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  1. How to treat a client

    I did not say you should provide for for free. Here is an idea, read the actual post instead of trying to dissect and read something that is not there INTO the post so you can condescendingly reply to it. To expound on my post, the provider I replied to said the money was not important, the chemistry is what matters and she accepts appointments with and sees only those guys that she has sexual chemistry with. On topic of this thread (how to treat a client) and speaking of chemistry, given that the guy is clean and respectful, the donation that providers receives is the "chemistry" that is enough to at least show a client a good time. The hygiene and respectfulness works both ways. I understand ladies want to be as safe as possible, but that respect encompasses not asking for persona real life info.
  2. How to treat a client

    You disagree? You say that you enjoy what you do, and that is good, I mean, if you are going to do something, it should be something you enjoy doing, right? I did not say money was everything, but since you disagree and you only see guys that you can make a connection with, and you feel there should be no "acting" involved, then shall I look for reviews of you that had great chemistry with a guy, but the donation amount is $0? Although sometimes, it is fun to bring a provider to a social event or take her to dinner as doing so can be a great meet and greet, the hobby is not like going on a date, other then the fact that a guy is going to get laid on the first date, as apposed to having to seduce, wine and dine and may not even get as much as a departing kiss. Sure, you have every right to pick and choose who you are going to see for this intimate arrangement, but remember, you are getting paid for a service, and there is a reason for that. Maybe it is because he is not good at playing Romeo, he is not so good looking and the ladies probably would not give him the time of day otherwise, he does not want the drama of RL relationship or several other factors. Getting back to the topic of this thread, let's face it, in one degree or another, being a "mattress actress" is a role that a provider plays and in so doing, depending upon how real feeling that IOP (Illusion of Passion) is, so is her phone ringing not just for inquiries, but for appointments. It is one thing to get a new client, but it is quite another to get repeat visits from the same clientele.
  3. How to treat a client

    So now you are splitting hairs and deviating from you original statement. As I said, money the largest factor when i comes to the hobby and if you think otherwise, you are fooling yourself. And that money SHOULD be the chemistry and incentive enough for a provider to show you a great time. The chemistry you are referring to that makes you have those rare orgasms just shows she is one of the best for you that you are paying her to be. And, with that, comes more visits from you in the future with her. If for her donation, she does little more than just allowing you to get a nut, if that much, then surely you are not stupid enough to see her again.
  4. How to treat a client

    I agree that there are some ladies that have a stellar reputation and you could probably trust them with anything, but I still would always err on the side of caution. The question is, why would a provider ask for a picture of a hobbyist in the first place? Providers, does it help with screening? You are right, money is one of the elements of a provider/client relationship, but it is the most important, because let's face it, if a client does not have the donation, the provider is not going to see him for free out of the goodness of her heart. IMO, as long as the client passes the provider's screening methods, he shows up on time, has immaculate hygiene, respects her time and person, the provider accepting the donation is the chemistry that should assure that client to have a great time, after all, there is a reason he is paying cash for it.
  5. BB

    I did meet up with her and bought her dinner, also using it as a meet and greet. After dinner was over, she laid that on me, so with that and a couple other reasons, I declined to do a BCD session with her.
  6. BB

    I tried that one time and it was awful. Many guys do complain about very little feeling when wearing a cover, but if you chose to have to provider wear a female condom, it is even worse! I like to move up and down feeling a provider's tightness against my covered member as apposed to going in bare and already spread open by the female condom.
  7. BB

    That is right, I have over 100 p411 OKs on p411. If you would like, you can verify it. But, as I said, the provider told me some guy told her that. Maybe you read my post wrong, but if not, the question I have is how can you can bullshit on a conversation I had with someone else?
  8. BB

    Call bullshit all you want, but that is what she told me another guy told her. I told her that it was not true about all guys.
  9. How to treat a client

    You NEVER want to give any real world info to a provider, especially your employment info or even your real name (besides, you do not know hers). If a provider asks for my picture, I send her this:
  10. BB

    A p411 provider I recently met this past weekend told me that most guys require BBFS and if a provider does not allow it, she will not make any money. She also told me that because of that, a guy got her pregnant and she was about a month along.
  11. End of the line for this hobby?

    This hobby will go on forever, after all, it is the oldest profession, so we all just hit a detour in the road. IMO, what has come to the end of the line on adult boards is pimps, facilatators and considerably less trolling of posts/cyberbullying that was all to frequent before the new laws.
  12. hello all new to the site! any dallas peeps?

    Hey Nina! From what I have seen, this board is going to be mainly a discussion board and some info exchange via PM or coed discussions.
  13. Hello Dallas

    Let me reiterated what I have said about Eccie, and have said it many times. I thorougly enjoyed Eccie for it's INTENDED purpose of being an adult provider review, info exchange and civil coed discussion about the hobby board, one reason I was there until the bitter end, and as you pointed out, those were my very posts on there. And if the site ever came back up, I would probably go back to it. But, as you know, the board was taken over for the most part by pimp/facilitator reviews, the info that was exchanged was that of agendas and circular logic assumptions/accasations (baiting posts) by trolls looking for a response, then their water was carried without question by guys like you, and the coed discussions turned into a bunch of arguing and name calling threads by dudes. The over 800 female provider members Eccie had in Dallas rarely posted on Eccie and only a handful at that and most of the ones those (other than ads), were drama queens themselves. As far as this site goes, since the new laws, they do not allow ads in Dallas and the reviews have to be tame if posted, so I think it is more of an info exchange/discussion board for the Dallas area now. I also like the fact that the staff does not put up with the FUD that Eccie was famous for (see rules #5 and #6 of this site) So instead of the trolls and cool kids having pocket mods like they did on Eccie, creating a hostile atmosphere at times and causing unwanted attention to their site, the staff here are going to nip that bullshit in the bud before the name calling exchanges begin.
  14. What’s the first thing you notice?

    The first thing I immediately notice is the eyes and then smile.
  15. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    Dude, did I mention porn quality graphic reviews? I know the current situation of the hobby world, no need to keep reminding me and everyone else, get off your condescending high horse. Just giving my opionion on an opinioned board, if you disagree with my opinion, then by all means, please state yours. Also, it seems that on many of my recent posts, you seem to be right behind it quoting me, time to get a life and quit following me around.