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  1. I heart vaginas

    Maybe its just because they are just so damn fun to be in
  2. MissSaraXXX New to TOB!

    Welcome Sara I hope you enjoy the people here
  3. Fashion Photographer

    Hot dog I am ready when ever you need me there
  4. Fashion Photographer

    Fun topic Hannah. I am sure many of the guys here would let you use them as models
  5. Jez, I am sorry that happened!!! Thats a bum deal Kasmir, You have given me ideas Thank You! I think it could be fun to watch the after show
  6. I Think I would probably be just like him LOL After I bought my retirement Villa
  7. Hi Denver!

    Welcome Laura, hope you find this place very enjoyable. You have some very nice pictures on your profile
  8. Ebony Greek provider

    Do the research and you will find her
  9. Buying a house

    Good luck.
  10. Sorry that happened, I can see how tough that would be with the cost involved
  11. I Got Hosed

    I agree this is screwed up BUT Crazy funny Sorry
  12. Longest orgasm

    Hell I would love to be multi orgasmic
  13. New to Colorado

    Kendra, Welcome, I know most of the girls that travel through are happy with the turn out here. I think downtown could be good, from what everyone says stay out of Lakewod. I know DTC is a god area also.
  14. So are posts here enough

    Hell YES!!!!!! There are some women I have seen and some I want to see because of their post. Also there are some I wont see because of their post.
  15. providers to clients

    I know your new here, and I would like to welcome you. I hope you have many great days here. You are posting about the same thing many people on both sides of the coin complain about, There are many providers who are guilty of the same actions your complaining about... I agree its sucks but there is not much your going to do to change the people who get scared or are just time wasters. Its actions like this from providers that have made me stick to well known providers that dont have a habit of doing no call no shows. Good luck
  16. When i was married I was lucky if it was 3 times a year. Life is better now
  17. My dogs cant find a Pheasant , I dont think they would ever find cancer
  18. Man uses _____ to paint

    Very talented, I am impressed
  19. Ride me like a carnival pony

    It all sounds better in my head, then i open my mouth and sound like a bumbling virgin.
  20. Finding fish.

    Large mouth???
  21. America: best country on earth

    I never served, but I wanted to say thanks to all that have and are still servinng.
  22. Cancelations & ncns

    I am sorry this happened to you. I think and this is only my opinion, I think there are many new people in this town that are new to this hobby on both sides of the coin. I honestly think many of the new people are not good with following through. I had a new provider set an appointment with me then the morning of cancel as I should have been on my way. Then after several attempts to reschedule she has stoped advertising. I think for me its best to stick with proven and reliable providers
  23. "I will make it up to you"

    I think for many girls its just a saying, There are some that go above and beyond to MAKE IT UP but not very many
  24. Denver & Surrounding.

    Hi Samantha, Welcome to the greatest show on earth, your going to have fun here
  25. New Here , Just Saying Hi ! XOX

    Welcome Mali, You will have fun here, you will find blunt conversations and fun men and women here, you will also find a few crabby ones too. Any way enjoy yourself here