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  1. High quality AMPS?

    The posibility of Colorado Massage I have to be frugal but still want to hobby. The AMPS I visit are just women that are not in my taste range and I'm too shy to turn around. Any AMPs with younger providers? Not the mamasan lol. Particularly Korean. I know I can do rubmaps, but I'd rather go off a vouch from another user. Also, for OpSec purposes, DMing me the AMP is probably safer than commenting it here.
  2. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    Ive noticed it's more step mom/step sister kind of stuff. That's strange to me. The hardcore stuff is normal for my age I suppose. Most girls I date/hookup with are really into choking, hair pulling, domination, daddy kink, etc. That's all I know how to do because that's all girls want to do my age. I guess it's a cultural difference.
  3. A question for providers

    So I'd imagine I'm one of the younger hobbyists here in my 20s and I wonder what providers think of younger hobbyists? I've been declined a lot solely on age, which I find kind of frustrating, but I understand it. Is it because providers are afraid of immaturity? I try to be as respectful as possible and let the provider know of my age ahead of time in hopes I won't make them uncomfortable upon arrival. Any opinions/thoughts to share?