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  1. Football season is here

    Seeing a double OT was so crazy to watch, Im excited for this weeks game here in AZ ASU, I live pretty close to stadium so I go to the ASU games a lot
  2. Signatures

    Oh okay... i usually just copy and paste my signatures from the other sites I use
  3. Signatures

    I only have my website in my signature, I did have my snapchat on there before rules were changed! And my font is at 12pt, so idk how my signature is large!? Maybe it shows up different on your phone... Cause I haven't received any warnings about my signature
  4. Denver Strip Club?

    My last appt is usually at 9pm... After that I don't like taking late night apps but I have insomnia so I don't go to sleep till 2am so I figure why not dance since I'll be up ya know!?
  5. Denver Strip Club?

    This is why I love and adore you! My fave girl in CO
  6. Denver Strip Club?

    I'll be returning to Denver soon and Im looking to dance while visiting since I do nothing at night after 9pm... So guess my question is what is the best club for me to work at? Or your fave club to visit?
  7. Problem Client

    He got his full 30min he booked for he was a younger guy and probably couldnt afford to see me and thought id be scared and give him his money back lol who knows (( he has seen this thread but hasn't responded but has texted me saying he's sorry and hopes i give him a good reference but I honestly can't, I'll tell the provider the truth and if she sees him I atleast told her ))
  8. Problem Client

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN! Thank you Nikki! Took the words right out of my mouth!
  9. Problem Client

    No no lol we started the session and he complained the whole time, finally "finished" the session and thats when he wanted his money back
  10. Problem Client

    I agree we need a "Provider Be Warned Section" as well! guys can read about us but we can't read about guys! thats not fair lol
  11. Problem Client

    No he started complaining once he got into the room
  12. Problem Client

    I honestly think he was trying to be a cheap ass and thinking of every way to not pay lol then got forceful To call any girl here on TOB ugly is funny to me, because i have yet to see an ugly girl on this site! BP yes lots of fake ugly girls but on TOB none!
  13. Problem Client

    I normally don't do this kind of thing but this guy really upset me, and a possible danger to others... I don't want him trying to stiff or worse hurt other provider! I just saw a client, he emailed me a few days ago inquiring about an appointment and we set it up and everything seemed fine... Till he got here! He complained the entire time making the appointment super annoying ( anyone that has seen me knows I try my best to make the session great and I try to accommodate even the most difficult client) After he tried taking his money back and when I wouldn't give it to him, he tried to say he only wants to pay $100 and thats all he ever pays lol I laughed at him and told him I would have never responded to him if he tried to see me for $100 he then tried to push past me to go after his money I then told him he needed to leave before I call security... He left calling me a few curse words and called me ugly lol Ladies be careful here
  14. I travel quiet a bit and I tell guys I meet, Im a dancer ( stripper ) never will I tell a guy that might be a potential BF what I do! After pass experiences , they either judge you and use your work against you, always ask for money and expect you to pay, or they try to become your pimp ( as in tell you how to work, how to do it and such ) Its best to keep it to yourself till you feel you can disclose something like this, with out getting the crazy look lol Once a connection and trust has been established then slowly start hinting what you do or dance around the topic and see the reaction or just let him figure it out himself lol
  15. I do this at my house in AZ… but I also have cameras all over my house so I can see and tell them where to park! Or you can always go outside and meet them instead of giving the apt num Ive done that before I got cameras