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  1. Closest Calls with LE

    Stevie, she was probably a detective and went out to tell the uniforms: "Hey, this one is so cute, I want to just bang him and make a little fun money - we can bust the next one." The uniforms got a donut break, she got a few hundred bucks and you got a great time. Is this a great country or what! it could happen!
  2. Photos for the rest of us ladies.

    It’s disappointing to make an appointment with someone who doesn’t look like the girl in the pictures. I’ve been disappointed before. Professional pictures are more fantasy (in my opinion) while selfies portray reality (aka soccer moms or nerdy coeds). Once again this is my opinion and depending on my mood I’m in I can go both ways. However, yes please keep them updated. Nothing more disappointing than arriving to the appointment to find the girl in the picture is like 40 noticeable lbs heavier. Not trying to sound mean, just stating facts, again my opinion. But to each his or her own.....right?
  3. Missing escorting after retirement....

    Ashley, thank you for sharing such a great story with us. So Pretty Woman!
  4. Ultra-high-end

    I struggle to meet the 250 limit!! so that's completely out of my near and long-term plans. But here are my thoughts. - There are men that can spend 1000 or more for 1 hour without even blinking. So there is a market. Not a big market, for sure, but it's a niche in the market. - Most of those ladies (not all) have an outstanding physical appearance. Model-type women. That doesn't mean that they are sweet and caring, sensual and compatible with everyone. Chemistry might or might not exist. - In terms of what happens in bed I don't think there is any difference. We all are normal human beings. - My feeling is that I would have a much better connection with a woman that has a lifestyle closer to mine, or is used to meet normal guys just like myself, and not super wealthy people. Now, if I ever win the PowerBall, I'll try the experience and I'll let you all know how it went! Well said BORA BORA! 👍🏼
  5. Your First.....

    I didn’t know what to expect with the first so I was satisfied at the time. The 2nd was the best! Made the first seem like a waist of time.
  6. Providers wanted

    Thanks for the info. Didn’t realize ladies had to pay to advertise here. But then again someone has to keep this site going. I also hadn’t thought about the fact that this is some girls’ livelihood. Here I thought it was just a hobby. Guess it’s a hobby for me. (And maybe all the guys here?) I’ll do my part to help the ladies out👍🏼 Thank you ladies for all that you do.
  7. Providers wanted

    I’ve been on “TOB” for about 2 or 3 months now and have scheduled and met 2 providers. I found one under “listings” and the another on the “forums” section. I believe now I have a preference, so I used the listing search guide to look at my preference. However after looking at the reviews section and the forums section there are a lot of other providers that are not under listings. Is there a hidden place in the site where I can expand my search?
  8. Ladies choice

    First of all I’d like to say that I recently joined this community and had a question about age. Thank you all for your response (under newbie asking). To sum it up “be honest and be respectful of others.” Since I’m still kind of new-ish, I have yet another question. As I look around the site I see a lot of lovely ladies who are my type and whom I’d like to meet. I try to do my due-diligence and read the websites. One thing that really stick out is it just personal choice as to why one person would charge 250 vs 400?
  9. Newbie asking

    I am in my early 40 and have an average body type. I’m as stated above in the title, new to the industry. I had an awesome experience not to long ago but feel like I have to keep enjoying the company of other ladies. My question; do younger ladies prefer younger men? Should I stick to my age group? Another thing I don’t understand, (I don’t mean to sound like a freak) some ladies don’t want to talk about their services via text or email. if I can’t ask. I really don’t want to show up and expect something totally different that what they are offering without feeling like it’s a waste of time. Is walking away when your there an option? Thanks for your help.