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  1. Femdom

    Considering the possibilities. Colorado Other Any ladies who have Femdom in their repertoire? Please PM me.
  2. CoVid and providers

    Already had it and recovered. So interested? Yes.
  3. Such a great time of year

    Another nice set of trails is the Mount Lincoln Open Space in southern Douglas County. Just off HWY 83 and Jones Road. 2 trails, both about 4 miles, rolling terrain, open fields, some forest and hills. Not crowded and great for dogs! We hiked it yesterday and it was beautiful!
  4. Such a great time of year

    Spruce Mountain Trail near Larkspur. Gorgeous 6.5 mile loop. Also Mount Herman, Limbaugh Canyon/Raspberry Mtn, and Chautauqua Mtn near Palmer Lake. I love hiking with my dog!
  5. To play again or not?

    On coming out of retirement is routine. should be well received!!