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  1. Luna in CO Springs (massage)

    Luna 719-281-8843 Colorado Massage I was wondering if anyone has been able to get a hold of a massage provider by the name of Luna in CO Springs. Recent phone as of early 2018 719-281-8843 previous 719-252-1265 Link:
  2. Therapy and Mobility

    It’s a legitimate question! Hahah
  3. Therapy and Mobility

    I think it would hilarious. “Alright now bend over and touch your toes”
  4. Therapy and Mobility

    Just a friendly reminder to hobbyists and providers alike, take care of your body....Especially your hips/lowback, knees, shoulders, neck. Stretch your hip flexors, do some A.R.T. and warm up before activities. if you’ve got nagging injuries or pain PM me. I’ve got all sorts of tips and tricks.
  5. Really, how long?

    It depends on a few things. Previous stimulation (like if I had me time that morning), position, tightness, sensory stimulation, rhythm, time of day, Testosterone levels, etc. Sometimes a whole hour or even longer if I make the effort.
  6. 411 on 646-485-8812