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  1. Banners

    Considering buying a banner.. Ladies is it worth it? Pros and cons please!!!
  2. 40 is better than 20

    Never thought life would be even better at 40.. But yes it is.... Are there other ladies that feel this way as well?... Gentlemen what is your take on this subject... Let's have a discussion that is not Covid related please!!!
  3. Overcome the lockdown

    Just hangin out with family... Wishing i could work!!!
  4. Is this normal protocol for a provider?

    Hopefully its not one of our ladies...
  5. Videochats

    Yes, some do.
  6. Sad Suprise .May It Not Happen To Anyone

    I had no idea that you were celebrity jrwolfe... pls forgive me for obviously not knowing who you are... why couldn't you just quote my comment why privately message me.. my fault for trying to give some honest raw advice without thinking you would send me an email about Obviously "not knowing who you are"
  7. Sad Suprise .May It Not Happen To Anyone

    I dont want to sound like a bitch but if shes on drugs or in a bad relationship she chose that life.... I have been there I know that life... If she was a tob girl then why not reach out to her regulars... I struggle on a weekly basis but I also have children to support so... talk to her if at all possible and if the guy comes out and starts answering for her that's your answer... if she looks like shes on drugs cut ties before she makes your life a living hell. . Again I speak from experience .. pls be careful... best of luck to you...
  8. Drama amongst providers

    I concur
  9. Put (Outcall only) in your title
  10. Boring Sunday Babble

    So everyone else is just as bored. Except for bit banger... must be nice love.. where are you sir... and how do I get there.. lol
  11. Boring Sunday Babble

    Bored, boredom, bored. So what better than to start a conversation.. Is anyone doing anything fun, exciting, or is everyone else bored???
  12. Brazzers and Reality Kings

    You get pop ups on Tob? I've never seen anything like that when I log in
  13. Price of adds

    I barely make it week to week, sometimes I'm up sometimes I'm down. When I'm up it's awesome and when it's down I'm an ass hole. I'm grateful that we still have tob bcz alot of the other sites SUCK. And when I cant pay my tob bill I hate life. I started saving all my change in a water cooler bottle. l've cashed in change to pay my tob bill... I hate that the rate went up but you gotta take the good with the bad. Chloe keep your head up doll.
  14. Oral Delights go both ways

  15. Oral Delights go both ways

    I am almost nervous to give my opinion not sure what's ok and what isnt.... I dont want to get in trouble again... But here goes. It's up to the gent. Not every guy likes it and I know that not every girl likes it... if that makes any sense... personally I enjoy both giving and receiving such delights