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  1. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

    This is so true and well put, especially the "meh, I'm over it". I think its been over a month and a half since I last met anyone and I somehow haven't felt the temptation to do so at all. Before, when we had descriptions, I wouldn't be able to help myself and had to see someone almost every week. For me, the effort isn't very different as I used to put in a lot before as well. But something seems to be lacking nowadays or maybe its just me getting used to this world. Is this what marriage is going to be like?!? I hope not but at least I now have the ability to recognize it. Similar thoughts echoed in the thread below.
  2. Time to hang it up ?

    Its funny how many of us seem to be thinking along the same lines. The recent changes haven't helped I somehow find myself not nearly as intrigued in the ads as I once was. Many of the better ladies I've met are no longer in the biz or I can't meet them for other reasons, but overall, I feel as though there's nothing here for me any more. I'm in touch with someone who is very utr and perhaps she could be one I could meet but nothing else besides. I guess every journey has an end...
  3. 411 on Jordyn

    Watch THE FUCK out! I hope this doesn't count as a review but I feel obliged to add something important here. Firstly, I don't know how many reviewers actually bother selecting the options for Pictures Accurate or Smoking and the like, but even now, many of them read as Unknown, so I don't put any weight on them anymore and, for me at least, the reviews are of very little use now. Secondly, and more specifically to this query, I remember when reviews had the details, at least 2 reviews accused her of stealing from homes and at least a few more reported sub-par experiences for several reasons. I'd be extremely careful here. It is very disappointing that review descriptions are gone. A big loss indeed.
  4. 411 AshlyGal

    Photos do look TGTBT but I've been wrong before. Care to elaborate what you mean by "scary results". If they're stock model photos or from ads all across the country, they are signs to avoid.
  5. 411 on Ashley Summer

    Colorado Companion This refers to Ashley Summer: https://theotherboard.com/users/125643 Any info regarding her attitude and other aspects would be much appreciated. I believe we cant say much here, especially with everything going on but a PM would be great if you'd like to share details! She's been advertising on BP for a long time and I even texted her once and had a pleasant enough conversation. But never went ahead because of gut instinct and BP.
  6. Contacting CaseyKK

    I had no trouble reaching her via text the last time she was in town, which was about a month ago. I had sent her a P411 prior to texting her but I don't think she ever looked at it. She responded promptly to my texts and even shared her nearest cross-street. I didn't go through with meeting her for several reasons but I think she's quite legit. She seems to be part of the large contingent (not agency, though) that's from Texas and travels A LOT around the middle part of America. My reservations around that and other factors led me eventually dismiss her.
  7. If you don't have a VPN

    The issues surrounding torrents are even greater tangle. Torrents themselves aren't illegal but the content that is shared within them, in most cases, is. For instance, if you have a large family spread across the country you could create a torrent to share something, say, like Thanksgiving dinner photos and videos and that isn't illegal. Again, I'm not certain of the rules but VPNs should be allowed since they're made to increase privacy. I do not believe using a VPN or TOR would raise any red flags as compared to torrents.
  8. If you don't have a VPN

    Indeed a very good post. Very briefly, a VPN is like a tunnel for your internet traffic. In most cases, location and website details are hidden and cannot be viewed by your internet service provider. If a VPN is too technical for some folks, or do not want to pay, another alternative is the TOR Browser. I'll spare you the details but it is essentially like a VPN built into a browser that's just like any other web browser. It too hides your actual location and the websites you access. You may have heard of the "dark web" and TOR is how you access it. I wont open that pandora's box but you can use it to access regular websites too. Only downside is that it may be a little slow at times and sometimes a website might block access, which is an occupational hazard when using such tools and software. https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html Hope this helps.
  9. Diana28 coming to COS

    As the famous saying goes, I want to believe. But my gut says probably not. Sorry, not very helpful but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  10. Music

    Oh not at all. I only saw her once and it was a very sub-par experience. I won't be seeing her again for several reasons. To be fair, I wasn't very elated upon seeing her in-person and wasn't on top of my game. Hence I didn't write a review about it. I meant I saw 3 different ladies who were each keen on music, whereas I had hardly come across anyone for a long time who wanted to have music. Haha! You don't like Lil' Wayne rapping about these bi****s and those h*es? Very distracting indeed.
  11. Music

    What are all y'all's opinion on music during a session? I'm not the biggest fan of it but don't mind some soft/light music on low volume. The reason I ask is that I've had 3 experiences in the past couple of months where the ladies have started the music without asking my preference first and then assumed that I like it. All of them have had decent ads on TOB but not much presence besides that. One of them even played garish music, along the lines of Skrillex! This was such a turn-off for me and she was rather reluctant to change the genre even after a couple of requests. I didn't write a review for her because I wasn't on top of my game that day and the whole session was a mixed bag. And the other two sessions again were just about average, at least for my expectations. I seem to have encountered them much more in the last few times than the entire year before. But yeah, music or no music? Skrillex or Savage Garden? Discuss as needed.
  12. Really, how long?

    Yup. Fair point. I've sometimes regretted choosing the 2 hour option when there's little or no chemistry. And vice versa when there is incredible chemistry and 1 hour just isn't enough. That's why msog is really really important to me in the hour.
  13. Pornstar

    Ok, so without making this sound like a review, I have met a pornstar here in Denver. She is/was a legit pornstar with plenty of movies in several categories. Super nice girl and we hit it off big-time the first time we met. For our second encounter, we spent the night together but that wasn't the greatest of experiences. I'd rather not go into too much detail but she seemed to getting her life back together in Colorado and I believe she had a particularly tiring day at her new job that day. She seems to have gotten out of the porn world but I could see some of the unfortunate scars on her from there as well as her from her early life (perhaps some of you know what I'm talking about). She seems to go in and out of "this business" but her heart doesn't seem to be in the hobby. She has taken up some healthy hobbies (like, real hobbies) and I see the fun she's having on her social media. Our second encounter didn't end on the best of terms so its unlikely we'll see each other again. I dont mean to burst your bubble but some of the other lovely ladies on here are as good as pornstars and some perhaps even better. I know that was pretty vague overall but I hope it was useful.
  14. How old are you guys?

    Hehehe To be serious for a moment, in some strange and convoluted way, I feel that this hobby (I hate this word in this context!) has made me realize how important it is to find that special someone and ensure that the spark never fades away. I am single and I cannot imagine doing this when being in a relationship or being committed to someone. There is a lot more nuance in what I'm trying to say but I'd rather not write a ton here. In short, I cannot imagine doing this when having that special someone in my life. Perhaps the older folks may scoff at this idea and say its naive etc but I don't think its impossible. That is just my reasons for doing this and I hope everyone understands that I do not mean to undermine any of your behavior. Now, off to explore the situation downtown this NYE!
  15. 411 on MyraGold

    That is rough. I hope the new year brings new beginnings and better things for you. I hope to meet you sometime around then!