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  1. Clothing preference when on appointment

    Because I tend to go straight from work to appointments (or vice versa) that tends to be what I show up with.
  2. Making Love vs. Sex

    Short answer: No. I don't make love. Long answer: I know I'm buying a fantasy. Sometimes I want some super exciting crazy sex that I'll remember as a once in a lifetime experience. Other times I want to make an emotional connection damn-near make love so I can dwell on it for weeks (usually my preference). Both are fantasies that I crave at different times and with the right person, either one can easily come true. That's why I'm in this "hobby."
  3. Question for the Gents

    I like the idea. It could, however, provide a greater exposure to risks. On the upside, it simplifies the process for both clients and providers. There used to be a scheduler in MN that handled appointments for many of the body rub girls. I got lucky and booked with one of those girls my first time out. After that, I was on the list and pre-screened for most other providers I was interested in. The scheduler was also available to provide references for me to providers he didn't handle. It turned out he was the significant other of one of the popular providers in the area and when their relationship ended, so did the booking service. Also, some clients were distraught when they found out he was a guy. On the downside, it centralizes information. If a scheduler who handles multiple providers is compromised, then multiple providers' and clients' data is compromised as well. I'd suggest you find someone who can prove he/she uses good data protection practices (E.g. uses encrypted email such as protonmail and also has a process for encrypting your data and your clients' data). Good luck!
  4. Random Rambling

    Or delve deep into the dessert. Hot fudge = love.
  5. Welcome me

    Welcome to the TOB.
  6. My hobby phone finally died

    Hobby phone. I use Google Voice and it works, but just barely (I only use their web app to avoid it completely invading my phone). I only hobby a few times a year, so I can tolerate its quirks. If I could get out more often, I'd definitely invest in a hobby phone.
  7. Multiple Shots on Goal

    I wasn't trying try to bring the drama and your response surely didn't read as peaceful to me, but a lot of subtext can get lost when responding only in writing. Peace back to you.
  8. Multiple Shots on Goal

    If you really want to know about my precious bodily fluids, I prefer MSOG, but don't always pursue it. I didn't even see Hunter's response. Funny that I echoed her. Sorry my response triggered you so much. You should stop typing and go find some company...
  9. Multiple Shots on Goal

    Think about it this way. If this was your profession, would it really matter to you? It wouldn't to me. E.g. if you run a hardware would you care whether the customer buys two hammers or a hammer and a screwdriver? No, you wouldn't. As long as you're both getting what you need, it doesn't matter. Each customer has different needs. As long as my customers are happy, I figure I'm doing my job properly. This works in pretty much any line of work. Just be happy this service is available to you and have a great time. Most women are turned on more by mental stimulation than by physical acts. If you really care about what your provider wants, then have a genuine conversation with her instead of focusing on the number of "pops" you are going to have. You might be surprised with the results.
  10. Body cleansing

    Apparently nobody knows what you're talking about. Personally, I don't believe that changing the way you eat for a week will "cleanse" your body. We have organs evolved over millions of years that take care of that and there's no clinical evidence that shows that any of these detox cleanses work. However, there's a lot to be said for mind over matter and the placebo effect. If it makes you feel good and doesn't do any harm, why now give it a try? I even tried one based on healthy smoothies. I made it two days before I went back to my normal diet. Personally, I prefer a healthy diet and regular exercise. Still, here are a couple suggestions: This one is mostly just a healthy diet, but they call it a cleanse: https://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20570282,00.html If you google "detox smoothie" you'll find a huge assortment of recipes for easy smoothies. You can also buy pre-made products if you don't want to blend them yourself. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.
  11. Rochester Minnesota hobbying

    Slim pickings in Rochester. There used to be some pretty consistent BP listings, but now there's virtually nothing in that area. I occasionally see a listing on Eros (or maybe Eccie?) for Rochester, but it's pretty rare. I'll shoot you an IM if I see anything. There are some providers in the southern TC metro area. They're probably your best bet. Good luck
  12. Knowing her real name

    I recently had a first-time experience. I met a provider and she said "now that we're meeting in person, I'm 'Johna'." I introduced myself using my real name (which happens to be super generic, so I don't have a problem giving it out). TBH, it made no difference to me but it seemed to make her more comfortable. After that, the night progressed as expected. To each his/her own, I guess.
  13. Just saying hi

    Welcome back. We're not bad once you get to know us.
  14. References

    I understand your skepticism and it seems reasonable at first, but keep in mind these providers must take on far more risk than you do. For us, it's just once every week, month, or year depending on our habits, budgets, etc. but they must take the same risk for every client they meet. If providing references feels too risky, this might not be the right "hobby" for you. Consequently, I've been using P411 much more in the last few months. I've found that many P411 members will give OKs on P411, but won't provide references beyond that. Now when I request time with a provider who is not a P411 member, I'm stuck in the same situation as the new guys with no references to speak of. There's one who I would really love to meet, but I probably won't pass her screening because of this little issue. It's inconvenient for me, but I can't blame providers for wanting to ensure their own safety. I just have to live with it until I have a good mix of P411 and non-P411 refs. Good luck out there.