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  1. More strange hooker math...

    Yes - do - I am dying to know what she does in that last half hour.
  2. New here

    wipe? ...uh wash... maybe twice... use soap! Lurk and learn - (which I'm sure you did on the other board). Pipe in when you have some interesting to offer - or just something that's really funny.
  3. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    Yep - Your screening worked!! Pat yourself on the back for have the foresight to avoid the anusfaces and move on.
  4. Shower and GFE

    Some might be a little put off by a lot of special requests on the 1st date. Find someone that meets your other criteria, have great time, then propose a wet and wild time on the second date.
  5. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    I tried to maintain a little separation too - but now I have noticed my Google/You Tube searches got intertwined with my alter-ego, - even though I use separate browsers. However - no SO - and I am not much of a threat to national security, so I don't care much. There are 8 billion+ of us crawling around on the planet and I just think don't think many of those 8 billion care where my weenie's been. Cool or very scary thing I discovered on Google Plus. I can go back and physically see where I was (or where my phone was) almost to the minute - going back for years! For me - that's cool - because I'm boring and easily amused - but for others... this may be something you might want to un-check in you settings in case someone gets a hold of your password...
  6. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got
  7. Loving the cooler weather....

    52 miles - almost zero miles on roads.
  8. Ladies preference – session length?

    Fish, What about the ambiguity/double meaning in the made up words in " Would you prefer a quicky or a longy? Probably not as egregious when the weren't in the title. Thankfully everyone got my drift. I was just curious because I tend to go long periods of time between sessions... (like months... and months) and then I want to fall in love for at least 2-3 hours - and the fond memories will last me through my next soft and curvy drought. It's a weird pattern but I'm a busy boy and it's hard to plan a few quality hours with someone. I know it's a risk to plan for that much time on both sides with unknown quantities involved - but can't know someone in either sense of the word in 30 minutes. My favorite experience was with a provider where we had a meet and greet first (her MO) - and then I knew I would love to hang out a few with her for at least a few hours or more. I think this is fairly uncommon(?) and not to change the subject, but would it be appropriate to offer a platonic meet for dinner just to see if things click for a later arrangements? How would I broach that subject? "Me and my friend Benjamin Franklin would like to take you out for dinner... I have to make it an early night but my friend can go home with you."
  9. Dog Bless You…

    The topic title keeps reminding me of the Joke: Did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic? He wondered if their really was a dog. Biking around distressing from work and exploring new trails never gets old for me. I use to read lots but now I listen lots. Huge audio book fan - back and forth to work, doing chores, and when I go to sleep at night - someone is reading me a bedtime story... I'm very immature. I love cats... if you cook em long enough. (sorry - I apologize) I like them both but dogs are better company and are more expressive of their simple joy in being alive.
  10. Ladies preference – session length?

    Thanks Sabrina - I was questioning my question verbiage and was going to add another dumb caveat like - "compensation aside". But you got it - just curious about providers preference about lengths of playtime.
  11. I am sure this has been covered before but I couldn’t find it. Do you ladies have preference for session length? There is a lot of half hour and hour reviews and less for multi hour. Would you prefer a quicky or a longy? I know this is a dumb caveat but - client personality aside - overall - is there a general preference?
  12. Loving the cooler weather....

    Bikin! With the trail system in the Metro area - you can get from almost anywhere to almost anywhere without having to compete with cars much.
  13. This post was revived from June and I didn’t catch it till now. Wow - a lot of people in this post I have to agree with including …URK! Steven. In my experience – it was never the physical appearance that Jez rails against (although I would imagine that would hasten the relationship’s demise) I’ve had several SO’s and LTR’s and the pattern was always the same. Familiarity breeds contempt. Meet, fall in love for years. You know each others star qualities but the imperfections become more evident as the sun does its trips around solar system. Boredom and resentment gnaw their way in… fights, breakups, rinse, lather and repeat. It was never one sided – we both discovered that each others poop does actually, in fact, stink. Sex was mutually physically satisfying but the connection waned as criticisms increase and respect decreased. Again - on both sides. I have dumped and been dumped after this pattern all my life and have finally come to the conclusion like the Admiral – I’ll be alone the rest of my life and will live happily ever after that way. I love my Ex’s and they seem to be fond of me too… (now). If the breakups aren’t too bitter – somehow, with the separation of living quarters, the star qualities come back into the light for each party. Now - thanks to being very busy and my marriage conditioning - I can go months without sex! Me! More please...
  14. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    Completely unfair Chrissy! The malicious and despicable tax should be raised to a 2 mil minimum. But - yeah - she'll probably never see it. It send a nice message though.
  15. Selective Providing....

    No - I'm more of a Harpo guy Bit. honk honk. Everyone has their own selective processes Stevie - a wee arrogant of you to presume you have clue about what I do and do not know. No? I glean things on here and elsewhere and try to communicate a bit in advance. I'm not a prolific connoisseur so I try to do my homework the best I can and even when I've misjudged a time or two - I still had a good human experience and learned a little more. Clients and providers are both allowed to be selective as they please. If a provider is put off by my curly hair, dopey looks and honker - I will SELECT someone else with no hard feelings and be grateful that they gave me a pass. Why would I want to play with someone who doesn't want to play with me?