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  1. MN Sites

    I've added a review or two for MN providers. The mods don't seem too fond of those. They didn't say why, but I assumed it was because the providers didn't have profiles set up yet and, technically, I could make up anything in that case. I could be completely wrong; it could be something completely different. The real point is that it's not the simplest matter so I have kind of given up on doing reviews of MN locals lately.
  2. “Doncha know”

    Oooooh, yah. We got some o' dem Haaht girls up here. Dat's fer sher. Most of the "premier" local providers are on EROS, Slixa, and P411. They are scattered all over the area. If you're looking for visiting girls, they are typically in the Bloomington area near the airport / MOA. Good luck!
  3. private or hotel

    I'm pretty careful about who I meet, so it doesn't matter much to me. Each has its own risks and advantages. I will admit, though, that I usually feel a bit more comfortable in a private residence.
  4. Well that killed the mood!

    One word: fatberg. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/monster-fatberg-goes-display-london-museum-180968137/ Just take a shower when you arrive. It's quick and easy and shows that you're both respectful and ready for your time together.
  5. MN Sites

    Thanks Sammy! I also found one more. There aren't many MN listings, but they all look legit to me: https://privatedelights.ch/
  6. The clavicle. Looks sexy as hell and it's a great place to kiss or be kissed.
  7. Asking about the Menu

    Here's the thing. If all you care about are particular services, just continue to ask about them. It doesn't have to be about "will you do x to my y?" I do understand why you might look for specific services. Maybe you don't get that at home or maybe you just really like it and think it's worth paying for. I would first ask if there is a website that lists the "menu." You'll often get a link or a list. If she doesn't respond or tells you she doesn't share that information, just move on if it's that important to you. I'd also suggest DMing prior clients. They are often very helpful. Personally, I do this for the entire package. My last experience was with a provider whose menu included much more than I received. I still had a great time and I'm pretty sure she did, too. I could have left disappointed that I didn't get the xxxx that I hoped for, but I chose to roll with it and enjoy our time together. Fortunately for me, my "dessert" was something I didn't know was available. For me, going in with an open mind and a respectful demeanor usually works out to my advantage. How you want to approach it is up to you. Just have fun and understand that your approach isn't right for everyone. Good luck and have fun, buddy.
  8. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    You had me at beer.
  9. Clothing preference when on appointment

    Because I tend to go straight from work to appointments (or vice versa) that tends to be what I show up with.
  10. Making Love vs. Sex

    Short answer: No. I don't make love. Long answer: I know I'm buying a fantasy. Sometimes I want some super exciting crazy sex that I'll remember as a once in a lifetime experience. Other times I want to make an emotional connection damn-near make love so I can dwell on it for weeks (usually my preference). Both are fantasies that I crave at different times and with the right person, either one can easily come true. That's why I'm in this "hobby."
  11. Question for the Gents

    I like the idea. It could, however, provide a greater exposure to risks. On the upside, it simplifies the process for both clients and providers. There used to be a scheduler in MN that handled appointments for many of the body rub girls. I got lucky and booked with one of those girls my first time out. After that, I was on the list and pre-screened for most other providers I was interested in. The scheduler was also available to provide references for me to providers he didn't handle. It turned out he was the significant other of one of the popular providers in the area and when their relationship ended, so did the booking service. Also, some clients were distraught when they found out he was a guy. On the downside, it centralizes information. If a scheduler who handles multiple providers is compromised, then multiple providers' and clients' data is compromised as well. I'd suggest you find someone who can prove he/she uses good data protection practices (E.g. uses encrypted email such as protonmail and also has a process for encrypting your data and your clients' data). Good luck!
  12. Random Rambling

    Or delve deep into the dessert. Hot fudge = love.
  13. Welcome me

    Welcome to the TOB.
  14. My hobby phone finally died

    Hobby phone. I use Google Voice and it works, but just barely (I only use their web app to avoid it completely invading my phone). I only hobby a few times a year, so I can tolerate its quirks. If I could get out more often, I'd definitely invest in a hobby phone.
  15. Multiple Shots on Goal

    I wasn't trying try to bring the drama and your response surely didn't read as peaceful to me, but a lot of subtext can get lost when responding only in writing. Peace back to you.