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  1. Is this true???

    Son of a... Really? That's a thing? I always use to wear a short 'stache and goatee but when the beard started insisting I was older than I want to be - I had to make it go away. Now I have to really consider bringing it back and seeing that old looking guy (that's not me!) in the mirror in the morning. Are we talkin' looks here or is it a nice tickley thing in the right place? I guess the grey would tickle the same as the brown - but damn it - it really messes with my vanity!
  2. Please remove your piercings

    I think we're wandering off topic here and I know tats have been discussed at length before. I use to think tatoos were like taking a beautiful work of art (the naked female form) - and then scribbling graffiti on it. However - I was fortunate to see a provider who was only in the business a short time and who was heavily tatted. I discovered it did not detract from her beauty at all for me. Her outstanding personality erased my preconceptions. I don't think the tattoos improved her looks at all - it was just redundant artwork on top of masterpiece. Thankfully - she expanded my horizons since they are so prevalent now. If the additional facial holes adorned with metals are a problem - they are my problem. That being said - and with a nod to Wolfe's point - I will filter to my tastes to avoid any problems and be more tactful about my special requests.
  3. Please remove your piercings

    Good point + funny! They have to accept us sight unseen. Small ear and belly button accouterments are sexy to me but poking holes in naughty bits just seems like a mean thing to do to the naughty bits. Nose and lip rings just weird me out - but she was obvious proud of them to present them in a photo and I shouldn't have wasted her or my time. You live - you learn.
  4. Public Service Announcement - NoPantyDay

    My Ex never wore panties... until we were married
  5. Please remove your piercings

    You should be able to ask but a lot has to do with how you ask. Nose and lip rings kind of gross me out. After a few pleasant correspondences with a provider and an appointment set - I wrote what I thought was a reasonable request - but phrased it something like "please leave out the facial jewelry". (not my best choice of verbiage - and a lame attempt at humor). She wrote back that she didn't think things would work between us and cancelled. We both happily moved on.
  6. I agree but - even bad actresses get paid - they just don't get rehired. Hell yes, Unless you signed up for the masochism/humiliation thing... Fuck her! Or better yet - don't show up to fuck her.
  7. It sucks that she broke the committed time and place. Like Kali said "Not cool at all". A wiser "business decision" on her part would have been to try to reschedule the second, or maybe a white lie in this case would have been appropriate to avoid bad feelings... "My goodies on the fritz for a few days"
  8. More strange hooker math...

    Yes - do - I am dying to know what she does in that last half hour.
  9. New here

    wipe? ...uh wash... maybe twice... use soap! Lurk and learn - (which I'm sure you did on the other board). Pipe in when you have some interesting to offer - or just something that's really funny.
  10. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    Yep - Your screening worked!! Pat yourself on the back for have the foresight to avoid the anusfaces and move on.
  11. Shower and GFE

    Some might be a little put off by a lot of special requests on the 1st date. Find someone that meets your other criteria, have great time, then propose a wet and wild time on the second date.
  12. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    I tried to maintain a little separation too - but now I have noticed my Google/You Tube searches got intertwined with my alter-ego, - even though I use separate browsers. However - no SO - and I am not much of a threat to national security, so I don't care much. There are 8 billion+ of us crawling around on the planet and I just think don't think many of those 8 billion care where my weenie's been. Cool or very scary thing I discovered on Google Plus. I can go back and physically see where I was (or where my phone was) almost to the minute - going back for years! For me - that's cool - because I'm boring and easily amused - but for others... this may be something you might want to un-check in you settings in case someone gets a hold of your password...
  13. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got
  14. Loving the cooler weather....

    52 miles - almost zero miles on roads.
  15. Ladies preference – session length?

    Fish, What about the ambiguity/double meaning in the made up words in " Would you prefer a quicky or a longy? Probably not as egregious when the weren't in the title. Thankfully everyone got my drift. I was just curious because I tend to go long periods of time between sessions... (like months... and months) and then I want to fall in love for at least 2-3 hours - and the fond memories will last me through my next soft and curvy drought. It's a weird pattern but I'm a busy boy and it's hard to plan a few quality hours with someone. I know it's a risk to plan for that much time on both sides with unknown quantities involved - but can't know someone in either sense of the word in 30 minutes. My favorite experience was with a provider where we had a meet and greet first (her MO) - and then I knew I would love to hang out a few with her for at least a few hours or more. I think this is fairly uncommon(?) and not to change the subject, but would it be appropriate to offer a platonic meet for dinner just to see if things click for a later arrangements? How would I broach that subject? "Me and my friend Benjamin Franklin would like to take you out for dinner... I have to make it an early night but my friend can go home with you."