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  1. New in town saying hello!

    Everyone welcome my good friend Stacy & show her why Denver is so great
  2. Help me report an ad stealing MY pics!!

    Thanks for all the help & advice everyone! Sadly she's still posting with my pics, found one today! Don't be fooled by the fake! Any help reporting is much appreciated
  3. Help me report an ad stealing MY pics!!

    Ugh I know! The worst part is when I asked her to remove them, she said no! Said they have been working well for her & she will continue to until they don't anymore just hope no one here gets fooled by her, there's only me
  4. Help me report an ad stealing MY pics!!

    Hi Denver!! It's been a while! It's been brought to my attention that someone is using my pics on their backpage ad! Not sure how they got my pics as I do watermark mine now but they somehow did. I AM NOT in Denver! Can you all help me & go report the ad? Think she's posting multiple ones with mine. Thanks guys and miss you all!! Xoxo, The REAL Aubrey
  5. My Introduction To Denver, CO! :)

    Everyone treat Lola well on her 1st Denver visit She's a total doll! Have fun in Denver babe!
  6. It's my birthday this week!

    Thanks everyone!!
  7. It's my birthday this week!

    Hey Everyone! It's my birthday this week & starting my celebrations now Anyone else Scorpios ?!
  8. Hello Denver & TOB

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to all you fine Denver gentlemen! TGIF! Aubrey