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  1. These BP Catfish Aren't Even Trying Anymore 😂

    Haha! Well spotted! Looks a bit like J Lo.
  2. Asian providers on BP

    Bumping this thread back up to the top. Hope its not against the rules... I was wondering if anyone had any recent luck with any Asian provider/agency? I texted one of the more prolific providers on BP, the one with text number 720-930-4888. Text conversation was fairly prompt and polite and I specifically asked if I could send the girl back if she isn't similar to the photos and the operator said yes. I'm thinking whether I should take them up on this guarantee. After a lot of white chicks, I'm yearning for some East Asians to break the monotony. Obviously the pics will be "borrowed" and the girl who shows up will be unlikely to be as cute. I'm ok without GFE but I'm guessing MSOG will not be available either at a quarter-grand/hour. Do you think I should take a chance? If anyone has had any recent encounters with these folks, your inputs would be valuable.
  3. 411 on Candace

    There goes another one. Thanks fellas! I will learn to use Google Image Search. The more I peruse BP, the more I'm thankful for TOB and other verified avenues. Only problem is, TOB et al. feel like shooting fish in a barrel. The thrill of the hunt is missing but I guess that's the price to pay for a guarantee.
  4. Got a chuckle from a recent ad.

    Haha! I'm glad someone else has experienced this as well. This happened to me during my 3rd or 4th session ever, so I was a relative newbie. She asked me to do the same and got the same reason why. In hindsight, I wonder if LE can use this trick to make us do something and use it as incriminating evidence. Or maybe that's just my paranoia...
  5. 411 on Candace

    Candace 801-200-2418 Colorado Escort http://denver.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/sexy-brunette-princess-loves-to-mak30ut-and-cuddl3-chance-of-a-lifetime/33206958 Super-cute YL in DTC. I texted her to see if she does outcalls and got a prompt response saying she doesn't. I didn't inquire more. I'm a bit of sucker for videos and, for a change, she looks even nicer in her video than in her photos. I've never done an incall but this ones a cutie. Any info would be great.
  6. 411 on Amber Black

    Me three!
  7. BP no name "Asian Goddess"

    I was interested too. She used to post ads with legit looking videos in which she said her name is Kyra or Kira. I had requested for a 411 a while back and the general consensus was that she's probably real but pics may not be accurate. Might be a hit or miss.
  8. 411 Russian Dolls

    I've mentioned this to them and the reason they gave me for the older ads being repeated is that they have already paid for the ads and aren't able to control them being posted. Irritating for sure but I do not think there are negative intentions. I do not think this is true though. Generally, their ladies are available in the city as per schedule and in the 4 months or so that I've followed them, they haven't strayed from their schedule. You should check out their website or inquire with their customer service team about who's available where. They're extremely helpful, prompt and polite and my only regret is that I've been able to meet only one of their beautiful ladies so far.
  9. 411 Chanel on BP?

    More recent ad: http://denver.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/lovely-chanelle/32251577 Cute gal. I've had my eye on her as well but haven't pulled the trigger on this one. Gut feeling is that its going to be a hit or a miss. Keep us posted if you do.
  10. 411 on Amber BP?

    Was a no show for me a couple of months ago. In hindsight, kinda glad about it. Posts on and off on BP but I have a strong feeling the photos aren't accurate. I'm inclined to say don't take a chance, but let us know if you do.
  11. 411 Samantha Minx

    I'm guessing you've found Sam's profile on here. She's legit and professional. Not sure about you being handed off to someone else. Maybe she wasn't up for it and didnt want to leave you hanging? Ask her why someone else contacted you. In my experience, she is good with her communication.
  12. Best provider for UTF

    Been there. You're better off perusing the review section. No shilling is allowed in the forums and neither are detailed description of sessions.
  13. I'm thinking about visiting a lady for an incall for the first time and I'm apprehensive about a couple of things. Thoughts and experiences from the wonderful ladies and gentlemen here would be immensely appreciated. I'm likely going to be at a hotel. Does one just walk in nonchalantly and head to the elevator or do you suggest some other way? I'm gonna be dressed reasonably well (no hoodies at the Hyatt!) but I certainly am not planning to carry a FedEx envelope or briefcase, as suggested by some. I feel that's just overkill. Basically, my question is, has anyone had trouble looking purposeful when walking into a hotel for such activities? Have you been stopped or questioned by attendants or staff? I ask this because I do not think I have ever walked into a hotel without the intention of staying there or attending a conference. Secondly, I'm gonna be taking a Uber. Does that change the plan of action in any way? Onto an observation of mine, how on earth are there so many ladies in the DTC?! I mean, is there some collusion between hotels and agencies, jk. On a serious note, wouldn't such a concentration of ladies lead to a large number or clients walking in and out of hotels? And wouldn't this lead to the hotel management to get curious? Thanks for reading. I know I've asked a lot...
  14. 411 on August

    I remember texting this chick (or at least the chick with these pics) a few months ago and she directed me to a website that had her photos etc and looked professional. Unfortunately, I can't find the link thanks to Private Browsing. However, I surely remember an extra step: Before meeting her, we had to have a Skype session by paying around $20 which would go towards the actual session. The Skype session was intended to be some sort of verification prior to the meet up. Way too much trouble and I walked away. I'd suggest you do the same.
  15. 411 Russian Dolls

    Patronized them once. Absolutely top-notch experience for a premium price! Reviews are available on TOB but are scattered about. I've been told some of their other girls are great as well. Go for it.