful right now I know it'll settle down after awhile I'm sure but it is hard if u survive I been following his court cases for a CPL years I liked how he didn't back down and won but to snitch everyone else out SMH hes the wring leader
  12. It's really annoying that because he refused to shut his site down they made this law now he's ratting out his fellow bp members and got bailed out! Like thanks for screwing us and being a snitch
  13. Ladies, you are not alone.

    It's bad but didn't know it was this bad!!! Wow I'm sad for anyone that's going thru this I have dealt with this first hand with my mom and aunt and it's not worth it not over a job or anything
  14. Deal killers and the opposite

    Some Guys can't finger properly it's stab n jab n why do that with your finger oh and toys I feel like I been tenderized after some