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  1. No AA?

    That word, pleasure, I do not think it means what you think it means.
  2. Well, It finally happened

    Don't skip Willies if Cassidy is dancing.
  3. Until a single drop of sweat runs down your back, then you feel like you're carrying a load of jello pudding down there. After making the mistake of shaving the whole neighborhood once, I understand why women wear thongs--friction!
  4. Attitude (toward life), eyes, lips, breasts, hips.
  5. Ann-Margaret topless in Magic in 1978. Boob man for life.
  6. BCD Playlist: What do you prefer?

    Al Green, Al Green and Al Green, in that order.
  7. Colorado for the first time!

    Hello there...

    I didn't know Thom was in town until I read the post-concert review. I used to call myself a fan.
  9. Well Wishes

    Happy to be!
  10. Calgary, Alberta

    Care to share some of your favorites?
  11. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    Unless you have a very recognizable face, the chances of anyone knowing who you are in small group is slim to none. Barring that, not sharing personal information, real names, phone numbers, wearing a minimum of disguises and/or allowing photos will generally lead to an anonymous interaction. If you come upon each other after the fact; i.e. through business or significant others, there's usually a mutual benefit to not 'outing' the other person. ymmv. I probably wouldn't attend but it would be interesting to hear about the discussions.
  12. Play a game

    #SeduceSomeoneIn4Words touch, lick, squeeze, suck.