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  1. Could ask if it's all inclusive ..

    I use EROS .. Just need to do your home work on EROS . stay away from ad's that don't have BODY of Info  


    Just that is says she VIP all that means is we pay for more photos to be added - that's it so you get 16 photos instead of 8 

    Verify  means nothing but we gave our ID's 

    EROS  can't Guarantee  who will open the door 

    No site can't guarantee  who will open the door .. 



  2. Pork Roast is the best   I ser it in a very hot pan with olive oil and a lot of garlic salt pepper about 5 mins on each side till all most burned 

    I heat the pot up when doing  the siring and use a can or box of chicken both any kind 

    then I put the roast in and let slow cook for about 8hr's    can use this for tacos or pulled pork or I just eat it alone .

    Can add onions carrots potatoes   if you want more of a pork roast meal ...


  3. On 10/12/2022 at 7:27 PM, Banker CO said:

    I think providers earning extra through OF is great as it supports their ability to be able to be able to be a peovider and or entertainer full-time if desired and only boosts up the community of available providers. I love looking at the material from those that I have either met or am contemplating meeting. I think it would be great if we had a resource list showing us who has one so we can decide to check it out if we would like

    hear is a ideal if you have a OF  give Banker CO a positive Reputation ?



  4. From a providers point of view as for Deposit ( not all are going to rip you off ) if She Values Her Business Ethics at all .

    I given back deposit  / might not been able to keep the appt or I just know we are not a fit after some digging or how he might Communicate with me , cumms off rude or sends dick pics lol 

    As for rates it's a hard one if they are not listed on TOB or other sites . P411 on the norm has where you can post rates/ if her add says ask the ASK ..  

    Not every Provider will ask for DL or Photo of you , we all screen differently !

    But I would Google her Info Email Ph Name =Escort and do all your home work .. 

    Not all web site will pull up her info .. like if you Google a provider on TOB , I do believe no profile shows up ? 



  5. On 10/28/2018 at 9:40 PM, ilovewomen said:

    How do you know you have been blacklisted? Just because a lady isn’t responding to you doesn’t mean you’re blacklisted.

    BTW, this isn’t BP. On TOB, most ladies require for their safety and yours.

    If you don’t want to be screened, you should reconsider looking for ladies on TOB.

    If you don’t want to be screened, you should reconsider looking for ladies on TOB. 100%


  6. 17 minutes ago, Kali Sensual Reiki said:

    Social Media has been good for me also! What is the problem? 

    Same here seen some really nice Gentleman :P one who has been my ATF for over 5years ..books 6hrs every time :D

    But what do we providers KNOW RIGH ??   I do believe we know what PLATFORM works best when posting adds !!

    Might be SM TOB TRYST TNA EROS P411 -- TWITTER   .. So many sites to use on THE WWW


  7. On 10/22/2022 at 2:05 PM, wglide2003 said:

    If the gent is late, time starts at the appointed hour, if he want the full time she should be compensated for extra.

    If the lady is late and texts give me 10 minutes, the time starts when he comes through the door.

    The hr starts when we start kissing after the door closes :P