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  1. 411 on Erotix Elite Escorts

    It's both. They throw a big swinger party in the fall.
  2. Really?? I'm Sure She is

    :p:p; me want room # now; for both.
  3. Nothing more to add; everything said so far hit the point dead on.
  4. Discrimination

    This thread turned fast...
  5. 4th of July

    Just wanted to wish all of TOB a Happy Fourth of July
  6. 411 on Taylor BP?

    The following is a must read (thanks to mkj79); Especially when it comes to Taylor
  7. NO Black males and.......females??

    New twist on an old hang up.
  8. Real Name First & Last

    Didn't I go through this with my P411 membership?? Unless I'm just slow I thought the number one reason for P411 is to help ladies feel comfortably with us guys, especially "new ones" (been a hobbyist for years but new to P411). Yes, I know that ladies have different screening rules -if I decide to oblige fine- but full name?? You don't see the difference between this date and one in civilian life?
  9. New To The Other Board!

    Hello and welcome Ms. Leila lovely!!
  10. House sitting, outcalls

    No No No. Think about it. How would you feel if your friend used your home for a personal activity that skirts the boundaries.
  11. upscale & elite

  12. Ladies, please open the door :)

    +1. Especially when you don't look like the "average guest".
  13. Activity schedule

    Weekends daytime usually, but lately been late evenings.
  14. New _to_ TOB, Advice if any