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  1. Pornstar

    Ok, so without making this sound like a review, I have met a pornstar here in Denver. She is/was a legit pornstar with plenty of movies in several categories. Super nice girl and we hit it off big-time the first time we met. For our second encounter, we spent the night together but that wasn't the greatest of experiences. I'd rather not go into too much detail but she seemed to getting her life back together in Colorado and I believe she had a particularly tiring day at her new job that day. She seems to have gotten out of the porn world but I could see some of the unfortunate scars on her from there as well as her from her early life (perhaps some of you know what I'm talking about). She seems to go in and out of "this business" but her heart doesn't seem to be in the hobby. She has taken up some healthy hobbies (like, real hobbies) and I see the fun she's having on her social media. Our second encounter didn't end on the best of terms so its unlikely we'll see each other again. I dont mean to burst your bubble but some of the other lovely ladies on here are as good as pornstars and some perhaps even better. I know that was pretty vague overall but I hope it was useful.
  2. How old are you guys?

    Hehehe To be serious for a moment, in some strange and convoluted way, I feel that this hobby (I hate this word in this context!) has made me realize how important it is to find that special someone and ensure that the spark never fades away. I am single and I cannot imagine doing this when being in a relationship or being committed to someone. There is a lot more nuance in what I'm trying to say but I'd rather not write a ton here. In short, I cannot imagine doing this when having that special someone in my life. Perhaps the older folks may scoff at this idea and say its naive etc but I don't think its impossible. That is just my reasons for doing this and I hope everyone understands that I do not mean to undermine any of your behavior. Now, off to explore the situation downtown this NYE!
  3. 411 on MyraGold

    That is rough. I hope the new year brings new beginnings and better things for you. I hope to meet you sometime around then!
  4. How old are you guys?

    Thankfully, this is one of the things I don't need to worry about. I suppose this is one of the few things that has gone our way since the 70s. Similar story at my end.
  5. How old are you guys?

    Got it. Not to go too off-topic, but my reason for being in the hobby is because its a lot of fun (obvious, I know) and as someone else pointed out, it is the fulfillment of a fantasy. Add to that a certain degree of reliability in terms of what we're going to get during the session and that certainty seals the deal. Not to generalize, but it is my opinion that a combination of curiosity, fantasy, certainty and variety that attracts us younger folk.
  6. 411 on MyraGold

    I too have experienced her spotty communications. Seems like she's been having trouble with cell service. But she did respond to my text a couple of days later and even has P411. Her texts were fine and professional. I wanted to meet her the week before Xmas but delayed comms meant we didn't. I'd have patience with her and schedule even if it does take some effort. Seems like the real deal.
  7. How old are you guys?

    Care to elaborate? I'm all ears. I'm in this age group BTW.
  8. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    I thought I had already responded in this thread but I saw that I hadn't. My experience communicating with her was very similar to the fellow who started the thread. A few polite and texts exchanged asking her availability over the next 5-7 days. All AFTER reaching out on P411 so she knew I was legit. She responded promptly and politely. I said I'd get back to her in a few hours after confirming my own schedule. And bam! Responses accusing me of being a time-waster among other colorful things. I sent one final text saying that such accusations were uncalled for specially when I had been completely polite and asked to be pre-screened on P411. Nothing else from her beyond that thank goodness.
  9. Riley

    Has anyone found links to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat that actually seem legit or have more than one post or aren't created the day of or the week of the ad being posted? These social media links seem a complete waste of time.
  10. Paris (dayum!)

    Having started this thread, I feel obliged to ask... FoCo, OkC and Western Slope all in one day??
  11. Emma on CityVibe?

    Just got in touch and she'll ask you to sign up on to some dating/hookup website. Almost certainly a scam. Don't bother... Cute pics though.
  12. Paris (dayum!)

    I know right? YOLO!!
  13. Paris (dayum!)

    I see you can read minds! BB is my biggest worry and turn-off though... 'm getting back into town in a few weeks. I'll try and work up the courage to do so.
  14. New to TOB

    I really wonder how much "in the shadows" we really are. A simple Google search throws pages and profiles on TOB. Equally, it does seem to be getting a little crowded with fake/troll/scam issues plaguing the website, which didn't seem to be present last year. I guess this great website has many parallels with Denver's growth story. Welcome Emilie!
  15. Paris (dayum!)

    No, of course I'm pretty familiar with how this works. But I was just curious to know if anyone had actually gone thru with this. Yes, noticed that she's advertising all over the place. She's intriguing to me just to get to know what she does rather than actually meeting. She seems to much of a risk to take.