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  1. Please Read and be Informed!

    Also, even though you are using protection, you should be getting tested. You can still get STD's using them. There is a smaller chance but always a chance since there is skin to skin contact. EVERYONE who is having sex in any manner should be getting tested. We should all know our status. There are lots of places that you can go to. Also, remember, with HIPPA it is as discreet as you can get!
  2. Texts via VIP for Provider Verification

    There are plenty of ladies who wouldn't mind this at all. If you don't try it, you'll never know!
  3. Do Providers Every Travel to SW CO?

    You can always find a lady that piques your interest, read her website for her traveling rates, screen with her, and have her come to you. It doesn't always have to be super complicated as someone traveling there or living there. Ya know. You have options.
  4. Already July? Damn

    I relate to this so much. It's crazy to think the things I took advantage of before all this.
  5. Already July? Damn

    Definitely hoping I can do a Mexico trip next year. I've never been!
  6. Already July? Damn

    I cannot believe it's already July. What are some of your favorite things that you will be missing out on because of the COVID thing going around? Mine is/was -- having to cancel my San Fransico trip, going out to eat and people watching, and concerts. I am actually kind of grateful I didn't buy concert tickets. Hoping that I can live out a few concert dreams next year. *Fingers crossed*
  7. Providers that really listen to you.

    I always get SUPER worried about responding to a text later than an hour after I received it, because of discretion. Unless of course, I have permission to text you whenever with no worries. I do not always have my work phone on me, so I always try and respond quickly. I run into having a featured listing a problem sometimes with the assumption that it means I am available "right now," when it's just my profile. So glad that the OP was able to find that connection. It makes things THAT much better each time you meet.
  8. Useless reviews

    I think this topic is kind of appalling We should require that the men we see, and invite into our homes, and give access to our bodies, should write out every little detail with all our activities spelled out? I do not think so. I don't allow explicit reviews because I'm not a restaurant with a menu... Everything is different with everyone. I may dfk one date, because the chemistry is right, and then not want to with my next because he's a smoker that had a cigarette in my parking lot. If you need dire information, you can privately discuss the activities further in a message. I don't see how hard that is. Yes, be very grateful to have what we have, because everyone freaked out when the reviews disappeared. I'd rather have what we have than not at all. And I'm okay with reviews being very light in detail. To each their own.
  9. Pictures and ads

    Unfortunately, its the name of the game. Everyone knows once something is on the net, it is there forever. That is why some girls still blur their faces. But still. You may have consequences down the road when it comes to this line of work and after you leave, so ALWAYS have a plan B. If I remember correctly, there was a teacher who was a SWer a while back, someone found her picture, showing her face and some tattoos, told her bosses' boss. Ultimately she was fired. Everything in this work has risks, we do not know everyone who comes through our door, we never know who we are really meeting in a hotel room, and things will forever be on the internet. Again, part of the work.
  10. Where’s them sexy ladies at

    Considering the message you sent me on DM, I don't think you'll be very successful in booking a lady of your choice. Please reconsider your approach or do not attempt at all. You are not only rude, but your message to me was very crude and definitely did not have me thinking "ohh my god I can not wait to meet this guy. His message made me so wet" insert eye roll here. For example : hello my name is xxx. I would like to see you. I don't have any references but will screen however you need. Not : you're hot AF and I want to bend you over or whatever you said to me.
  11. You said it perfectly. Good luck, OP on your future adventures.
  12. Generating Touring Provider Interest to Come to Colorado

    I was going to suggest broadening your searches outside of TOB. There are MANY girls that fit your description that come to Denver, but they do not post here or do not post AT all while they are here, because their schedule is *full* from people who have pre-booked and/or put down deposits. Twitter, P4, Tryst, Silxa are the top 4 that come to mind. Good luck, OP
  13. In my experience, you have to remove the reference and then request it again. or ask her to remove it, then request it again. I think that's the easiest! Thanks for keeping up to date with your refs, it is *very* helpful!
  14. On the clock

    I think it all depends on the provider. I don't count the shower as apart of your appointment. And as long as someone is communicating, I won't cut the time short if he's late. But again. Everyone runs their business differently. It's hard to plan traffic here. That's for sure
  15. EM website?

    In the past I've posted on EM, skipthegames, P4 and here for when I visit Cheyenne. Some, including me, will post in Fort Collins because Cheyenne isn't really on the "hobby map" yet.