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  1. Happy Father's Day!

    I just wanted to send love and positive vibes to all the great fathers that are doing an awesome job out there. Hope you all have an amazing day and say; those that are doing what great fathers should do keep up the good work!
  2. Happy Birthday Lexy Skate

    Happy Birthday Lexy !

    Thank you Hunter you're awesome xoxo

    Happy New Year To All You Sexy Guys and Dolls! Here's to an awesome 2021 and for things being soooooo much better for all. Stay Sexy, Safe and Sane XOXO.
  5. GFE vs.PSE I Love Both But.......

    Its all good Kit Kat, it really just boils down to the individual and what they feel will get them "there"!
  6. Number Change

    To Current And Past Friends. I Have Changed My Number And Do Not Have It As Visible To The Public. Please Message Me for details Thank You XOXO
  7. Happy Birthday Kat today you turn the big 23 lol ! Just know that you have been an awesome friend and great traveling companion. Today we get drunk and celebrate! But seriously I wish you a great B Day and many more to come xoxo#younghotness
  8. Lol you state "I know this HOW" ? Wellllllll I kind of think its self explanatory. but as I said in my statement "MANY" are this way not ALL. If you fall in the latter category then good you clap clap. This post was my opinion and letting all the awesome people I have met and even the ones I have not met but are a part of this great hobby, that we will get through this just as will have survived many other obstacles and situations. Stay safe xoxo
  9. Hope all are well. I usually do not get on here because even post based with good intentions are typically trolled and turned into something negative. I wish I could send out a group message to all the cities lol. But seriously with us all being a part of this hobby for what ever reason, I know that many of us are confused, discombobulated or even scared when it comes to the current state of events going on. But my irrelevant 2 cent is that life goes on so either embrace that theory or become paralyzed. Yes be educated on things. Yes be aware and have eyes and mind open. Yes you have to be selective and not subject yourself to just anything.Yes you have to be focused on cleanliness.Yes be cautious of your surroundings and of who you interact with, but aren't these things that we should already have understood, practiced and been mindful of? Everyone just continue to be safe, care for one another, play hard. BUT do not forget to have fun and laugh. We have overcome so much and believe me when I say we will overcome this. ITS JUST WHAT WE DO!!!!! Love Winter and Kat.

    I received the same text and even a follow text after I did not respond. Was easy to see through the BS, just continue to be safe theres alot of weirdness going on
  11. Threatening a bad reviews as blackmail

    Thank you Madison for this post. Yes it is sad that some see fit to bring this into the awesome world of this hobby. But no matter, ladies do not cave into this and continue to stick to your guns. Most guys can see through the bs especially if they take time to read your prior reviews and research your body of work. There are so many great guys out there but hey there will always be the "other ones". Be safe guys and girls, have fun and as always screen screen screen xoxo
  12. Missionary Position

    Lol sounds very very familiar