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  1. Gfe or not

    That kind of GFE for me also includes do you think you could do me a favor.(Me) Sure what do you need. (Her) Well I am running short for my bills. (Me) How much do you need. (Her) A few hundred, but I will pay you back. (Me) OK, here you go. Eventually never to see either of them again.
  2. Strip clubs

    Yes I have done that too. It costs way to much, if you boil it down to what you paid and how much she reciprocated. But if you count the amount of time you just hung out together outside the club, it isn't that bad. But still it isn't a sure thing. They can string you around for a while. But here you know what to expect, when to expect it and total out of pocket expenses.
  3. Foreign IP addresses

    Orbot is a free VPN. I can get into TER. Just with it being down in the US for the last year, there isn't much to see. Plus the reviews of a provider I wanted to look up aren't there any more. Her name is still there but that is it.
  4. Jane Smith from Dallas

    I read in KC that they had to take a un-scheduled vacation. It also said a couple of them are dancing at some of the Texas clubs. Maybe seeing a few regulars utr too. I don't think they will be back. Time will tell.
  5. Not good enough????

    Oh high school. I remember looking through my senior yearbook, 20yrs after I graduated. A girl I thought was pretty but was way smarter than me, had written her phone number in it and told me call her. Said we could have some fun this summer. She made the first move but I didn't even know it. I always thought she would have wanted to date someone on her IQ level. If only I had looked through better back then.
  6. Gfe or not

    I realize that it means different things to different girls. I just don't want to shell a fortune out to a girl, to find out a lot of things are off the table. Recently I had a session with a porn star. She was everything I was looking for in age, height, shape and looks. The rate was very reasonable. Since she was still filming, there couldn't be any fluid tranmissions. Everything was covered, no kissing or daty. Not a GFE experience in my sense of the definition.
  7. Reference aging

    Honestly, that is all I thought a reference was. Were we kind, clean and not LE. At the very least you see us for a 1/2 hour to hour in most cases. Unless you are some kind of clairvoyant, that is all you know about us. The real jerks are the ones you can't forget. Those are why you girls ask for references.
  8. Reference aging

    Audry is right. Once they have a reference, that is all she will hear from them. That is why the ok system on P411 works so good. Basically a yes or no. There is no gray area. If a girl sees the ok, she can PM the girl who gave the ok to ask a question. Everytime I try to set up a appointment, I have to drag out all the references numbers, emails or sites. It is a hassle. Each board needs something like that. I think it would make things easier on both the guys and gals. The guys would no longer need to ask a girl anymore. Either that or maybe a point system. The girls trade points for reference checks. Those that don't share will have to pay. While those who do, just trade points back and forth.
  9. Accepted age difference?

    Go for it. Almost all the girls I see are 1/2 my age or younger. Not that there is anything wrong with someone close to my age. I was a late bloomer. Grew up in a sparsely populated area. More boys than girls. So I am living the life I wish I had.
  10. SW Photography Book

    It amazes me that those pictures were so scandalous. It was a simpler time. You could walk or ride down to a area of town and go to a parlor house. You would wait your turn, have a drink and listen to the piano player. When you were done, you just went home. Everything legal. In KC there was Annie Chambers. Her real name was Leannah Loveall. Go figure. She built a 25 room house in 1872. It cost around $80,000 and she paid it off in like 2.5 years.
  11. Happy Easter Everyone!

    Happy Easter Francesca and to everyone else out there. I hope you get to enjoy some of the day doing what you like most, whatever that my be. If you get together with family and friends, hoping everything goes smooth. Take care.
  12. P411

    Here in KC, the providers usually won't take a reference older than 6 months anyway. So that doesn't seem out of the usual.
  13. P411

    Thanks for the heads up. I missed the boat last April.
  14. Out of Action

    Well maybe you could have a girl bill you as a physical therapist. It really isn't stretching it much. They could have you do your exercises. If you do it right, off comes a article of clothing. Your goal is to get them stripped down.
  15. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    Same kind of sting happened here in Independence, MO. They had a photo ID license and a handle on the local board. Be careful.