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  1. Just arrived

    Just moved back to Western Washington. Anyone else active there that’s on here?
  2. Best and Worst Pick up

    I try to compliment her shoes. Haha
  3. The bush is back! yaayy!!

    Not the look I prefer but certainly not up to me. Haha
  4. Big Game watching

    As unpopular as the game sounds with everyone I’ll hope to still enjoy it. If you need me, hopefully I’ll be watching from a craps table. 😃
  5. Big Game watching

    I think I am going to take in next weekend’s Super football game from Black Hawk. Anyone have a favorite place to watch major sporting events?
  6. Valentine's Day

    I love this holiday! but I suspect this year...
  7. Please!!

    As a life long Seahawks fan.. congrats on the win.
  8. No Shave November - Are You Doing It

    I wear a stache all the time so November doesn’t change much for me.
  9. Not sure it's necessary anymore once you have a few references and if you are careful. Unless I'm missing something...?
  10. Will be down there in September if all goes according to plan. 👍
  11. Vegas Baby

    Love that town. Welcome to the board
  12. Ultimate Fantasy

    This sounds like a great time.
  13. Blackhawk

    I totally agree. I can see how the work would be scarce enough to not consistently offer it. Just nice to know who would be interested if the opportunity came up. Same as the OP, when I'm up there I'd love to take a companion. Just don't go as often as I'd like.
  14. Take a shower, it's summer!

    Possible help for those that shower and jump in a car for a drive - carry wipes. Use them to freshen up the most important spots. Only useful if we're talking about minor freshening up of course.
  15. Vegas suggestions

    I've been in contact with a few on TOB and found a bunch more on Twitter. Planning a trip in Sept myself. You'll find me at a craps table...