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  1. I'll admit I was an eye roller. The responses, however, have been fascinating. I'm glad I read further. It's amazing how differently people see the world and what they are attracted to--especially compared to my own tame style. Sometimes when the world feels small, you need a conversation like this to open it back up and show you how varied and unique everyone out there really is.
  2. finding new site to find provider

    Erotic Monkey seems like it scrapes TER for reviews, so it's not always accurate. It seems to do an OK job, though. TER / Backpage is your best bet. Traveling providers will use Eros or Eccie, too.
  3. Apology

    F'd up and phrased his last post badly and was interpreted as {snip} fantasy. Apologized profusely. Actually interested in discussing titilation, foreplay interests & ideas.
  4. Tattoos.......

    I might have to rethink that scrotum tattoo...

    Totally agreed. The reviews are simply a way to verify that the provider is who she says she is. That's why I'm in these forums. I get a much better idea of a provider's personality through posts on boards like this one. I have made several decisions based on board participation and it has worked out very well. It makes it easier to make that initial connection and can make a session much more comfortable.

    I prefer discreet. I mistakenly pasted in the juicy part of a TER review into a TOB review (because I was lazy and in a hurry that day) and I really don't like that it's out there. I prefer not to have those details attached to my account. I also don't see the need to publish graphic accounts of the acts performed. For many of us it's not just about what happened; there's much more to it than that.
  7. RI Decriminalized Sex Work

    It was re-criminalized it in 2009. They state some interesting correlations, though. Sex work went up (as expected), but instances of gonorrhea went down. The researchers don't know why. Also, reports of rape decreased significantly. Really interesting findings.
  8. Did you know Rhode Island decriminalized P4P for six years (by mistake)? I had no idea. http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/health-science/item/105393-prostitution-decriminalized-rhode-islands-experiment It would be awesome if they came to some concrete conclusions, but these are professional researchers. They'll state the correlations and pose theories, but won't stand behind any conclusions that aren't 100% backed by the data. Still, interesting stuff... (unlike my last post, this one should have a working link)
  9. Damn you men have a lot of shit between your

    I was expecting this to end with "ears."
  10. So this happened

    It's different for everyone. I know several people who have had their GB removed and don't see any difference and I know one guy who gets the runs when he looks directly at a french fry. Do what's right for you. You might not have another attack for years or you might have one tomorrow. It all depends on what's going on in your body. Personally, I wouldn't go under the knife (even for this minor surgery) over one episode. I would wait until it becomes a persistent problem, then get it taken care of. It really depends on the frequency of the attacks and your threshold for the pain. At least now you know what it is. Next time it happens and you can probably pop into urgent care, get some good pain meds, and work through it. Moderating your fat intake will probably help. You shouldn't have to quit all the good stuff. Just monitor what you eat and whether it triggers a GB attack. Good luck.
  11. Google Voice

    I use it. It's flaky, but it's free. I'm an infrequent hobbyist, so it meets my needs. If I did it more, I would get a burner. If you use GV and you want to keep it private, don't use the app on your phone. It integrates directly with your Google account. I use a private browser (Frost) on my Android and use the GV web interface through there. It uses my data to access the GV web site (i.e. texts & call history) and uses my minutes on phone calls (they always show up as coming from Washington DC). Like I said, it's flaky as hell, but doing it this way leaves no trace which, to me, is the most important part.
  12. Article on a Trafficking Bust in WA

    Wow. That was a lot of views for a dead link. Sorry about that. I can't find the original. It was very detailed and mostly unbiased. Google "Seattle trafficking The Review Board" for some articles if you're still interested.
  13. This is just an article I came across about a trafficking bust. It's very detailed and explains why trafficking might happen and how they went about the bust. Pretty interesting and in this case it seems like the bust was legitimately targeting people exploiting vulnerable girls. The LEO take on it is uncompromising, as expected, but it explores all aspects even though it's pretty biased. https://mtm.cebglobal.com/MTMStudent/(S(x0gdq51sbkeixhcjhfck30ts))/ClassListPage.aspx?&orig=6&VendorAlias=nhbaltimore9&LanguageChanged=-1&LanguageID=1&z=1501256737&manual=0
  14. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    When I signed up for P411 I read all the disclaimers and text in the agreement. When I joined, they stated that providers WILL ask for ID and that I should cover up the important parts (address, license #) and only expose the info that P411 has. Didn't you get the same? I have never been asked for ID, but I'm always prepared to show it.
  15. How to improve your FBSM service

    I agree with the statement in bold 100%. As for the rest, I leave it up to the provider. I'd rather not get the same experience everywhere I go. The variety is what makes it fun.