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  1. What a day!!!!!

    What shitty sexual indescretions??
  2. What a day!!!!!

    Well I proudly voted for Trump That Bitch had her chance to run the country when they were there before, but all she could do was watch her husband sticking cigars in wet holes. Trump may not be perfect but he is the HNIC for this term Just my .02
  3. Condom holders?

    Oh thats a funny one

    Call it what you want but ILOVE it when a woman squirts,( it make me feel like I am doing it WELL) Just my .02
  5. GENTLEMEN: What do you consider Curvy, PlusSize & BBW?

    Judging from what I see on your pictures I would say CURVY
  6. HELP!!! new to TOB with many questions.

    I am no computer wiz I just clicked my picture and added it
  7. HELP!!! new to TOB with many questions.

    It always helps if you advertise on TOB
  8. How far down...

    3-4 pages It does not matter to me where they are located on the pages
  9. Spam! I had to laugh

    I have seen you several times Kandi, I bet you could teach him a few things( I know you have taught me some)
  10. Downtown

    All kinds of thoughts, NONE you want to hear. #1 Search this web site
  11. On the background - music and television.

    The TV is a deal breaker for me
  12. Credit limits

    I have never been there, but if your willing I am game I just am ready for vacation
  13. Credit limits

    I am sure this topic has been covered before but I am just in awe of how the banks are so willing to extend credit. This started to peak my interest as I am trying to help a younger guy that works for me try to get his credit built up so he can buy a house next year. I am on a kick to lice debt free (including a house payment). I have been working to pay off all my credit cards and dont have a car payment. Each month when I pay my bills I notice at least one credit card company is raising the limit on the card that I hold with them. The other night I got a letter in the mail from one of these company's that I honestly forgot I even had a card with because its been so long since I used it, the limit was raised to more than the cost of my first house, ( now my first house was pretty modest foreclosure that I bought in the late 80's ) . Here is my question, what would any of you do if you could charge up all your credit cards and personal loans ? Would you move to a country and become a beach bum? Would you move to Sweden and be a ski instructor? A captain of a fishing charter boat in Mexico? My vote is to be a beach bum in Belize
  14. Credit limits

    I love that plan Melissa
  15. Whasssssssup!

    Fat Bastard is willing to HELP
  16. Whasssssssup!

    Hi Ana Great to see you back
  17. "You're just a hooker."

    I just got done cleaning up my monitor, thats some funny shit Kandi. Theres a reason you are one of my favorite girls
  18. I might look like Fat Bastard
  19. So I contacted a local provider gave her my TOB name and told her she could call any of the girls I have reviewed, we set a time and she gave me a location. When I got there I sent a quick text to let her know I was there . After a few minutes I got a text back asking for references???? Why would any provider get someone to a location then want to start checking references??? After 15 minutes of sitting in my big diesel truck trying to stay cool I decided to leave, so I did not look obvious as to why I was there. With all the local LE going bat shit crazy trying to ruin this hobby why would a provider do this??
  20. You are correct Lucy, although what I am getting at is why would ANY provider set a time and give the location then wait until the customer shows up then want to check references was my question
  21. Calling someone out

    I agree with Lucy completely, Everyone has choices to make either see her or dont see her but quit doing everything you can to drag her through the mud. If she has changed her ways her reviews will show it Just my .02
  22. Nice day to ride

    it is a great day for a ride keep safe and enjoy your self
  23. I own a 38 foot Diesel Pusher motor home that I travel in quite a bit for work, and stay in while on extended trips. NEVER did I think I could get a provider to come to me in a motor home, Let alone a provider having a motor home. There is always attention when I park mine anywhere except a camp ground. Some one alway wants to look in the windows to see how nice it is. I going to say NO
  24. It has to be the kiss for me. If the kiss is lame I get the feeling its not going to get any better
  25. I agree with pfunk. Actually I have found the service getting better with learning what girls to avoid. Good luck