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  1. Taking a break

    Best of luck to you. Hope there are calm seas ahead for the both of you.
  2. Would you rather? The game!

    I I see. the old time travel dilemma. Changing the past would alter the future. Well you could by bitcoin for pennies. Hit the lottery, invest in little in start-ups that make you a fortune, etc. Live like a King. Have a harem of your own. I don't think it would change that much. Just mostly you and those with whom you are close . Like the last day of "Ground Hog Day" with Bill Murray or that one Twilight episode "Back There" with Russell Johnson. I would give up the 15 years to save a life. I just needed to delay her 10 seconds.
  3. Useless reviews

    There are all levels of contribution. Some contribute more then others. Every drop counts. As for reviews, any Intel is better than nothing at all. I appreciate the fact that I will go home without a mugshot or getting robbed, if I see a girl that has been reviewed a lot. I think we can all agree to that. Which is the primary reason we are here. Every encounter will be different. I have read graphic reviews but my visit didn't compare. Maybe it was sugar-coated or a bad day. I still got what I went there for. You will never appreciate what you have until it is gone forever.
  4. Good bye

    Best of wishes to wherever you land.
  5. Would you rather? The game!

    I will say you keep your memory. Because if you wiped your memory, you might still make the same mistakes. Plus lost 15 years of your life. The thought was to correct choices that you wished you hadn't made.
  6. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I prefer the giggles. They seem natural and that the girl seems to be enjoying the moment. I know the dirty talk with a provider is just part of the performance. So I really don't care for it that much.
  7. Would you rather? The game!

    Would you give up 15 years of your life for the ability to go back and change the last 15 years or would take 15 more years giving up forever the ability to change the last 15.
  8. Would you rather? The game!

    Would you rather see the girl with the beautiful face image without body pictures or the great body pictures but no face image?
  9. Taking chances with secret encounters

    I am single,so that aspect will never present itself. I never host, because I have tried hard to keep my privacy unto myself. That being said, you seem to want some kind of adrenaline experience. I don't know your situation but as the others have said, you are risking your future. Too many variables to account for that could ruin your life, for just 60 minutes min. One slip up and you may have to ask your companion if you could crash on her couch. So if it is a rush you seek, sky dive for the first time, bungie jump, etc. The closet to the edge I played was when I visited a girl at night , in a very very scary part of town. One that I stuck out like a sore thumb, to all and anyone who saw me. That walk to the front door seemed like an eternity. Everything went as planned but I would never do that again.
  10. Shy guy

    Wall Lake. In Northwestern Colorado Flat Tops Wilderness Area. It is a long hike up, but there are native cut throat trout. It sits just below the tree line and Trappers Mountain. Water is clear and cold. There were fish for all last time I was there.
  11. No show

    Well were you able to contact him? I think no shows on either the lady or gentlemen is poor character. That being said , I always give them a chance to get back and explain. If he is truly a good client, he will make it up. If not then, you can tell the other ladies who stood you up. I think Laci French could help you with this.
  12. Long reach of Mark Zuckerberg

    How about Facefuck!!
  13. Human Trafficking text

    Just block the number. Reason I was asking, was in case they had a providers phone and it was in the contacts. Then they could do this. I wouldn't put it past the police to try to scare off potential clients from the girls. Which is like holding back the sea.
  14. Long reach of Mark Zuckerberg

    Well they are not showing up on my personal phone. They are only on my burner phone. So the girls must be using a phone number or email for Facebook is all I can think of now.
  15. Twitter down😳

    All I can think of is All Aboard by Ozzy Osborne.