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  1. References help

    A-fucking-men!!! My response to those "hey I've got to have protection, too" self absorbed, entitled assholes usually goes a little something like this: "Lol @ the mention of I've got to have protection, "TOO". This implies that I've got any sort of protection or reassurance from YOU, which, seeing as how you're contacting me from a Text App (as is too often the case, despite my CLEARLY unmistakeably stated instructions to contact me otherwise), I have absolutely no clue who you could be, Mr. John Doe. A well established provider on a reputable site (that you yourself chose, in fact, to find me in the first place) You? You could be anybody. And I'm thinking you're looking like you've got something to hide. I'm not in this to seek out your family and destroy your life, that just wouldn't be smart for me business -wise now would it? And if you're expecting me to let you in MY space with your ol' secretive ass, well...... Think again, buster." The ones who are actually legit get it and start sending what is needed ASAP. The fake timewaster imposter ones, usually = crickets.... Until the NEXT time they decide to try to break thru my screening again, which is sometimes an hour from new number, sometimes 15min, sometimes the next day, or sometimes not for a few days. But yes gents, the struggle to stay safe in this IS SO REAL, so be real or get gone. Please. Thanks in advance !!! <3 xoxo
  2. How to Treat Us......Theoretically, of course.

    Here's her eros profile: (If link doesn't work just search "Arabelle" in San Fran escorts section on eros.) A friend of mine has seen her as this is his fav porn star/Dream girl. A bit pricey but he wasn't complaining. He said she was incredible Also you can search for "Arabelle Raphael" on PornHub to watch some of her films. Top notch
  3. Some of y'all need to watch this & learn somethin' & use it in your communications. Theoretically, of course. Just sayin' .......
  4. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Remy LaCroix all day errrrry day. Mmmm them hula hoop hips !!!!
  5. "How to Treat an Escort. video

    Ladies and Gents!!! Well Hello. <3 I LOVE TOB & have been utilizing this wonderful site for almost a year now. I love passing time reading posts, but have never posted anything myself..... That is, until now! I feel like it's my obligation to help educate those interested in proper etiquette (which really ought to be ALL of you), as well as for the ladies, so that they may have this to send to those who violate these expectations without having to really say anything I feel like sending this link in response next time someone contacts me who just doesn't seem aware of these rules. She pretty much narrows it down perfectly! So thank you Arabelle Raphael, you are a goddess!