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  1. Yes there are some lovely ladies in Salt Lake that I've met through p411. Haven't had a problem there.
  2. Gfe

    GFE is more of an experience than a menu. Part of the GFE for me is trying to find out through communication what makes the lady feel good. I think that's the way most girl friends are. They want their feelings and sensations considered in what intimate relations take place. I think it's good for the gentleman to open the connection by telling the lady that he is willing to take direction and listen and observe her desires and reactions. I have been with many women and I have found few ladies that like the treatment that seems to be the norm in porn. That's not to say there are ladies that like it more raucous, but I approach a GFE as if I would like to return again and have the lady happy to have me back.
  3. The bush is back! yaayy!!

    Yes I like it all but having been from by a time when women didn't shave it's nice to come across a lady who leaves her assets natural. Some object to the possibility of stray hairs getting into their dents but I find that a minor item that doesn't detract form the beauty of a natural bush and the fun of exploring that covering to get to the yummy parts of the anatomy.
  4. Who’s watching me

    Yea it's important and for me it's part of the GFE experience. If there's no dive into the other person's soul, it's just about releasing sexual tension. I like eye contact even with people when we're not in an intimate situation. When a person is willing to make eye contact, the feeling of connection with humanity is heightened.
  5. Traveling Guys

    When I travel, I use P411. It has always been golden for me. It's such an amazing experience to be in a strange town and contact a lady that then shows up at your location who is all she says she is. P411 is such a great resource, I hope it never goes away.

    Yes, I didn't agree with some of the policies he instituted but at least we felt that the man in the Oval Office was decent and cared for all Americans regardless of their financial statements. Bush also was willing to go back against his own campaign promises when he saw it was for the good of the country. Now we have had other wonderful and decent Presidents since his day. I would put Obama in that category. Go look at the new videos of him hugging kids and handing out food to poor people for Thanksgiving. And then there's Michelle, can't get much better than her. I wish she would run but she's too smart to have to take the shims and arrows to get elected. There's also Jimmy Carter that preceded Bush. I'm not sure there's been a better former President who has done so much to promote peace and democracy in the world. I had the privilege of working with him on a Habitat for Humanity build in Denver years ago. He is still at it at what ever his age his, I think he approaching 94. He was at the funeral today and it shows that there's still a strong sentiment for bipartisanship. I was moved seeing all the living presidents sitting together to honor HW.
  7. Question for the Gents

    Th ere have been several ladies over the years that had an assistant to do the initial booking and screening. There was one lady with a very friendly and warm personality that represented several ladies. I never had a problem with it and developed a friendly relationship with the" booking agent". I once asked her if she was available and she said, she was a single mom working out of her kitchen and had no babysitter. I think it all depends on how well the agent or provider responds and keeps track of the commitments made.
  8. Question for my peeps

    Yes the Lakeshore drive in. Had many hot teen encounters there. Do remember the movies but the speaker fell off the window a couple of time due to contortions inside the car.
  9. Question for my peeps

    Chrissy you're jumping to assumptions. Public sex has gone on as long as there has been a "public" . It's not that big a deal and the court system doesn't really want to deal with two consenting adults participating in the oldest hobby around. I don't know where you live but, maybe your neighbors have too much time on their hands. Like everything else in this hobby, discretion is an underlying principal but it's also fun to push the envelop and many people enjoy the extra thrill of pushing the border and not just doing an outcall. That has its own risks of unintended consequences.
  10. Question for my peeps

    I have had several car dates and they are fun if you like the extra sensation of risking that someone might stumble on to the goings on. Most cars now have reclining seats and rear seats that fold down. I had a favorite lady that I visited in North Denver and we would go out, grab a bite and then settle in for some wonderful, adventurous sex in a deserted alley. Never been caught but if that were to happen, I 'd laugh it off and drive away. Remember to keep the engine running. I had a favorite lady that I would take bike rides with and we would end up at Dixon's downtown(now gone). We liked to make it a little risky and I would invite her into the men's room. We would get in a stall and she would place herself on the toilet rim. We would then go at it, but if someone came in, they didn't see the extra pair of legs through the open space at the bottom of the stall. It was fun sneaking back out as well.
  11. Pussy is not free.....g

    Every relationship I've been in has cost me money. That's just the currency of exchange. I want to help the people who help me and I see it as a positive thing to support their lifestyle and economic needs. I love my time with lovely ladies and money is just part of what makes it work--just like lube sometimes. If a lovely lady has to go to work answering phones instead of seeing me, who's the biggest looser? Me.
  12. 411 on Olivia James

    I've seen Olivia multiple times over the years and she is a classy, beautiful lady who provides a wonderful experience. She is top notch in my opinion.
  13. Stay all Night

    Extended dates are marvelous. My experience has been that if you are in sync with a lady and propose something fun and interesting to her, the overall cost of companionship is something to be discussed. I have done several travel dates and those usually invovle picking up all the epxenses and probably some sort of shopping trip for a few momentos of the occassion. The ladies I have had the pleasure of traveling with, have always been open to discussing expenses and have been appreciative of the good times and experiences that a travel date offers.
  14. Would you be offended

    All the cleanliness regimes are good. I personally keep a small bottle of non-alcholic mouthwash in my car and take a final swish as I'm ready to meet the lady at the door. I also like to ask to use the facility, both to wash and make sure all appendages are clean and ready for some exercise. Making a brief stop in the hygiene room is also a good opportunity to take care of any business that may invovle the exchange of currency. I always wash my hands after touching money. They say the linen composition of the bens contains germs.
  15. Pony Up or Not…

    Yes, maybe the oldtimers can ask Gina for an extension into the next millenium. Hobbying is the elixir and there's not reason we should be able to continue for another century.