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  1. Hobby phone question

    I have used virgin for many years. I have a cheap small flip phone that is lousy for texting but is easily concealed in pockets, small spaces. It also has a removable battery which I remove except for when I'm in the hobbying mode. I keep the battery in a separate location from the phone so that if the phone is discovered by someone, they won't be able to turn the phone on.
  2. AirBnB vs Motels

    As an operator of an AIRBNB, as long as my guests conform with basic protocals, I don't really care who they connugle with. I suppose it depends a little on the location, maybe if you're in a home in a tight surburban neighborhood, where the neighbors are watching every entrance and exit it could become a problem. I also think ladies who are on a production schedule, have the same potential liability in a hotel or private space, including their own incall. I promote my AIRBNB as being a good business location, with the highest speed internet, and other amenities that make it comfortable for business travellors to have meetings or social gatherings as part of their business mission. I see, the business we discuss here, as one of those liegitmate business pursuits that can benefit from the ability to secure a short term rental. [snip]
  3. Downtown or DTC?

    YEs definitely try downtown or the surrounding close in neighborhoods. Such as Stapleton, Cherry Creek, Glendale. Traffic has become so horrific in the DTC that I won't go there unless I really need to see a lady set up there.
  4. Denver General nurses suspended for looking at....

    I heard it was over 14 inches long and well beyond the normal girth. I wonder if any of them tried to ride it.
  5. Reviews

    Yes, they seem to go up pretty quickly. We have a dedicated crew taking care of this site. That's part of why it's the best I've found.
  6. Just Wonderig?

    I love to share a meal with a lovely lady after we have established a warm connection. I think it is one of the more rewarding parts of the experience to share the afterglow with someone who helped bring it about. I usually offer to pay and also to recompense the lady for the time. I think in some ways if a lady chooses to spend extra time with you, it means other opportunities missed and I like to make sure that the graciousness she has extended for extra time, doesn't mean a loss in revenue by not taking other appointments. This same principle applies to travel dates. I have had some wonderful travel experiences but make sure that the time away, doesn't cost the lady in lost appointments.
  7. While I appreciate the care and concern for accuracy on self reviews, it is not an infallible system. I have been invovled with a couple of ladies that have landed in the self review doghouse for no cause of their own. I don't know the full methodolgie used but I know that from my experience, there have been a couple of ladies placed in that category, through no fault of their own. I think you have to make your own judgement about who to see, and sometimes, there are situations that don't necessarily reflect on the lady. I haven't really had an experience where the lady wasn't as billed. I think that speaks to the quality of ladies who offer their services to the general public.
  8. Playlists for Sessions

    wow, what a great video Bella. Made my day.
  9. Durango?

    I'm not sure what you mean. Mandi has been open about advertising her location in Durango when she's there? She lists her location as Durango on P411 when she's there.
  10. Durango?

    I lived in Durango for many years and because it's a small town, not many providers who want to go public. There is a lovely Denver provider who goes to school at Ft. Lewis and advertises on TOB and P411. Her name i Mandi Mason and she travels a lot between school sessions but she is a jewel in the Durango universe.
  11. Going rate quattro large +

    Rates have gone up some, in general. However, the cost of living in Denver is approaching the level of costs on either coast. Hotels are difficult to book both because of rates and more restrictive check-in, check-out times. These factors all play in to what a lady can earn. I have been with a number of ladies and they are working to make ends meet, even if that means, paying tuition and basic living expenses. It is very easy to walk in to a restaurant in Denver and spend over $100.00 for a modest dinner with a few drinks for two. Whatever the budgetary limitations a gentlemen has, in the end, for the marvelous gift a lady makes available, the price is a super bargain. Most of us who have been around would not gain the attention of these marvelous women if there weren't an economic benefit to them. I am grateful that I have a few discretionary dollars that let me appreciate fabulous women, who don't generally give me a second glance at the check out line.
  12. Is P411 the only way?

    I have used P411 since the early days, and it is the best investment I have ever made for any service bar none. Gina has created a brilliant platform that serves the ladies and gentlemen very well. The other asset that P411 offers is that Gina cares deeply about protecting her customers on both sides of the sign-in screen. Over the years, she has rooted out flaky providers and clients who want to play games or take advantage of situations with ladies. I travel a fair amount and I think it is an amazing servcie that I can link up with a lady in another city, and because she trusts the P411 venue, she can show up at my door and be assured that she will find a safe situation. If you're not a member, you should be.
  13. AirBnB vs Motels

    I don't see the horrible repercussions of using AIRBNB or VRBO. People are renting their space for the same purposes as hotels. Short term residence and what you to behind closed doors is your business. If they want to film video of my ass boucning up and down with a lovely lady, so be it. Do you think they are going to bust through the door and arrest you? People have been getting laid for some time and in the big picuture it doesn't mean money has been exchanged. There are many ways of making the money exchange very discreet and not something that can be registered on camera. The money is an afterthought and if the client is smart about what takes place, there is nothing wrong with a couple who are attracted to each other getting in on in either a hotel room, or a rented apartment or home. The ancillary downsides, stalkers, etc. are present wherever the hobby takes place. But a lady who uses a short term rental is going to move on just like they do in hotels. That is a security question that any purveyor of short term rental space will have to deal with.
  14. Cancelation epidemic

    I think Samantha offers a very balanced appraisal of the appointment conundrum. I think sometimes both providers and clients forget that we're in a somewhat precarious situation. Providers have lives and outside demands that disrupt the most well intentioned arrangements. I have gotten to know some providers' personal sitautions and the people closest to them have no idea they engage in" illicit" behaviour. The same is true for the gentlemen. They have a variety of constraints including SOs, work colleagues and family members who could create drama if they found out about an individual's secret liasons. I almost think that cancelled appointments on anybody's part have to be governed by the principal that letting the other person know in the most timely manner possible is the remedy. I have been caught in the situation of doing my prep of cleaning and showering for an appointmnet to have my SO unexpectedly arrive on the scene and there was no way I could waltz out the door without in depth questions. Even in that circumstance, I will take risks to let the provider know that it won't work for whatever reason. If society were a little more flexible regarding sexual behaviour, it would help all of us be a little less secretive. But I don't see that happening in the current context of social norms. I think that if two people schedule a randevouz, eithics dictates that both people do whatever they can to let the other know so that one person is not pacing in a hotel room or driving around in circles because basic human courtesy has not been followed in closing the loop on appointments.
  15. Do you ever go over your budget

    Fortunately, I am not necessarily tied to a budget limit. I examine the lady's assets and her reviews and sometimes when there is a spectacular meeting of both looks and service, I take the dive. My experience in going over my vague budget limit is a higher priced provider, is often someone I could fall in love with and send all my money to a Pay Pal account just to enjoy the marvelous eroticism of a particularly fabulous provider. But also, I have had fantastic sessions with ladies who are not as dear, money wise.