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  1. I'm back "kinda"

    Hello Mustang, Be good to yourself.
  2. Incall or outcall

    Outcalls only - and then it is my job to make someone feel comfortable and very much appreciated for coming to see me.
  3. Verification

    I still find it so bizarre that this is considered a "crime" in 2020 and any resources are expending on it at all. (BTW - Happy New Year all!) Why is LE remotely - even the tiniest bit, concerned with this!!? Why in the wide wide world of sports are consenting adults are not allowed to do what they want with their goodies? IMHO tax dollars should go towards people who are truly victims like trafficking and child abuses... says Mr Obvious. But still - really...WHY?
  4. ZHTR

    ... but mostly I work. "I have admit" I thought the post started out to be a little narcissistic but I didn't even realize how curious I was about everyone's handles. Good post ZHTR! Thanks for sharing all.
  5. Fair is fair

    I don't think it is really acceptable anywhere in any business to know the cost of a service and then personally determine after the service is performed what the value of the service was worth to you. If the service supplied was not worth what you demanded, (probably an inappropriate choice of words there), ... like Pfunk said " simply avoid that person in the future". Maybe post a polite review if the behavior was particularly egregious and let the free market decide.
  6. Happy but no ending

    Has happened to me on more than one occasion. I actually never thought the provider would feel bad or inadequate. I didn't. I know sometimes in spite of my best efforts my companion would not get there, or worse, fake it. While it does detract a tiny bit from the encounter - it was still always an awesome human experience. Trite but true - Enjoying the journey is much more important than reaching the destination. The pop is just icing on the cake (and involves more clean up time)
  7. Taking chances with secret encounters

    Sounds like a good way to get rid of half your stuff.
  8. "Blacklist"

    Teeny tiny balls.
  9. Does a connection count?

    I agree with the Admiral, Connection is in the eye of the beholder. To me the session is exponentially better if you can talk and laugh together and not just connect the naughty bits. I tend to schedule longer sessions so hopefully we get to know each other better before, during, and after. I don't indulge often but in my experience - even if there is not a strong mental attraction - it has never failed to be a nice human experience. Maybe you could schedule an hour, if things click - great! If not - there is no rule saying you have to do anything. Pay her for her time and try again. The only thing you may have lost here is money... pisshh.
  10. Is this true???

    Son of a... Really? That's a thing? I always use to wear a short 'stache and goatee but when the beard started insisting I was older than I want to be - I had to make it go away. Now I have to really consider bringing it back and seeing that old looking guy (that's not me!) in the mirror in the morning. Are we talkin' looks here or is it a nice tickley thing in the right place? I guess the grey would tickle the same as the brown - but damn it - it really messes with my vanity!
  11. Please remove your piercings

    I think we're wandering off topic here and I know tats have been discussed at length before. I use to think tatoos were like taking a beautiful work of art (the naked female form) - and then scribbling graffiti on it. However - I was fortunate to see a provider who was only in the business a short time and who was heavily tatted. I discovered it did not detract from her beauty at all for me. Her outstanding personality erased my preconceptions. I don't think the tattoos improved her looks at all - it was just redundant artwork on top of masterpiece. Thankfully - she expanded my horizons since they are so prevalent now. If the additional facial holes adorned with metals are a problem - they are my problem. That being said - and with a nod to Wolfe's point - I will filter to my tastes to avoid any problems and be more tactful about my special requests.
  12. Please remove your piercings

    Good point + funny! They have to accept us sight unseen. Small ear and belly button accouterments are sexy to me but poking holes in naughty bits just seems like a mean thing to do to the naughty bits. Nose and lip rings just weird me out - but she was obvious proud of them to present them in a photo and I shouldn't have wasted her or my time. You live - you learn.
  13. Public Service Announcement - NoPantyDay

    My Ex never wore panties... until we were married
  14. Please remove your piercings

    You should be able to ask but a lot has to do with how you ask. Nose and lip rings kind of gross me out. After a few pleasant correspondences with a provider and an appointment set - I wrote what I thought was a reasonable request - but phrased it something like "please leave out the facial jewelry". (not my best choice of verbiage - and a lame attempt at humor). She wrote back that she didn't think things would work between us and cancelled. We both happily moved on.
  15. I agree but - even bad actresses get paid - they just don't get rehired. Hell yes, Unless you signed up for the masochism/humiliation thing... Fuck her! Or better yet - don't show up to fuck her.