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  1. Quick note and goodbye

    You’ll be missed, good luck and a happy life!

    See ya pretty lady! Hope happiness awaits around every corner!
  3. New To TOB

    Welcome to the new you! 😃
  4. late night or day time?

    I usually play on days off so I like between 10am and Noon. Time to get some coffe, check the news, a lazy shower and off I go. I then have the rest of the day to reflect!
  5. SaraLita Colorado Companion https://theotherboard.com/users/134510 i see one review from a reputable reviewer, she also has a web page. Anyone else see her yet that hasn’t posted a review? Just call me cautious. http://saraperla.com/ Thanks!
  6. Wow! New format, new mods!

    Yes, this was quite a surprise! Hope it works the way it is supposed to. I suppose a few bugs to start with but it looks promising.