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  1. Useless reviews

    I have to agree with the original poster, a lot of the times people are like I'm looking for this or that and then they get a response on here this is we'll just search that, but when you've got such vague reviews it's hard to find what you're actually looking for. I personally will not visit a provider unless I can understand what I'm going to get out of it without making it awkward while trying to make the appointment. I need acronyms or I need the word safety used in a way that indicates what my French lesson may be. If I can't figure that information out I'm not going to book.
  2. Knoxville Tennessee

    Hey everyone! Long time hobbiest. I've had a few profiles on here but every time I get involved with the one I think is going to be the one I delete my shit which I should probably just stop doing lol. My prior handle was ZHTR, maybe some of you remember me. Anyways I'm going to be traveling to Knoxville next week and I just don't know what the best board for that area is or if there's much of a scene there at all... I've checked private delights I've checked on here and I've checked on my p411 account, looks like a limited selection but thought I would check you all. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!