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  1. Mine is Budweiser...

    Agree beer is so good I been getting Michelob ultra
  2. A question for the ladies ....

    The massage wand is addicting the vibration will make it hard to pop on anything else if u used it like I did mine it's so intense your fingers will stop being able to help u and u will have to use it lol so good n bad sides of them stronger vibrations
  3. Current environment: NS & Persnickety providers.

    Yes mam! I was just floored to see this guy saying anything about the females on here lowering there standards sorry Backpage isn't around and u don't have as many options to play the weird games u do but I call b.s on u I have your number saved as do not answer that's why your last 20 text haven't been answered either Roland and there isn't anything cowboy about u
  4. Current environment: NS & Persnickety providers.

    Maybe a all natural deoderant would work instead of just using nothing at all. Or if u paid the girl her asking price instead of what u felt u wanted to girls wouldn't give u problems
  5. Current environment: NS & Persnickety providers.

    Your like the worst guy to see sorry to say that but you are the worst guy I seen in Denver u ripped me off then had to come bring my money back n u text me all the time even though I'm in Texas for no reason just to annoy me. And I tried to excuse the smell but after u ripped me off good luck getting any one to see u
  6. Being New Sucks

    Just had this happen in Houston and the eccie trolls on ourhome2 trolled me for saying anything it's a big joke I miss y'all guys I really do fasta ruined everything y'all were so great
  7. what is up with the no black guys thing.

    There are many reasons why I have been robbed at gunpoint point by 2 a.a men in Houston but that was based on location and I still see a.a men to this day also a year and a half ago off b.p it almost happened again but there have been many races who have tried extreme things here n there I see all races to this day and and the oldest experience I was really really young I had to learn from it and it didn't change me. But yes it is a pimp thing other girls have told me I've been in and out of this so many times the pimps don't want it to be another pimp or they don't want u robbed it has to do with so many factors honestly
  8. Gooooood Afternoon TOB

    Y'all are amazing I miss Colorado so bad just so so so bad I hope everything gets back to normal there and y'all do great today
  9. Eccie will be back soon

    That was a nice thing to say it really is hard for repetable girls maybe the girls who don't do good business will be first to be weeded out
  10. It's coming back I just got on its back being fixed
  11. The other other board

    Try n log on eccie it's coming back
  12. BB

    Happens every day all day in Texas,threats of bad reviews even physical to get them off it's very common every city I been in San Antonio, Austin,and Houston! But it's everywhere I go it's sad u don't know what will happen if u say no in person but u do and it can go bad or ok depends on the guy but u have to hold your ground! On a different note eccie will be back soon it's up but has a note for everyone that it's coming back
  13. Eccie will be back soon

    Yes it's at least letting everyone know and glad to see that come up even though it's tough here it will take time to get back to normal and patience lots of patience lol
  14. Eccie will be back soon

    Hey guys just went to eccie it says it will be up soon the only thing is how will everyone know it's going to take time I guess
  15. Ladies, you are not alone.

    I'm on the road to Texas if any girls find yourself in need there I have a place it's not much but I always help!!! I loved this site so much thank y'all for being awesome