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  1. Chicago calling

    It looks like most of the action in Chicago is represented by agencies. They're not hard to find with a simple Google search.
  2. Picture/Video During

    I would suggest just asking if she's comfortable with photo/video. If she is, then let her set the rules. Those I've looked into usually include a hefty upcharge, so be prepared for that. You can search TOB ads and reviews and use the terms photo, pics, or video in the "consenting activities" field to find ads/reviews that specifically mention those activities. Also, if you must use TER (and you're a VIP), there is a checkbox for "allows film or picture." Good luck
  3. Daylight Savings Time

    "Savings" sounds like a bank account. I knew a guy who, because he's always heard of it as "daylight savings," truly felt like he was banking the daylight for use later. It made absolutely no sense, but it made him really happy that he had that extra daylight "banked" that he could pull out next time it changed. People are weird.
  4. Getting Stood Up

    Sorry Gemma. In this business, with the level of intimacy involved, respect can be even more important than in "normal" life. Some people just don't know how to respect others and since this industry is unregulated, see it as a place where they can treat people badly.
  5. ( Almost) Lonely loner

    If you like music, find an open mic night at a local bar. There are a lot of them. Just Google up "open mic Denver" and you'll see. You can listen to some good music and have a drink or two. It's quite casual and there's usually no cover (or it's very cheap). I've discovered some wonderful artists this way.
  6. Training in Vegas!!

    Awesome list. I'm stealing it for my next Vegas trip!
  7. How much do you share?

    It's similar, but different. Google targets you based on your searches and by your email communications and whatever other Google apps you use (remember, when you signed up you agreed to let them scan the contents of your emails to better target ads to you). Facebook uses the info you provide them combined with your posts, likes, and comments on their site. Again, they are using it to target ads to you. Now here's the thing that bugs me. They share and sell YOUR DATA to whomever they want without any input from you. The EULA you agreed to by signing up allows them to do whatever they want with it. You don't know who is buying the data or what they are using it for and you can't find out. I still get freaked out when I search for something on Amazon and it shows up on a completely unrelated site. The extent of data being shared is amazing. There's really nothing you can do for now, so it's a waste of energy to worry about it. Eventually, we'll have to reign it in so I watch my politicians and make sure they know how important my privacy is.
  8. What does being respectful mean to you?

    Simply treat people like people. Some of us are in this hobby to experience a deep connection, if only for a short amount of time. Others are in it for the physical acts alone. Both of these are fine. The important thing is that you remember that these ladies are people. Talk first. Get the lay of the land. Learn her limits. If you want a PSE session in which you dominate and demand throughout the session, be sure you picked the right provider and that you both have your limits clearly defined. The same goes for GFE. The limits and "menu" may be different, but they still exist and are just as important. Once you respect each others' humanity and boundaries, you're on track for a great experience.
  9. Bp Wanting Links to a Social Media Account

    For now, you can force it by adding /?layout=date to the end of the URL like this: http://denver.backpage.com/dating/?layout=date I don't know how it will remain available, though.
  10. How much do you share?

    The part that scares me is that people don't understand what they are a part of. People seem to think their SM platform is their little community--especially FB. The truth, though, is we are the product. The enormous amount of data you provide simply feeds into their vast database and helps them target ads very specifically to you. It's their entire business model: target ads to the people who are most likely to be interested in them and charge for that service. And it's not only the info we provide up front like birthday, gender, and location. Items we post, read and share share are an even bigger part of FB's algorithms. They claim they can target you after just a few posts. I don't blame people for using a free and easy to use platform. I use them, but I'm careful about what I share. I just wish people were better informed.
  11. How much do you share?

    There are people who feel that FB is truly their group of friends and others who use it as just another communication platform. I won't even share what I share because I go to great lengths to keep my "hobby" life separate from my real life. I have lots of strong opinions that I'd like to put out there (such as the TakeAKnee thread), but I usually don't participate in those threads because I don't want any chance of someone tying my two lives together. In person, on the other hand, you can barely shut me up.
  12. I'll admit I was an eye roller. The responses, however, have been fascinating. I'm glad I read further. It's amazing how differently people see the world and what they are attracted to--especially compared to my own tame style. Sometimes when the world feels small, you need a conversation like this to open it back up and show you how varied and unique everyone out there really is.
  13. finding new site to find provider

    Erotic Monkey seems like it scrapes TER for reviews, so it's not always accurate. It seems to do an OK job, though. TER / Backpage is your best bet. Traveling providers will use Eros or Eccie, too.
  14. Apology

    F'd up and phrased his last post badly and was interpreted as {snip} fantasy. Apologized profusely. Actually interested in discussing titilation, foreplay interests & ideas.
  15. Tattoos.......

    I might have to rethink that scrotum tattoo...