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  1. Is Tryst taking over?

    Tryst gets hacked alot I took my account down because of it!! Be careful if there asking for deposits check the phone number because they could of got hacked!!
  2. Plastic surgery is it worth it?

    Baffled by her honesty!! Very bizarre behavior I delt with today
  3. Ball Busting - Swing away

    When I was a kid lol my dad was pretty mean and angry Idk why I did this but twice I kicked him there n ran off
  4. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    I actually love tna but Seattle isn't a good hobby area to me and another provider I met. I did extremely well In nj on it I mean extremely good and Portland before covid but havnt been back in awhile
  5. Happy New Year!

    Been a amazing year! I literally traveled the country with a few states left to go!!! Hopefully next year different countries! Just need a passport! I noticed alot of people are working on past trauma this year and that a huge accomplishment and definitely makes for happier people!!! Myself included writing my story!
  6. How do u know if a provider is independent?

    Probably all girls on this site are with exception I'm sure! But girls with alot of good reviews usually are independent. Even though I was in that situation over 20 years ago alot has changed so I couldn't tell u what to look for now just younger girls that are easily manipulated that don't seem into it and probably lash out with bad attitudes and have bruises
  7. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    A few years ago I pull upto a house I see two cars in the drive way I call n hear the voicemail is a females so I go to the door when he opens I say is your wife here also. He goes hunny come out she knows. N this lady comes out we all hang out n they invited me over again. They call a guy over n when he comes me n the husband hide, I'm creeping around with this guy in his underwear outside n I see this guy noticed us and I'm like ya they did this to me too I'm just seeing what happens. The only thing with this couple they were all talk nothing ever happened with anyone they met.
  8. Wondering why women aren't advertising being vaccinated?

    Ya I don't think I'll share if I have it or not on my post. I do plan on getting it I just dont know when or which one and honestly don't feel like the type of person that puts pressure on another to get it is my type of friend that I want to meet! I have lupus so no one knows what's best for me!
  9. Vaccines are sexy!

    If u get the vaccine yourself u don't have to worry about who got it or who didn't that should be a personal preference. I been traveling in different states and mentioning the vaccine to people I see and I've heard horror stories of allergic reactions from family members that got it. If the vaccine is going to cause as many problems as covid I honestly haven't made a decision because it hasn't gone out to many people but the ones who are getting it are having reactions from light to death. Idk but definitely won't feel pressured into it.
  10. Crazy guy

    I just took a long walk after that to a dispensary lol
  11. Crazy guy

    Started talking to someone about a appointment asked donations I tell him then he says how much for bj I said dont call me again I don't discuss anything plus he had no references so I googled his number a company I guess he owns came up. He said sense you wont see me I'm turning you into the police and u wont know when there coming. I said please do I have no warrants and u solicited me while I was out running errands I have every copy of our text! Then i got kinda annoyed and said if u dont call them i will because I'm not going to get threatened with jail I'd rather watch you go for being so rude and fulgure! I may even call his company and complain. Just tired of providers being victims to survive!!!!!
  12. Bitcoin?

    Coinbase the app is easier to me I finally got my account back open I havnt used in a year. It is annoying to set up but after the first time you will learn how to do it. You have to put your i.d and bank information though
  13. Why do you think she ASP told me these things.

    Personally I find relationships boring and a waist of time you put so much effort for it to fall apart it's much easier having friends and most girls I've met including myself dont do drugs! I wasnt harmed as a child besides the normal parents fighting so what your saying about us comes strictly from stereotypes and TV comedy!
  14. Providers in New Mexico

    I just moved from there I spent a whole year there!!! One or two good providers but they all use skip the games there and the guys go on eccie to talk. Good luck with that crazy place I had the worse stalker there he even messes with the guys on eccie if he can. I still would travel thru to say hi to some of my old friends but I'm glad I moved back to TX
  15. Please, stop asking....

    I have a automated message I send to people being weird it's a lil sassy so only serious guys answer back but I keep it in my clipboard so it's easy to paste n click