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  1. With any luck, he's just a tactless idiot who doesn't know how to state things properly and didn't mean anything by it. Or he could be the other kind of idiot trying to get a "bargain" by threatening you. Like others said, send him that link and block him. I once Googled an ASP's phone number and one of the first hits was a listing of members of her HOA, which showed her full name and address. I emailed her to let her know that info was out there and how easy it was to find. She just politely thanked me and we moved on. I don't even know whether she made any changes. That's none of my business. I know others who wouldn't know how to tell her without sounding threatening even if they were trying to help. Words, especially without tone of voice or body language to provide context, can be really difficult. Best of luck
  2. New Business Names

    Elite care is perfectly vague and, for those of us in the know, there's a double entendre there.
  3. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    Great. Thanks for putting that thought in my head. Now I'll never take the elevator to an appointment again.
  4. Google Voice Issue

    Samantha is right. The only way to be sure it won't forward to your phone is to disable it in your GV settings. It's easiest to do it through a browser on a computer, not a phone. I'm not 100% sure if it works the same on the iPhone, but when I installed GV on my Android, it sort of dug its little Google fingers into everything on my phone. I had to do a factory reset to completely remove it. I still use Google Voice, but I go through their web app in an incognito tab in my phone's (Chrome) browser. It's a little bit flaky to use, but that way I know leaves no trace of itself on my phone. I just have to remember to enable forwarding to my cell when I need it and to disable it when I don't. Just in case I forget to disable it, I created a contact for the GV incoming number that says something like "Cruise line spam" so it's never obvious to anyone but me. Good luck.
  5. "Are you circumcised?" (P411)

    I agree, cleanliness is important but I would never ouonget next to a lady, thank you very much.
  6. "Are you circumcised?" (P411)

    <insert vomit emoji here>
  7. Hi... Nice to meet you!

    Here's how it works. Type stuff in. People type stuff back. It's pretty revolutionary. Honestly, this is a pretty good community. We're mostly respectful on both sides of the business and we're able to share stories, rants, and important information with each other without too much drama (usually, anyway). And sometimes you'll get smartass answers like mine. Welcome
  8. Suggestion for all this newness.

    OK. My turn for a multiple-reply reply: @Admiral C: The data is already there so they wouldn't have to create any new data structures (like the spreadsheet you mentioned). I just don't know how easy it is to customize things on this platform. I'm sure some the software for running boards like this will let you check a box and it will display what you want while on others it probably takes more skill with coding HTML, Java, etc. I suspect this board is more of a custom job. In the end, though, it's up whether the mods think it's worth their time. @Blaze: There used to be a lot of good information in reviews and I would read all reviews of providers I am interested in. However, now that the descriptions are gone there's nothing else in the reviews that I can't find in the provider's ad.
  9. Suggestion for all this newness.

    I second seeker's suggestion. i don't know how much work it would be for you to implement, but it would be super useful we could see all the yes/no in the review column when we click on the reviews icon. Because there is essentially no other information in reviews, this would make it almost completely unnecessary to drill down further and make it much easier for us to browse. Y'all are doing a great job. Thanks so much for supporting our little community.
  10. Minnesota

    Slixa Eros (I keep reading negative news about them, but it's pretty big up here) P411 AdultLook (Still good for browsing, but has a lot of people with no history) Switter Twitter
  11. New Here just A warm welcome 🙏

    Welcome to TOB! Have fun and stay safe. (yes, I did just copy and paste Laci's greeting)
  12. Where Will You Discover Us?

    I'm not based in Co, so I have to use other sites. I stay with the bigger ones that are left: P411, Eros, Slixa. I keep looking at the smaller sites that are left, but I don't trust the ads so I will probably not actually use them.
  13. MILF Status?

    I'd say a MILF is the same age as a cougar, but who isn't out hunting young guys. I always think a bit older. a 20 year old mom doesn't fit the term, but a 35 year old soccer mom does. No reason for this. It's just my impression.
  14. Newbie

    Welcome to TOB. I love your positivity.
  15. P411 is now a closed community

    I don't trust EM. The first review is always very positive and and detailed, but not too detailed and almost always states the same list of acts that took place. After that, it seems like there are some word-for-word copies of TER reviews mixed in with some other random ones. I've also noticed that the "stuff performed" list often doesn't match the description. The best case scenarios is that they are simply careless at EM. The worst case would be that fake reviews are being written and/or "scraped" from other sites. I'll still use it as a resource, but I know to take it with a grain of salt. Unlike most of you, I purchased my P411 subscription last week (I already had a dormant account from a free trial). Because I've been following P411's Gina for a couple years, I trust P411and I figure they are about the safest listing site out there and it's worthy of my support. If they go under, I'm out $150. In this biz that's a drop in the bucket. I'm also hopeful that they will open up the platform in the future once. Be safe, people.