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  1. Increased "ghosting"

    Why would girls waste time doing this? Out of spite? Let it go that’s crazy. I guess I believe it though. Truly Sad but I imagine it’s more boyfriend/pimps doing it

    It sucks and unfortunately this goes both ways. I m guessing she was not a well reviewed provider? I have blacklisted more than 50 numbers this week alone. It has significantly gotten worse since Covid with people playing games wasting time. Even worse getting them verified and then giving your room # and then they don’t show up and you have no choice but to either beg the hotel to change your room or have to eat the hotel cost and move to a new hotel. If you don’t like the girl you can just leave or you can write a review. Many people say they don’t want to put their information in but isn’t TOB completely anonymous? No one should be scared to become a member or join correct? I think The Other Board and P411 by far have the best verification processes available. I wish everyone would just use the system like it’s meant to be. it’s been about 80% no shows or cancel at last moment.
  3. I m curious as to how things are for everyone? I notice more people are working more often which makes me think it’s slower for everyone and there is a significant drop in those who are hobbying at all in the last few months. Not just Denver but all over the US and UK.
  4. STD’s on the rise in Colorado

    I have seen this also I have turned away many more clients recently who come with Sores, looks like herpes also on the rise. I also get many many requests daily for raw and they immediately hit the blacklist. It’s sad
  5. Hello, Ladies are you seeing a lot of requests for reference for people with no information and dates and times when you couldn’t have possible met anyone? Who do we report these profiles to? xoxo Naomi
  6. Cancellations

    Hi Everyone! Seems this has been a debated topic!! I did start requiring deposit for longer appointments $25 and all the flaky people disappeared. Anyone with reviews and references almost all came through the others were apologetic and communicated. I also told the ones that I didn’t require a deposit that it was $100 cancellation fee especially during peak times. I had two who I asked to pay the cancellation to do so. Afterward, I told them that the cancellation fee would be counted toward next meeting if they rescheduled. I did that because I thought it was the right thing to do and we have had super positive interactions and communication even though we haven’t met yet and are looking forward to when we do! I agree I know we all go through it on both sides lots of BS. I tend to say what I think when I m angry, but clearly there is some value and communication that has benefited everyone. Thank you TOB
  7. Oh let me count thy reasons...... 1. Let me get asked the same question 500 times a day..... 2. Client: Let me see that pussy baby..... Me: Block Caller 3. Are you real, send me a picture of you standing on the toilet, touching your nose, holding a sign (with clients name on it) 4. Client: I ll be there in 5 mins at noon 11:55am Me: ok thanks for communicating I can make that work! 11:56am Me: Are you close? I have to plan and adjust based on when you arrive 12:15pm Client: Ok I m here! 12:45pm Client: What room number? 12:46 Client: Are you there? I m here I m waiting! Client: I can’t believe you stood me up! Client: I m gonna tell everyone your terrible Me: Hello, I waited and you never showed up? I had another client at 12:45 so you missed your time. You were45 mins late. I had my 12:45 client show up 10 mins early and you never answered I m so sorry. 1:45pm Jajaja Who else had a funny
  8. Cancellations

    I feel the same. 14 cancellations in one day. 7 TOB members 7 non members. So did we just send all clients and not commit to times and waste their time like they waste our time or require deposit? It has been lose/lose situation but I think we try our best to provide great service and have a great attitude but seems like people can not be on time. I have had to cancel several also for no communication or being 30 or 45 mins late and have to say no because otherwise they create a scheduling conflict for others who are on time. people be good people please