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  1. Squirting

    Oh you gotta let her squirt in your mouth. It gets all over. Nothing like it. Which means she is all over you. Sexy!
  2. The posibility Indiana Companion I’m going to Indy next weekend. anyone have any recommendations for GFE there? PM. Please. thanks!!!
  3. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Josette, Naughty Destiny, Scarlet Desire (oh those lips 💋) and Lena Johansson (Killeen 0’Neil). Oh my, my, my!
  4. Members you miss

    Of course everyone knows my love for Killeen O’Neil (AKA Lena). I also miss Naughty Destiny, Jill of Denver ( what a body) Scarlet Desire ( oh those lips on her profile pic) Jenna Johnson, Mona Monroe. I also miss the Passion Pussycats meet and greet parties.
  5. Review board

    Is there a glitch on the review board? The details part of the reviews are not showing up. I notice this on the provider ads too. No content at the bottom of the ads. WTH? thanks
  6. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    My ATF. Lena Johnnson. Aka Kileen O’Neil. Miss her so much. Pure sex bomb. She was in to everything I am.
  7. Foot worship

    Actually, Lacy I like all three of those choices. I think I would like the sweaty sneaker feet this time 😉
  8. Foot worship

    Looking for a lady who loves some foot worship mixed in with a session. ( well I'm always on the lookout, actually). Ladies??? PM is ok.
  9. Coming to Vegas At the end of the month. I want to know which Swingers club is better for a first timer. The Green Door or The Fantasy Lifestyle Venue? PM please. Thanks!!!
  10. Nuru

    Looking for ladies who offer Nuru massage. Please PM me. Thanks!
  11. Looking for a provider who...

    Still looking . Ladies?
  12. Looking for a provider who...

    Hey. Long time no see. I'm looking for an ASP who provides golden showers and snow balling. Foot fetish too ( of course... You know me) PM please. Thanks ladies!
  13. Stiletto heel stabbing. Remember it's a fetish... so it costs more! http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Jury-Deliberating-in-High-Heel-Shoe-Stabbing-Trial-254402141.html?partner=xfinity1
  14. Trying to Quit

    Sent you a PM that might help.
  15. BSDM/Fetish

    Check this out: http://pavloviadenver.com All the ladies are talented.