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  1. Riley

    Has anyone found links to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat that actually seem legit or have more than one post or aren't created the day of or the week of the ad being posted? These social media links seem a complete waste of time.
  2. Paris (dayum!)

    Having started this thread, I feel obliged to ask... FoCo, OkC and Western Slope all in one day??
  3. Emma on CityVibe?

    Just got in touch and she'll ask you to sign up on to some dating/hookup website. Almost certainly a scam. Don't bother... Cute pics though.
  4. Paris (dayum!)

    I know right? YOLO!!
  5. Paris (dayum!)

    I see you can read minds! BB is my biggest worry and turn-off though... 'm getting back into town in a few weeks. I'll try and work up the courage to do so.
  6. New to TOB

    I really wonder how much "in the shadows" we really are. A simple Google search throws pages and profiles on TOB. Equally, it does seem to be getting a little crowded with fake/troll/scam issues plaguing the website, which didn't seem to be present last year. I guess this great website has many parallels with Denver's growth story. Welcome Emilie!
  7. Paris (dayum!)

    No, of course I'm pretty familiar with how this works. But I was just curious to know if anyone had actually gone thru with this. Yes, noticed that she's advertising all over the place. She's intriguing to me just to get to know what she does rather than actually meeting. She seems to much of a risk to take.
  8. Paris (dayum!)

    Pornstar Paris 206-719-6376 Colorado Escort https://theotherboard.com/users/120738 I'm guessing most regular folks on here would have noticed ads by this lady. Damn woman, there's blunt and there's this!! I texted her during her previous bout of advertising, which was about a month ago, and she seemed very well-mannered and cultured in her responses. She said she was looking to get established in the field and hence didn't have any verifiable profiles like P411. She stated she wasn't LE as well. But I didn't go ahead with it based on gut feeling and the fact that she has BB on her ad. Holy cow! Any info on her would be good to know.
  9. 411 on Gorgeous Demi agency.

    Maybe try DM-ing them here on TOB or sending them an email? Worth a try...
  10. Whew, made it!

    You da man, indeed! 7 in 7 is something else! I know you've said that the reasons would be hard to explain but I'd be curious to know, if you have the inclination to share. You make great points about how the brave and beautiful ladies here wait for men to show up, not knowing who's going to knock on their door. And, for the most part, encounters are of high quality. Cheers all round!
  11. Русские детки

    Can be a hit or miss, depending on what you're looking for and your expectations. Their prices tend to be higher, I'm assuming in order to make up for their investment in coming all the way here. I've heard (and experienced) stories ranging from fantastic GFE to cold c**t. Even with the reputable agencies it is hit or miss. But a little bit of research and good ol' gut instinct will go a long way.
  12. Getting Stood Up

    It seems like these sort of transgressions are on the rise in recent months, and parties on both sides seem to be equally guilty. I too have been on the short end of the stick a couple of occasions recently. I guess I've been spoiled by some of the wonderful ladies on here. It's times like these when it makes me appreciate those I know and trust.
  13. 411 On Naughty Red Headed Barbie

    Communicated with plenty of those in my time, and more so quite recently. Actually, I'm glad that they're 'unappetizing' via text/email/call because it tells us exactly what to do.
  14. 411 on Nicole Mcknight

    Thanks folks! I think I know what to do, or rather what not to...
  15. 411 on Nicole Mcknight

    Nicole Mcknight 970-930-1719 Colorado Escort https://theotherboard.com/users/90714 I was curious if anyone has seen this pretty lady in recent times. Its been a while since her last review and her photos seem kind of representative and possibly taken with a camera from the same time as her reviews. Been wanting to pull the trigger for a while now but gut says otherwise.