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  1. 411 on Olivia James

    I've seen Olivia multiple times over the years and she is a classy, beautiful lady who provides a wonderful experience. She is top notch in my opinion.
  2. Stay all Night

    Extended dates are marvelous. My experience has been that if you are in sync with a lady and propose something fun and interesting to her, the overall cost of companionship is something to be discussed. I have done several travel dates and those usually invovle picking up all the epxenses and probably some sort of shopping trip for a few momentos of the occassion. The ladies I have had the pleasure of traveling with, have always been open to discussing expenses and have been appreciative of the good times and experiences that a travel date offers.
  3. Would you be offended

    All the cleanliness regimes are good. I personally keep a small bottle of non-alcholic mouthwash in my car and take a final swish as I'm ready to meet the lady at the door. I also like to ask to use the facility, both to wash and make sure all appendages are clean and ready for some exercise. Making a brief stop in the hygiene room is also a good opportunity to take care of any business that may invovle the exchange of currency. I always wash my hands after touching money. They say the linen composition of the bens contains germs.
  4. Pony Up or Not…

    Yes, maybe the oldtimers can ask Gina for an extension into the next millenium. Hobbying is the elixir and there's not reason we should be able to continue for another century.
  5. Pony Up or Not…

    Some years ago Gina offered a lifetime membership that turns out to be the best investment I've ever made, I'm good until 3011 and I hope that at that date I can talk her into an extension. If all my investments were as positive as my P411 investment, my hopbbying budget would be much more robust. Thanks P411 for all you do. I consider it a national treasure.
  6. Las Cruces

    Hi Fun, check out Priscilla Star, on P411 and Tob.
  7. Teeth

    Like other physical characteristics, there is wide lattitude in what is appealing. I have a favorite lady who is marvelous and has some unique orthodontal characteristics but I feel it adds to her charm and uniqueness as a lady. I have to admit, I'm a fan of those gap toothed girls.
  8. 411 on SexyMonica2

    Yes, Happy Camper is the Encyclopedia Britannica on Denver Ladies. Plus, he knows how to pick the best ones by far.
  9. Alexis Vix

    Between Ft.C and loveland.
  10. Gentlemen , is this necessary to wait......

    Cancellations are a drag. But they are part of the business. I look at it as kind of running a travel agency. Things come up, for wahtever reason, SO concnerns, travel, work demands. That is what makes the job hard for the ladies, they are coordinating take offs and landings all the time. However, that comes with the territory and I think most genlemen and I emphasize the word gentlemen, do their best to schedule appointments when they think things are faovrable, but stuff happens. I have had to cancel with notice becuase of illness, change in work schedule or SO all of a suddent being on the scene. I think most providers understand the variances that can make for a cancellation. My experience has been that most ladies are gracious and understand the tenousness of appointments, There are some who take it personally, and when I meet their disapproval, I try to avoid them in the future. I think that the uncertainly is one of the features that makes me grateful for any appointment that happens in a predictable manner.
  11. Hobby phone question

    I have used virgin for many years. I have a cheap small flip phone that is lousy for texting but is easily concealed in pockets, small spaces. It also has a removable battery which I remove except for when I'm in the hobbying mode. I keep the battery in a separate location from the phone so that if the phone is discovered by someone, they won't be able to turn the phone on.
  12. AirBnB vs Motels

    As an operator of an AIRBNB, as long as my guests conform with basic protocals, I don't really care who they connugle with. I suppose it depends a little on the location, maybe if you're in a home in a tight surburban neighborhood, where the neighbors are watching every entrance and exit it could become a problem. I also think ladies who are on a production schedule, have the same potential liability in a hotel or private space, including their own incall. I promote my AIRBNB as being a good business location, with the highest speed internet, and other amenities that make it comfortable for business travellors to have meetings or social gatherings as part of their business mission. I see, the business we discuss here, as one of those liegitmate business pursuits that can benefit from the ability to secure a short term rental. [snip]
  13. Downtown or DTC?

    YEs definitely try downtown or the surrounding close in neighborhoods. Such as Stapleton, Cherry Creek, Glendale. Traffic has become so horrific in the DTC that I won't go there unless I really need to see a lady set up there.
  14. Denver General nurses suspended for looking at....

    I heard it was over 14 inches long and well beyond the normal girth. I wonder if any of them tried to ride it.
  15. Reviews

    Yes, they seem to go up pretty quickly. We have a dedicated crew taking care of this site. That's part of why it's the best I've found.