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  1. Willow - any feedback?

    She is on P411 which is usually a good sign. I'd go ahead.
  2. Elara Star

    Thank you sir! How do you suggest we go about this? Can we do this as individuals or will the admins blacklist such providers and reviewers?
  3. Yes. I could have worded my reply in a better way. Sorry about that. But yes, I do not think this is DL but their MO takes inspiration from them. And Elara is another one I had my doubts about. I'm using P411 in addition to TOB/Eccie as a two-step authentication method to avoid being disappointed and frustrated. A lot of these "borderline scams" aren't joining P411.
  4. Yea... I don't want to question the validity of some of the reviews but it looks like I have to. This seems to be a growing trend with several other 411 threads asking the same question about other providers. Its becoming harder and harder to trust brand new providers.
  5. Probably. I have no problem with agencies but this one seems keen on misleading customers more than anything else. Also, I see Lexi still advertises on BP with a different number and slightly different photos. Looks like this bunch is carrying forward the legacy of the "Denver Ladies" group, which I'm not sure is still around.
  6. That's excellent detective work! Everything you need to know is in my review of Lexi. PM me for more info. As a pre-emptive 411, I'm almost certain that Svetlana Lickanova (https://theotherboard.com/users/117244) is also in the same crew. They seem to going from strength to strength in terms of the number of girls and price offered. While likely to be the girls in the photos, I do not think the services will be up to scratch. Hurrah for teamwork!
  7. Elara Star

    Haha! Yes! Certainly over analyzing but when we're talking about this kind of cash, better safe than sorry. Plus I've had a couple of sub-par experiences even from sources like TOB and P411 so I'm trying my best to avoid the lemons. My guess is that pictures are likely to be representative of the real thing. Funnily enough, I distinctly remember a review being present for Elara which clearly said she isn't the one in the photos but quite close. I don't see that review anymore. I don't know if its my imagination playing tricks or if a legit review has somehow been deleted. Has anyone else seen this? Anyway, I'm not in a position to TOFTT right now, as I was a few months ago. I'll probably let this one slide.
  8. Elara Star

    This has been killing me for the past few weeks. I too have been deciding whether to meet Elara and texted her a few days ago about the specials she's currently running. Super sweet conversation over text and seems like a really nice girl. But I have major reservations. Other than two reviewers, all other reviews have been written by "single review" profiles. Secondly, and very strangely, the latest three reviews are all written by profiles with the names starting with "J". What the...?! It's either an incredible coincidence or something more sinister. I'm truly in a dilemma! Any legit info would be great.
  9. Hanna

    Thank you sir! You're quite the adventurous fellow. Hope your experience is positive.
  10. 411

    I remember I texted this chick the day BP changed and I saw her ad on Eros. Got a quick response saying she was out of town for a week from that date and she said sorry for the misleading ad. Seemed polite enough... I found others and never thought of her again. Not a fan of nose rings.
  11. Hanna

    Texted back and forth a little bit. Pleasant chat. Didn't pull the trigger just yet. Would love to get a look at her face but pics look cute AF. I have a gut feeling she'd be decent and worth TOFTT. But its easier to say it on this side of the fence... Please PM if anyone feels like going first and I'll do the same.
  12. 411 on BP Chloe

    She's been using the same pics from Sep 2015: http://liveescortreviews.com/ad/tacoma/940-208-9058/1/71155 Probably legit but I'm guessing add a few pounds over 2.5 years.
  13. These BP Catfish Aren't Even Trying Anymore 😂

    Haha! Well spotted! Looks a bit like J Lo.
  14. Asian providers on BP

    Bumping this thread back up to the top. Hope its not against the rules... I was wondering if anyone had any recent luck with any Asian provider/agency? I texted one of the more prolific providers on BP, the one with text number 720-930-4888. Text conversation was fairly prompt and polite and I specifically asked if I could send the girl back if she isn't similar to the photos and the operator said yes. I'm thinking whether I should take them up on this guarantee. After a lot of white chicks, I'm yearning for some East Asians to break the monotony. Obviously the pics will be "borrowed" and the girl who shows up will be unlikely to be as cute. I'm ok without GFE but I'm guessing MSOG will not be available either at a quarter-grand/hour. Do you think I should take a chance? If anyone has had any recent encounters with these folks, your inputs would be valuable.
  15. 411 on Candace

    There goes another one. Thanks fellas! I will learn to use Google Image Search. The more I peruse BP, the more I'm thankful for TOB and other verified avenues. Only problem is, TOB et al. feel like shooting fish in a barrel. The thrill of the hunt is missing but I guess that's the price to pay for a guarantee.