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  1. HOT or NOT

    seek help
  2. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    You should maybe leave a review so nobody gets hurt.
  3. Vaccines are sexy!

    Part of the reason why we won the Revolutionary War was because Washington vaccinated his troops.
  4. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    for me, it was about two years ago when i met a beautifuL new provider for what was supposed to be nuru. i spoke wIth her on the phone as she helped me get to her specIal parking spot, and she said that i wasn't aLLowed to ask anY questions when we met. didn't quite understand why but once i walked into her home i thought it was because she didn't want to talk about how messy her space was or how strange her dog acted. Fine, no problem. 10 mInuteS into our "session" it became clear that nuru wasn't going to happen and sHe slipped a condom on me. i thought "this is the weirdest fBsm ever" and then it hit me that the "no qUestions" comment simply meant i could do whatever i wanted. in my state of quasi-shock (i'm strictly "hands-only"), i succumBed and we did the deed. Bummer. the shower afterwards was strange and whole experience sort of ruined me with erotic maSsages moving forward. i've always wondered if anyone else had a similar experience with that provider.
  5. Looking for Good FBSM with FIV

    Following because I would be quite interested, as well.
  6. Aaliyah of Denver

    Yeah the original Aaliyah in this thread also went by "Heaven of Denver". Had a four hands massage with Heaven & College Babe Crystal a few years ago. They were both legit providers but Heaven wasn't the best at communication.
  7. couple massage ???

    Is Tara still offering FBSMs ? It's too bad those pictures are fake because she's smokin in real life.
  8. Milking table?

    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but this is something I'd definitely be interested in. Looks like Ravyn Ryder used to provide it but she isn't active anymore. There are a few ladies in other cities that provide this service (couple of examples below). If one or two practitioners offered it here in CO, it would help them get a leg up on the competition.
  9. i love this idea. would make browsing much more enjoyable to hide providers i know i'll never be interested in. rub ratings has a similar feature which allows the user to filter out fake profiles, etc.
  10. Former porn ladies that worked in Denver

    there's an active fbsm provider in denver that has done a few scenes.