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  1. You have to tell me exactly what you did. It sounds worth it to fix my slice.
  2. Deal killers and the opposite

    Fortunately, nipple rings on a woman's arm are very rare. I might meet this woman just for the novelty of it. Seriously, though, the only real turnoff for me is a bad attitude. A good personality can compensate for almost anything. I've chosen companionship based only on hot pics and been severely disappointed. I've also chosen dates with providers who I knew I wasn't into physically, but who were fun in the forums and had a great time.
  3. I agree, Melissa, it definitely looks like there may be 1st Amendment issues. The problem with that is that someone has to file suit and due to the already illegal nature of this profession, that is unlikely. I'm crossing my fingers, though. I'd gladly contribute to a GoFundMe or something to help with legal fees and if it gets enough exposure, this looks like something the ACLU would be interested in. I saw CityVibe is already down. Is TOB moving offshore any time soon?
  4. Concert Tickets

    If you have the time, go directly to the venue to buy the tickets. That way you don't have to pay the exorbitant re-seller fees. You usually have to show up at least an hour (or two or three, depending on popularity) before the tickets go on sale. It's a long wait, but can be a fun atmosphere with a group of people who are all there for the same reason. I tend to b buy extra tickets to resell for a profit. Some sites such as Seat Geek will give out codes for first time buyers. Just google for codes or try RetailMeNot. Have fun.
  5. Good vibes...

    I'm late to the party, but glad you're making it through. I'm not local to Denver, so I can do nothing but offer thoughts and prayers. Kidney stones really suck. It's amazing that something so small can cause so much pain. Best wishes
  6. Lottery Winner

    I think some lotteries pay winners a bonus for allowing their names to be published. If I won over 10 million, no bonus would be worth it. Alas, the most I've ever won was $4, so this is a moot point.
  7. I've had enough

    These guys are idiots. Sorry you have to deal with them. I really like your responses, though.
  8. What is your life philosophy?

    Someone once told me his philosophy is "Do no harm; don't step in shit." It could use some refinement, but ain't too bad.
  9. Superbowl

    ...Can't tell whether or not this is sarcasm...
  10. Latina Providers

    The only Latinas we have in my area are traveling girls. Consider yourself lucky you have so many wonderful providers to choose from in Colorado.
  11. Newbie needs help

    Welcome to the board, new guy. Being a traveling or infrequent "hobbyist" can be challenging because you don't necessarily have the credentials / history. I say you should bite the bullet and join P411. After that, contact providers and politely ask if they are willing to see you. While you won't have a history yet, you've at least shown that you are willing to do your part to ensure the provider's safety and that can help a lot. You do have to give up personal info, but I have no reason to doubt that they destroy it after verification. The owner, Gina, is active on several boards and in her posts she seems honest and seems to have good intentions. In addition, the company is based in Canada, so that might provide an extra buffer if needed. I got my P411 account a couple years ago and haven't had any problems. I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but it's probably the easiest path to get where you want to go. Good luck out there.
  12. Someone I Used To Know

    I booked an appointment once with someone who didn't post accurate pics. It turned out she was the spitting image of my first girlfriend. She was new to the game and so was I. If either of us had been more experienced, we could have had a lot of fun with it.
  13. Facebook and social media

    I don't use FB messenger and I unfollow anyone whose posts I don't want to see. That way I can get in touch with FB "friends" when I want to, but I'm not beholden to them. I mostly keep FB as a virtual contact list for times that I need to get in touch.
  14. Escort Ads by State Cheat Sheet

    In Minnesota (most useful at top to least useful at the bottom): TER ad board (best place to find the local providers) Eros Cityvibe ECCIE Slixa
  15. Never left a bad review

    I'm a proponent of honest reviews. You can write a negative review without bashing the provider. If she checked all the boxes but you had bad chemistry, then state that. If she was misleading or rude, then include it in your review. If she already has a history, you could just refer to that without going too far into detail. If she doesn't have much history, then mention it. I tend to read many of the reviews a provider has and try to put together a full picture of her personality based on them before deciding to meet. All honest reviews help with this. Good luck with your decision.
  16. W4M Details Omitted From BP

    If that's the case then, yes, I missed the point. I've rarely used BP except as a starting point to "window shop" and with this new "feature" I will gladly drop them altogether..
  17. W4M Details Omitted From BP

    I don't like BP's recent changes, but this one could make it easier for us shoppers. If there's just a phone #, then the ad is expired. That doesn't necessarily mean the provider isn't available, but it does mean the ad is old.
  18. TOB in other states, not so great

    I really like TOB, but it's not very useful in most non-Colorado locations. I try to mention it when I can, but the other large boards won't even allow posts referring to other sites. It's an uphill battle.
  19. Chicago calling

    It looks like most of the action in Chicago is represented by agencies. They're not hard to find with a simple Google search.
  20. Picture/Video During

    I would suggest just asking if she's comfortable with photo/video. If she is, then let her set the rules. Those I've looked into usually include a hefty upcharge, so be prepared for that. You can search TOB ads and reviews and use the terms photo, pics, or video in the "consenting activities" field to find ads/reviews that specifically mention those activities. Also, if you must use TER (and you're a VIP), there is a checkbox for "allows film or picture." Good luck
  21. Daylight Savings Time

    "Savings" sounds like a bank account. I knew a guy who, because he's always heard of it as "daylight savings," truly felt like he was banking the daylight for use later. It made absolutely no sense, but it made him really happy that he had that extra daylight "banked" that he could pull out next time it changed. People are weird.
  22. Getting Stood Up

    Sorry Gemma. In this business, with the level of intimacy involved, respect can be even more important than in "normal" life. Some people just don't know how to respect others and since this industry is unregulated, see it as a place where they can treat people badly.
  23. ( Almost) Lonely loner

    If you like music, find an open mic night at a local bar. There are a lot of them. Just Google up "open mic Denver" and you'll see. You can listen to some good music and have a drink or two. It's quite casual and there's usually no cover (or it's very cheap). I've discovered some wonderful artists this way.
  24. Training in Vegas!!

    Awesome list. I'm stealing it for my next Vegas trip!
  25. How much do you share?

    It's similar, but different. Google targets you based on your searches and by your email communications and whatever other Google apps you use (remember, when you signed up you agreed to let them scan the contents of your emails to better target ads to you). Facebook uses the info you provide them combined with your posts, likes, and comments on their site. Again, they are using it to target ads to you. Now here's the thing that bugs me. They share and sell YOUR DATA to whomever they want without any input from you. The EULA you agreed to by signing up allows them to do whatever they want with it. You don't know who is buying the data or what they are using it for and you can't find out. I still get freaked out when I search for something on Amazon and it shows up on a completely unrelated site. The extent of data being shared is amazing. There's really nothing you can do for now, so it's a waste of energy to worry about it. Eventually, we'll have to reign it in so I watch my politicians and make sure they know how important my privacy is.