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  1. 411 - Goddess of love -tryst - Boulder

    Sporadic luck around town with tantra and reiki providers. Can be the real deal, can just be smoke and mirrors with up sells. PM me for a good tantra rec or if you have one!
  2. Maddy/Maddy Marie

    Read the first review on PD. Sums it up. I saw her 2 years ago or so. You can PM me for details. IMO not worth it.
  3. Anyone have any info?

    Anyone TOFTT? If so can PM me? Like to know if it’s worth it. TY!
  4. Axel Skye?

    I have seen her, ymmv but it was an uneventful time for me. I’ve seen a few different tantra providers in the area too. PM for more details
  5. 411 on RayneGray?

    Based on some convo here, I TOFTT. she said out only, I gave an address to meet. Mind you this all happened in about 20 minutes. Then no response, texted a few times leading up, no response as well. Needless to say unprofessional in my opinion.. if a simple and polite inquiry is a line in the sand, I will never understand it, but have the decency to just say you’re not interested further. Ghosting after an address is exchanged is bad practice and makes people uneasy IMO.