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  1. Personally I always thought that the most hobbyists recognize rhe obvious difference between one's physiological needs to fuck a female and not caring too much about what is cooking in a hooker's head at any given time. . You may want to take a breath before jumping up on your high horse and start offering your ratings to other people's posts.
  2. I hope you'll be a good girl, and upon getting paid find your way out as well as some of that drama that seems to follow you around. On the side note, you have to be pretty thick in the head to confuse a general contempt for hookers with misogyny, unless you just get a rise from stirring shit up... All the Best with whatever is next for you.....
  3. Questions for The Whisperer???

    Good topic, CH, I was wondering along those lines myself. Perhaps we could start a list of suggestions for the new management to consider as well.
  4. In my limited experience fake pictures indicate wishful thinking on the part of the girl as she is simply insecure about her she looks. I do not buy the "privacy/security" excuse; when a girl is happy about her appearance she usually finds a safe way to show off her own ass.
  5. innapproprriant questions during session

    She calls his wife for a reference......
  6. I agree with limey's post. Considering what I'm looking for, I also see little, if any correlation between the ability to describe and the ability to deliver. Perhaps we could even make an argument in favor of a girl who, once upon a time instead of learning proper spelling and grammar in the classroom, enjoyed honing her skills somewhere under the bleachers.
  7. Do Clothes Make The Man?

    Respect and admiration for a psychopathic killer? Style and code to live by? You must be in your early to mid 20's.........Now this thread starts to make more sense.
  8. Paying them to leave ? Snoring included

    I'm happy for her, she is a great girl and a true professional.
  9. Do Clothes Make The Man?

    There's got to be a win-win for the OP, how about this?:
  10. Do Clothes Make The Man?

    As I get older I become easily confused.... I don't think you are the first guy who seem to take offence to innocuous responses his OP generated, but if you like to look like the hooker's father in your 50 year old suit when you are going to see her, by all means go for it.
  11. Do Clothes Make The Man?

    Were you planning to take her on a date or just to shag her in her incall? Personally, I think trying to impress a hooker is a lost cause, signals to her you are new at this, not to mention you have no idea if she likes a bloke in a suit or not.
  12. Making the switch to WE

    I'm speechless. "I love you, don't ever fucking question that, that's why we'll probably never get along. if I was better at finding the right words to say, I wouldn't need to write these mother fucking songs."
  13. Naturally........An extensive knowledge of human psyche will lend you one of those envious and highly sought after occupations....who knew?
  14. innapproprriant questions during session

    I agree with Happymon, rather than making a list of do’s and don’ts it would be better to figure out why this question bothered you. People who are comfortable in their skin usually don’t get rattled that easily.