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  1. Get Up and Dance!

    That's a great story. Made me smile as I imagined it happening.
  2. The definition of TGTBT right?

    Not sure what you mean by "the first lady". There is only the one. at this number ... 702-490-7324 ?
  3. The definition of TGTBT right?

    I called the number and got the prerecorded, "I'm sorry but the person you called has a voicemail that has not been setup yet. Goodbye" Like I said, TGTBT
  4. The definition of TGTBT right?

    Agreed. Hence the reason for the inquiry. Originally, when I first saw the ad on Eros, I was thinking maybe she's one of the those exclusive FMTY ladies - which would make sense. But the other ad says 'Downtown Denver'. If only
  5. Ruby 702-490-7324 Colorado Companion OMFG! If only Ruby was real. These are the only two links I could find ... https://www.eros.com/colorado/files/4175511.htm?cat=1 and this one being on Adult Search tends to raise my doubts even further ... https://adultsearch.com/colorado/denver/female-escorts/2639902 Searching google images only comes back with "Definition of erotic", and I couldn't agree more. Just wishful thinking I guess but can anyone confirm my incredulity? I'm looking at you Kaduk.
  6. 411 on Jennifer?

    Am I missing something or is there no means for contacting her through that website?
  7. Get Up and Dance!

    A tune that everyone has heard, literally thousands of times, but have you ever actually listened to the whole thing? It's a great tune! It’s less than 2 minutes long and never fails to bring a smile every time I play it. For me, louder is always better. Enjoy
  8. Get Up and Dance!

    This one might be a little "too much" for some folks but I absolutely LOVE this ROCKIN' jam!!
  9. Get Up and Dance!

    Right. Like this guy ...
  10. Do you remember?

    I remember the days when I had 4-on-the-floor, and a 5th under the seat.
  11. Types of hobbying Injuries :)

    "Classic"! I'm sorry but there is no excuse for this. IMHO that's disrespectful ... rude even. How can the woman enjoy the experience and how can the ultimate goal be achieved if she's politely putting up with that kind of irritation? I always make sure I shave as close to appointment time as possible. Try to get my face as smooth the thighs I'm looking forward to getting between. I even trim my mustache at least 2 or 3 days ahead so that any hairs that might be "prickly" have had time to soften again. As for injuries ... never anything more severe than the dreaded charley horse. Doesn't sound that bad but they HURT!
  12. 411 on Lauren

    That review is the same one on PD and, I agree, seems totally legit to me. I also agree that she is insanely gorgeous. I guarantee her donation is firmly in VIP territory. She has another ad posted that states she is was in Baltimore as of this past Sunday .. https://callescort.org/720-805-8387
  13. What is "new 69 style"

    I always prefer 77 !
  14. Pretty Woman

    The romantic in me says the heart wants what it wants, and if it's right it's right. When the right one comes along you both know it .... and all that poppycock. The older, wiser (more cynical) me, says nothing lasts forever, and most (all) relationships are doomed from the start - no matter the happenstance of their meeting. The realist in me says there is nothing like those first wonderful days, weeks, months - even years - of a new and exciting relationship, and no one should ever forego the opportunity to experience those rare and wonderful feelings ... no matter the happenstance of their meeting.
  15. 411 on Brandi Love

    Well her ad on Eros is gone so maybe she just realized she's not coming until 2024. That's the next time July 10th falls on a Wednesday ... Legendary mature genre sensation Brandi Love is available in DENVER Wed July 10th through Friday July 12th inclusively. You’ve waited for years, here is your chance to meet her in DENVER privately. https://www.models-world.com/colorado/brandi-love/