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  1. MissBee Tryst

    Thanks. I knew even though it wasn't directed at every client. One in the bunch would find darkness in it. Never a dull moment. Thank God I'm on 17 boards😉 Not just This one. She has 4 reviews on PD. I know clients are lazy and don't do research. I simply googled her number and everything came up. Simple like 123. Abc
  2. MissBee Tryst

    She has 4 reviews on PD. I know clients are lazy and don't do research. I simply googled her number and everything came up. Simple like 123. Abc
  3. The Happy Hobbit

    Girl This🤦🏾‍♀️ Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful
  4. It is SILLY how stuck-up cheap hotels are!

    Girl this is why it I don't have a Marriott & Hilton discount I don't even travel. I ain't staying anywhere, makes my damn skin crawl. I have noticed some high end hotels are noisy, want high deposit and not too clean either. I stayed at a Springhill suites by Marriott girl they wanted $200 deposit, doors was locked all day and they had security. Got to the room and it was so trashy. I only paid $57 on my Marriott discount but never again.
  5. Anyone else having this happen?

    Upon first contact I sent a template. Which includes a deposit. I don't offer Hookup without deposit, I don't care if we been seeing each other 10years( Them tend to be the ones who f over you) my time is valuable just like there's is. Not offering a Incall I noticed is a big problem for most girls in Colorado I noticed. You much have a Incall there to eat. Just my two cents
  6. The white stuff

    I'm so over clients coming to my Incall with this White shit around the head of they D where they are not circumcise at. Then they want to say oh it's this or that, NO you have a yeast infection, Bacteria Infection something. This is why I'm a safety girl, but nobody even wants to put a lid on it in fear it might bust. Lord take the wheel. Men do better, they have online doctors to prescribe meds. I don't want to smell your D it's sad.
  7. The white stuff

    This Was Soooo Funny
  8. Anyone else having this happen?

    This is Why I require A deposit.. I travel and my time is valuable, I actually return deposit if I cancel. Respect goes a long way (Both Ways)
  9. Technically unable to see profiles or personal listing

    Me either and I was trying to pay for my profile so I can fly out tomorrow.. Babe I got $40 Hilton Discount & $49 Marriott Discount So A room will never be a issue for me. I just needed Tob to be up and running.
  10. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Dayuse Originally started with Pilots, Business Men, etc etc. Just call ahead of time. A lot of Upscale hotels offer it especially by the airport or downtown. Hilton & Marriott for sure. Like I said call ahead, it's usually half the price of the room for X amount of time. I haven't used it in a while but have in the past. Also called and inquired about it recently. Hope this helps.
  11. Technically unable to see profiles or personal listing

    Me either and I was trying to pay for my profile so I can fly out tomorrow..
  12. Is Tryst taking over?

    This is the only board that does that. It's common sense, they should just be HONEST.. they don't want to add New Women PERIOD.. or that rule wouldn't be in Place.
  13. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    You know all I have is my Word & Rep. I go ABOVE & Beyond, my clients can speak for that. As other providers I can't speak on or entertain anything against them. I wish everyone well and Good Vibes. As far as keeping the lights on, well baby my mom raised a Woman. Not my only source of income... I respect everyone opinions. Kisses Down Low 💋
  14. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Starting to be like Eccie, all Men's board. But what's sad is without us what do they got?
  15. Got shook up last night, heads up for ladies

    Glad your okay please pm me info..
  16. Visiting Lakewood CO around Sept 6th

    Hiya , I would love to hang babe. Message me😘
  17. Thornton and west 83rd ads in EA

    Then what was you looking for? Somebody to hold your hand. The Nerve
  18. Where else is TOB popular?

    Oh2 is Mainly Texas Based Midwest Has Sites Pm me
  19. TOB Blocking New Members?

    They Recently put No New Members Because of the Complaints. I Think It's Funny That we Are Laid On The Floor to Wait For The Bus To Run Us Over. How Can I Say What Will Or Will Not Happen With The Person I Verify On Her Session? Make It Make Sense. Make The Men Vouch and Lose They Status. Think About It. Why Would Women Vouch? We Don't Have Sessions With Them. Men Do. So It Makes No Sense. The People That See Them Should Vouch. Thats Why I say It's A Joke. Oh And I Have A Friend That Joined Before All The New Rules. And they Told Her She Had To Be A Resident Of Colorado To Join, Since She Already Had a Account Just Wasn't Verified.
  20. Lack of legitimacy

    It DON'T work like that. But okay. I'm verified on 17 board's like this one. I started fron scratch. Now I can't comprehend Women not getting verified but everybody starts somewhere. I'm always here to help not hinder or Judge.
  21. Lack of legitimacy

    I have thousands in deposit from client's. But only because they make accounts on boards and don't get verified. Don't do reviews and expect me to risk my freedom seeing they unverified Ass. Guys who do reviews and are verified ALWAYS have something to say about deposit. It DOESN'T PERTAIN TO YOU. Your Verified. Girls should not get deposits from verified client's.
  22. Lack of legitimacy

    I wonder how girls feel when guys are not verified, have done no reviews but want you to be verified with recent review's. Its a 2 way street. When you started was you verified? Did you have a website?
  23. Please, stop asking....

    P411 is The Worst with wanting discounts and things you do not offer. Hang In There Babe
  24. Onlyfans

    Yes Too Be Fully Successful It Is A Full Time Job, I Totally Agree... Alot of people are on there with Great Profiles. Good Luck Babe