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  1. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    When I signed up for P411 I read all the disclaimers and text in the agreement. When I joined, they stated that providers WILL ask for ID and that I should cover up the important parts (address, license #) and only expose the info that P411 has. Didn't you get the same? I have never been asked for ID, but I'm always prepared to show it.
  2. How to improve your FBSM service

    I agree with the statement in bold 100%. As for the rest, I leave it up to the provider. I'd rather not get the same experience everywhere I go. The variety is what makes it fun.
  3. Do you ever go over your budget

    I have a budget that I can't exceed. In one of my early experiences I was upsold for more services. It was worth it, but I had to save up longer before my next encounter. Now I bring exactly the amount I plan to spend to an appointment because I know there is less blood is flowing to my brain. As for quality of experience, I've found that you generally get what you pay for, but there are exceptions to every rule. I tend to do a lot of research and avoid taking chances so I'm rarely surprised either way.
  4. Public Apology

    It's good to have you back.
  5. Orally speaking

    I have horrible teeth & have had several root canals. It's not fun, but a good dentist will make sure you feel as little pain as possible during the procedure. You can ask for more Novocaine if you have pain and they can usually take care of it. Don't hesitate to ask about how it all works or even to see the tools as they are doing the work if you're into that. For me, the more I know and the more I see, the more comfortable I am. If you take a couple Ibuprofen an hour or two before the procedure, you will feel less pain. Just don't take a blood thinner like Aspirin because that could cause excess bleeding. As for afterward, I'm usually sore for a couple days, then I'm back to my old self. If you have a temporary crown, then you won't probably won't be able to return to your usual activities if you want to keep it in place. I've knocked a couple off just by biting a hamburger the wrong way. Technically, the temp is only there to hold the space open while the permanent crown is built (it doesn't protect against infection, etc.), but it feels really weird without it. The adhesive they use on the permanent crowns is amazingly strong and is pretty much instantly set. I'd still give it a day or two because your use case is not exactly typical.
  6. Cant wait to meet everyone!

    Welcome to the board. You are super cute and I love your website.
  7. New to TOB. Saying Hello.

    Welcome to TOB. The best steak is made at home over your own charcoal grill. I'd offer to treat you, but I live elsewhere and only visit CO a few times a year.
  8. Hello everyone new to the board

    Welcome to TOB. Ignore the few trolls and have a good time.
  9. Favorite coming item

    I like to whip out my big ten inch--chef's knife, that is. It's always razor sharp and ready for business.
  10. New to the board and the hobby

    Welcome. Play safe, have fun!
  11. Wahhhh...This is Me!!!!

  12. Too true. The first time I heard this joke was from Betty White. She basically said that balls are the most delicate part of a man's body; you just look at them wrong and the guy is rolling on the floor in pain. But a pussy, she says, can really take a pounding.
  13. New To TOB.

    Welcome to TOB!
  14. Question on PMs

    I agree 100% with Pfunk. Read the profile / ad and respond accordingly. As for the "follow" feature, I'm pretty sure that just notifies you when a post is made by that user. Unlike Twitter where the number of followers is worn as a badge of honor, I don't think most people pay much attention to it here. If you want to flatter or impress a provider, follow her booking instructions and give her all the screening info up front. Immediate commitment like that gives a great first impression.
  15. Providers that complain

    This might come off sounding like a personal attack, but I don't mean it that way. I mean the generic "you," so please don't take this personally. You know what's a buzzkill? Meeting someone for the first time and having them tell you their entire life story, including all the super personal stuff. This is something I don't want to get into in a "normal" conversation, much less before getting intimate. Do you tell strangers you meet at the coffee shop about your physical ailments, your financial problems, and your bad past relationships? For most of us, the answer is "no." Why would this be any different? I like the personal connection as much as--or even more than--the physical acts. I enjoy talking and getting to know each other and I'll even show pictures of my kids if the subject comes up and I'm feeling connected. I think we both enjoy ourselves more if we know something personal about each other and are comfortable having a conversation. I suspect the forced intimacy of the situation makes some people more comfortable expressing themselves candidly, resulting in the "mood killers" the OP mentioned. I've also run into some people who don't have anyone they can talk to about this aspect of their lives, so they discuss details about other clients and experiences. I actually don't mind talking about any of this. It can be fascinating, but I would rather save these conversations for later in the encounter. So, yeah, that's my two cents.