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  1. This thread was meant to help others and to reflect what I've learned on how to protect yourself. 99% of these ladies are likely upstanding women. I'm completely satisfied so far. Hopefully the advice helps that 1 guy who met that 1%.
  2. I've felt uncomfortable at times doing that. Some of the locations for meeting up are sketchy AF, too. I may just be too paranoid, though.
  3. Au Naturale is the new Brazilian! Love this article:)

    A field of bush is a whole lot better than a field of zits and in-grown hairs. I love well trimmed pussy and even au natural free-for-all. I don't like in-grown hairs and stubble. IMO, go for the buzzer and not the razor.
  4. I'd like to clarify again that I don't suspect foul play. I do not think that the person did any wrong doing. This post only reflects one side of the story and intends to give the tip to watch out for yourselves. Ultimately, I got my property back and I'm happy. No harm and absolutely no foul. She was a lovely women and deserves the best, still. All-in-all, trust in hand or not, take care of yourself, clients and providers.
  5. Would you be offended

    Great idea, actually, and this should be the norm. I like cleanliness and I'll be ease at mind know she does this for her and her clients.
  6. Don't bring anything to meets you're not willing to part with. I spent some time with a lovely lady I met, recently, that did something quite peculiar. I took a shower at her place and when I got out of the shower I noticed my clothes were folded differently. I spent an hour with her with that on my mind. After I got dressed, I left the room and checked my pockets at which point I noticed a ring was missing from pocket. I re-knocked on the door and the lady oddly knew exactly what I came back for and told me where to find it. I'm not suspecting foul play but I'm definitely keeping in mind the peculiarities: ruffled clothes when I was not looking; a high dollar item ended up missing; lady knew exactly what I was looking for and didn't question why I was knocking again on the door. Very peculiar, indeed. Thanks for reading my post!