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  1. Oral Delights go both ways

    I dated a woman who demanded I bite her clit, really hard! Thinking back about it, the first time was a bit comical. She said it and I raised my head, you sure about this? YES! Like with my teeth!? YES! HARD! Like that? HARDER! BITE THAT PUSSY!
  2. Guys and Gals

    I simply love women. I get all hot and nervous, worried about saying the wrong thing and at the same time get extremely excited, to the point where I have been that guy who came without being touched.
  3. TOB Pet Peeves

    The irony of this is too much
  4. TOB Pet Peeves

    Provider profiles that have "No" for smoker and the first words out of their mouth rattle the pictures off the wall
  5. Best/Worst Experience

    In person meeting
  6. Best/Worst Experience

    The best experiences I have had are with down to earth, genuine women. The worst was with an OnlyFans model who was more interested in checking herself out in the mirror, trying to find the next best pose for her page and scrolling on her phone. I was so turned off, the little man wouldn't get up to play.
  7. Cali Rose

    I know this is old but I'll add that I have tried contacting her via text, email and P411 without luck
  8. HOT or NOT

    HOT (assuming the husband and wife have consented of course)
  9. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    Life is short and who doesn't want to do 2 chicks at the same time?