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  1. BBBJ and DFK

    Lots of food for thought. Thanks! Wow, that is quite a statement. I guess I'll have to give it a try sometime.
  2. BBBJ and DFK

    Yep exactly my point. I guess we just have to attribute it to personal preference and move on. Since you brought it up, many a times GFE is listed but that too doesn't include kissing. That really ticks me off!
  3. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    Having actually done some of this in the real world for some major corporations, I like the way you think. However, you're overlooking a major point - this is a business that's ruled by the heart and not the head. Ok, maybe little head but you get what I mean. People want Rolexes and BMWs but we can't go around asking them to make them more reasonably priced. People who can buy them will buy them and its tough luck for the rest. The ladies have what we need. The ones who control the supply are in command and demand will always be there. Call it a corporation or cartel, that's the truth. There will always be niche players and niche suppliers will cater to them. Otherwise, the majority wins. From what I've read here, most ladies seem to know their s**t and I would hope they don't overthink their rates.
  4. BBBJ and DFK

    Well put Admiral. Thank you. I have never, nor do I plan to, DATY or Greek. And no BBBJ isn't a deal breaker for me either. But it's just so perplexing when BBBJ is readily on offer and DFK or even LFK is reserved... I guess one of the many things men will never understand about women.
  5. BBBJ and DFK

    I won't take offence. I've got extremely good oral hygiene and general hygiene as well, even if I do say so myself. I'm sure all the ladies I've met will attest to that. But getting back to the point, I've observed this with lots of the menu items the ladies have on offer as well.
  6. BBBJ and DFK

    I'd like to understand a phenomenon from the ladies point of view: What's the logic behind being ok with a BBBJ and not kissing (light or french)? Of the 15 or so ladies I have met with, way more have partook in a BBBJ than kissing. If its a safety thing, I'm sure BBBJ is a lot less safe than DFK, although I'm no doctor. If its an intimacy thing, I'd consider a BBBJ waaaaay more intimate than a kiss, JMO. Does any one else agree with me? I'd be great if someone could shed some light on this.
  7. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    ^^ I've been there as well. I was recently with a new-to-the-biz provider I found on BP, who did some of the best DFK I've ever had. After I was done at around the 45 minute mark, I suggested we talk for a bit and she looked at me like I asked her to eat hot coals! She was relatively chatty when the session began but after we were done, her spark seemed to go off a cliff. Good thing she's cute... I attributed it to her lack of experience as she had literally begun 3 days prior, which was obvious in more ways than one. You make a good point about the 45 min thing, although I personally have denounced it. I began hobbying with 30 min sessions and, in hindsight, I feel I could have had way more fun with the 1 hour. Of course, the classic pricing strategy to charge proportionally higher for a 30 min session than 1 hour convinces most to go for the hour, taking the risk that comes with it. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but perhaps 40 or 45 mins would work in favour of the ladies, giving them extra recovery time or 'turnaround time'.
  8. 411 on Lola (Fitness Model)

    Wow! I seem to have opened quite the Pandora's box with my 411 request. And that too just days before BP went down... However, I am curious to know what these agencies gain by not being FS. Is it to protect themselves from the popos or is that just what they offer? And do the girls who sign-on purposefully do so not wanting to do FS? And firing the girl for going above and beyond seems rather harsh. Add to that the danger of irate customers unknowingly paying hefty sums for a peep-show and that could quickly escalate to physical violence, especially someone with blue-balls. I feel obliged to divulge that I've been "duped" by such an agency as well, Perfect Angels Denver. I say "duped" because I did at least get some serious touching and COB out of it so I didn't hold a grudge. Coincidentally, their website seems to have gone offline since the past week or so. Looks like their domain name expired, from lack of customers perhaps??
  9. Hobbyists: Where else do you browse?

    You're looking good so far, you and your ad. You've linked your P411 and ECCIE profiles and your ad is clear and descriptive. Since TOB is Colorado specific, its harder to get more reviews on here. Perhaps put the word out there that you'd like TOB reviewers to review you and I'm sure someone on the lookout for a session would oblige. Good luck!
  10. Backpage escort section gone

    And speaking of fakes, I don't know what to make of the plethora of ads on TOB recently from new providers with 0 reviews and no other profiles. I've noticed an increase in them in the past month or so and I don't know if they're verified in any way.
  11. Backpage escort section gone

    Eros perhaps? I too hope the fake ads and BS don't make their way here.
  12. Legit agencies in Denver

    An hour! OMG! Can you give us an idea what they asked for? References and their phone numbers or other personal info? And how could they validate that anything we say is true anyway?
  13. 411 on Lola (Fitness Model)

    Thanks. That post had all I needed. I need to work on my attention to detail.
  14. 411 on Lola (Fitness Model)

    Is she/her agency any good? Now that I found their website, I've seen a whole bunch of their ladies advertising on BP frequently. Their prices are very very reasonable and that can't be a good sign. Can anyone comment on whether DenverLadies is legit and FS?
  15. 411 on Lola (Fitness Model)

    Lola (Fitness Model) 303-481-7501 Colorado Escort Any info on this lady? She looks great and has been advertising for several months. I remember I called her sometime in November and she picked up immediately. She had a polite yet impatient 'Valley Girl' type of accent which was a bit of turn-off for me. That stopped me pulling the trigger at that point. Any info would be great. (Posting 2 links in case one of them is removed) http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/drop-dead-gorgeous-100-me-fitness-model-lola/29550212 http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/drop-dead-gorgeous-100-me-fitness-model-lola/27544852