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  1. Trying not to get your feelings hurt…

    What a Douche
  2. Ladies in shorts, Thank you Lord

    I can’t wait to be back in Colorado!! Here in S. Fl its so hot a Bikini 👙 is to much!! This is such a Beautiful time in Colorado!!
  3. In the state of Fl anyone over 18 is eligible.
  4. Femdom

    Yes there are ---
  5. Strong legs

    Yes!! I'll be there in a couple of weeks
  6. Threesome recommendation

    Yes! yes there are.
  7. Looking for a kinky, fetish-friendly provider

    Yes!! there's Always those that are Kinky and Fetish Friendly!!
  8. Any girls into foot play

    Absolutely there are!
  9. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. Fort Lauderdale area

    hello Fort Lauderdale peeps
  11. When to hang it up...

    Exactly age doesn't matter it's the quality of character!
  12. When to hang it up...

    Your so young chill