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  1. Incall vs. Outcall?

    Ladies are going to be extremely unlikely to do an outcall with a newbie, No references, no way! People are going to play games, I have been sent on more than my fair share of wild goose chases. Verification and deposit would be required 1000% from me.
  2. Scammer working Loveland Fort Collins

    Sketchy doesn’t even start to explain it. I did it once and the mofo tried to kidnap me. car date = disaster on both sides
  3. Drop the Attitudes

    I think TOB is great and I only see the verifiable members with reviews. Over the last few weeks all the guys calling from TOB have been those old BP types who are explicit disrespectful saying I got 100 for you and describe doing things that none of us are ever gonna do. I work less but it’s way less BS to just cut out the game players and unverifiable people.
  4. Excessive Texts...

    Events = Busts
  5. The last couple of weeks I have had soooo many people playing shenanigans and just in my opinion completely lost their minds. What is the proper etiquette in your opinion from both sides? Also I regards to canceling scheduled appointments. For example I had a client today text and we did screening and agreed to 4pm I agreed and let him know I can do that!!! He never responded at all and at 4:45 don’t know what happened have a great day like it’s my fault. He never confirmed or asked for location details? I was avail and didn’t schedule anyone else? What did I do wrong? Another example I had a client scheduled for 1 pm let him know I was changing hotels and that he should be prepared for a little flexibility. He agreed. He confirmed at 1:10 he had arrived. At 1:13 he was give room information and still hadn’t made it to my room by 1:30. At this point I asked where he was he said he couldn’t get into the hotel, not a secured building. I was feeling uncomfortable and so I surveyed the parking lot from my room to see several low enforcement vehicles present and told him I needed to cancel as I was u comfortable with his inability to communicate and him not coming to my room. I offered a discount if we could change time or location with no response. Hour later I received several nasty text about me being a liar etc etc.