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  1. Ladies preference – session length?

    Best rhyme I heard all year!
  2. Ladies preference – session length?

    My progression has been natural. I started out (in the hobby) with 30 min just to see what the fuss was about. Then met some ladies who deserved a longer encounter. Then 1 hour was my norm. Lately, I've had the pleasure of meeting such wonderful women that I've preferred 2 hour sessions for subsequent meetings. I think it just depends on the connection. On the flip side, I have met a couple of ladies who, after meeting only for a couple of minutes, I've wondered how I could stand to be with for an hour! Zero personality etc...
  3. False Images..

    This is quite a loaded question and I'm sure you'll get a variety of responses. Short answer from my end is that it is lying. Perhaps if it was made clear that the images are a representation, I would be willing to consider a meeting and also if the lady understood if I were to decline after seeing her. I believe I have seen 2 such ads in recent weeks where ladies have mentioned that the photos aren't accurate for safety reasons. I'm sure you already know this but blurring/obscuring the face seems to be the way to go. IMO that's a fair compromise rather than using completely fake photos.
  4. Exclude ads/providers

    This hopefully isn't a repeat thread or question... Is there a way to exclude a provider, and hence their ads, from showing up in our ad list? Just like P411's exclude feature completely eliminates a provider from showing up on our feed. It'd be good to know if there is a way to do this on TOB. Thanks!
  5. 411 on kittykatt

    Goddamn! What a tangle of misdirection and deceit! First Lexi, then Kitty (with green-ish blue hair), then Svetlana Lickanova and now all the ladies in the ads linked in this thread. All with drool-worthy photos. I've been guilty of thinking with little head far too often than I like to admit but this makes it so much harder. AVOID!
  6. Lisa / Ashley or no name agency on BP

    This is http://www.perfectangelsdenver.com/ I have a fond memory of a cute blonde I met about 10 months ago and was my very first foray into this field. Like they say, you never forget your first... But yes, it was self-service with some touching allowed. At the time, it was enough to get me going, so perhaps my experience is slightly biased. The pictures of the one I met were completely accurate and I've always wondered why they use those silly 'mommy-effect' filters. But I am willing to risk my reputation and say that the pictures will be accurate, at least of the younger ladies. They take the 'companionship' aspect very seriously and that is what they essentially offer. I'd say if a particular lady strikes your fancy, go for it, but do not expect anything in the way of activities.
  7. 411 on kittykatt

    I've met the aforementioned Lexi and it was essentially a rip-off, while I was kind and reviewed with a So-So. This group/agency seem to be really smart with fantastic looking pictures, which could be real based on my experience. But service and attitude are almost certain to be poor. Better avoided.
  8. Privilege Escort Agency?

    I wouldn't say they are fake pictures, but more super-glamorized ones. True that some ladies won't be as beautiful as they seem but they will likely be cute enough to get you going. Have you ever googled celebrities without makeup? Many wouldn't pay to watch movies or buy merchandise if they didn't look that good. Kinda the same logic IMO.
  9. Privilege Escort Agency?

    Most likely legit but nearly ALL their ladies seem to have been headhunted from other agencies. I don't think 'honor' is a term commonly used in these circles but looks like they certainly follow the saying "No honor among..." That leads me to be a little wary of this agency but I believe there are few reviews around here showing their service has been up to par.
  10. When doing doubles...

    IKR. I don't know half the jargon Admiral just said but it sounds intriguing. O captain my captain...
  11. When doing doubles...

    This brings back some uncomfortable memories of a doubles session I had a while back. Before the session, my mind was racing with all sorts of activities I wanted to do with the two ladies. However, giving them each the attention they deserved was an absolute nightmare!! I love giving and receiving attention during a session, as some ladies here might attest to, but it was difficult balancing my attention and performing at the same time. I had a great time during the session, but just not as much as I thought I would have and, certainly not as much as I've had with some 'single' ladies. For me, I'm not sure if it was over stimulation or just the lack of being one-on-one with someone beautiful.

    Don't... Just don't... Don't even go here bro.
  13. Privilege Escort Agency?

    Could be a hit or miss. I know one girl who was formerly with Russian Dolls and subsequently with Privilege. We built quite a connection outside the hobby and I saw her while she was an indy in the time in between. Leads me to believe that they are headhunters from Russian Dolls and another agency specializing in Eastern Europeans. I have reason to believe there is plenty of bad blood between RD and P, and perhaps some mafia type shit might go down soon. Like a classic corporate story where one partner/brother breaks off and starts a rival firm. I feel the girl will be real but the activities could vary. I would take the chance if you feel comfortable.
  14. STD testing

    This is something that has concerned me as well but I thought it too much of a taboo subject to discuss here. With providers, I've never had FS without a condom and don't plan changing that ever. Heck, even hookups with ladies I've met socially have always been safe. I can't imagine anyone going BB in this field.
  15. Horror stories

    Since this thread is about horror stories, I thought I'd share the one I've had. I believe I've posted about this someplace else, but it was a Cash & Dash that left me wary of meeting another provider for many weeks. I texted a BP lady with nice pics and her responses were charming and accommodating. I was even offered a discount since I'd asked to meet around 3 pm, which was apparently a lean time. It was around my 10th provider experience and I couldn't believe my luck at having gotten a discount even without asking. I didn't see the red flags the time... She came over to my place and didn't look anything like the photos. More crack w***e than cute coed. But she was enthusiastic and I didn't know how to say no back then. We chatted for a bit then she asked for the donation so she could hand it off to her driver to make sure that I was legit and going thru with the session. First warning sign. I was nervous yet polite while I asked if she'd come back and she said she'd leave her handbag here as collateral. I scoffed at it and said there could be nothing worthwhile in there. She seemed to know that the gig was up but remarkably kept her composure and insisted on the donation and even brazenly mentioned a cancellation fee if I were to back out. She now had a look in her eye which made me want to get her out of my room. I told her I'd be ok to pay half the agreed donation and nothing more and she left her bag and went to drop-off her cash. As expected, she drove off and I was really more relieved than anything else.