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  1. Suggestions about verifications!!!

    Back in the day when I was working in Portland, OR, a lot of ladies used a method where they would ask for a guy's extension at his workplace and simply call him during business hours and say "Hello, this is Dr. Jackson - just calling to confirm your appointment on ____." Lots of guys were perfectly fine with using this method, but it was over half a decade ago and times have certainly changed.
  2. It is SILLY how stuck-up cheap hotels are!

    I hate crappy hotels for this reason exactly. They’re always asking the most. Personally, I have found that Hyatt hotels are actually very reasonable and the deposit I’ve paid has always been $50 at any of them, at least in the last couple of years.
  3. stop posting for premium snap or only fans

    I absolutely agree; this is definitely not the place for that. Providers who post their OF links in addition to typical ads for those hobbyists that may be fans of them are a different matter. Anyone who isn’t an exclusive provider should go back to Reddit.
  4. Lock down

    I saw a post on Reddit the other day where some guy was saying “you can learn a lot from your cats” and that you can “mimic their schedule” and it supposedly takes the stress of decision making out of your routine. This guy was literally saying he was eating when his cat ate, sleeping when his cat slept, and basically informally job shadowing his cat like some sort of wild experiment. I found it hilarious, and I also kind of wish I had a cat so I could try it. People really are getting bored.
  5. MIA.....until now.

    Job security. I mean, SO many people have been laid off. I know so many ladies who became bartenders and retired...imagine how that job title measures up right now.
  6. Big donations

    I think it’s worth noting that these high end ladies that charge a ton for their time are very low volume. That being said, charging that much and even getting one or two bites a week means you never ever have to work. Lol