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  1. The King or The Queen

    The king, obviously. Lose the king and lose the game. A queen is a powerful piece, but it can be sacrificed.
  2. Hotel Teatro

    Hotels also don't want to have prostitution stings being set up there because they don't want their regular guests who are just in town to visit Grandma Millie seeing a bunch of guys being led out in cuffs. My presumption is that properties that do allow this have probably had lots of prostitution complaints and arrests on their property and have to play ball with the authorities lest their business get cited as a public nuisance or something. Hotel Teatro is definitely not allowing cops to set up shop in their rooms.
  3. Is sexual surrogacy still a thing? I like the idea of a provider as a therapist in some ways, but the sessions that really stand out are the ones where it's a confessional.
  4. Do the ladies mind ?

    I am hardly an expert at self-defense, and though I'm experienced with guns, I do not own one. But what I understand of conceal carry is that you never brandish a gun to threaten a person or warn them off, much less fire a warning shot (which may get you into more trouble than actually killing your assailant). I've always heard that you never unholster your weapon unless the next thing you are going to do is fire center-mass into your target until they fall. Then, you wait for the cops and say only two things: "I was afraid for my life," and "Lawyer." If the other person is brandishing a knife or some other melee weapon within fifteen feet of you, it will be considered a good shoot. But yeah. I'm no expert in these things. When I think about the worst case scenarios, in the situation where the provider rips you off with the typical "Well, the fee we talked about was just to get me into the room..." spiel, pulling a gun on her to get your donation back is bad idea. If a pimp walks out of the bathroom and tells you they are keeping the fee and get the fuck out of here, pulling a weapon is also a bad idea. If the pimp comes out of the bathroom with a weapon and tells you they are keeping the fee and now let's go down to the ATM and let's withdraw more of your money, light him up (never allow yourself to be taken to a secondary location by an assailant). If the provider is actually a psycho who is intent on hurting men who engage in the hobby for their skewed conception of feminism and wants to kill you 1) you should do better research and vetting and 2) you are in an extremely rare situation. I wholeheartedly agree that bringing a gun to your first session with a lady brings some bad vibes with it. If carrying is important to you, mention it to the provider. Who knows, maybe she's a gun enthusiast too. I give a bit more leeway to providers having a gun with them in their incall, or taking it to an outcall. But for fucks sake don't pull it out on a lark, and don't pull it out if you're inebriated. If you're at an outcall and the guy has NRA posters all over his house and looks like a responsible gun owner, go ahead and offer to show your piece. Or, if some crazed incel slips your screening and is suddenly threatening you, perhaps pulling a gun out will be enough to get him out of the room. But remember, pulling a piece out is an extreme escalation and if it gets to that point where it's your business or your life, most of you will choose your life. But even in the best, most clear-cut shoots (dude is a serial killer, murdering prostitutes all over the country, has duct tape, knives, and guns on him when he comes to your session and you get the drop on him) your career as a provider is over, your identity will be completely exposed as a matter of public record, and your life will never be the same. I am curious if any providers have had to use a gun to deter a shitty client.
  5. Denver ladies?

    I fucked a girl off of Denver Ladies back in the day. Didn't even have to pay extra. Not to brag, but brag.
  6. Do the ladies mind ?

    I'm more curious about how many providers pack heat than their clients... I've had a provider pull out a gun during the start of a session. We had just smoked a bowl and it was kind of like "Here. Check out this cool thing I have..." and pulls a .380 out of her luggage; magazine loaded, her finger all over the trigger. This was a provider that I knew struggled with drugs in the past (harder ones than pot) and had clearly relapsed. I doubt the gun was legally possessed of that she knew about how to responsibly use one. On my side, as the client, that night was a slightly terrifying experience (it was also a really hot session. I hope she's gotten some help.) But yeah, guys, even if you're a law abiding CCW licensed holder, leave the gun in the car when you're going into a session. Everyday carry doesn't mean you have to carry every moment of every day. In 90% of the worst case scenarios you'd run into with a provider, having a gun on you won't make things better, and could defintely make them worse.
  7. What is your Poison?

    In order: bourbon, vodka, pale ale.
  8. As someone with some insider knowledge re: hotels, I would tell everyone here to be less paranoid. Human trafficking training at hotels only tells workers to look out for a 14 year olds who don't speak English and are crying with people who are obviously not their parents forcing them back into their rooms. Otherwise, hotel workers are overworked and underpaid and likely don't give a shit about you unless you're making their lives more difficult. Asking for extra towels isn't making their lives more difficult. If you are a provider and your room is paid up (don't use prepaid cards, just book the room as normal, unless you are part of some fucked up foreign trafficking ring, they won't be subpeoning our credit card records) and you are otherwise not causing hassles, hotel workers don't give a fuck and if they do give a fuck, they can't do anything about it. The average response time for a shots-fired in the Denver-Metro area is about fifteen minutes. "I think there might be a hooker in my hotel," will not be promptly answered, and, if you are paid up, won't even get the attention of management. Fuck away folks.
  9. Closest Calls with LE

    Lemme tell you all a story about a session that was both one of the best...and one of the absolute worst I ever had. It was the middle the night and I contacted a provider I'd seen a few times before for a half-hour session. She directs me to a crappy Glendale hotel I had seen her in once before. I arrive, go inside, and everything about the session unfurls really slowly. But that's okay because the half-hour I'd booked with her ends up being nearly two hours of super-sensual messing around. Some of the best I'd ever had. After two hours, I'm all done and she asks me a favor: can I take her to see her friend who was having a session at a hotel up the road? She was supposed to have contacted her when it was done and she was worried. Well, after having gotten hooked up for way more than I paid for, who was I to say no? Anyway, so I pull out of the first sketchy Glendale hotel with the provider, who is dressed like an obvious heaux, and is also carrying a .380 handgun she'd lovingly shown me during the session. It is four in the morning and there is a pair of Glendale PD cars hanging out around the corner of the hotel we were at, so obviously anyone up around that hour at those locations were probably up to no good. When I pull out of that first hotel, they begin to follow us, all the way into the lot of the second hotel I was taking the provider to. I point this out to the provider, but she insists it's nothing. To my civilian instincts, I am in deep fucking shit. I am blubbering about, trying to come up with some sort of cover story for the two of us, and she's all like "Why are freaking out?" I park at the second hotel, the cop cars enter the lot behind us, but seem to drive on after we have parked. It looks clear, so she says she's going to check out the room her friend said she was in to make sure she's okay and can I come with her, because she will need a ride back to her original hotel afterwards... So, I go along with her and we wander around the outside of the hotel until we find the room she believes her friend to be in. She knocks on the door, but there's no answer. So she begins to bang on the door, noisily yelling that she needs to see her friend RIGHT NOW! (and reaching her hand into her bag with the unregistered handgun). I am trying to discreetly hang back, notice that blinds are getting drawn back from some of the rooms nearby. Those guests are likely calling the cops as she freaks out; the cops can be here in minutes since they were already there once before; I'm with a crazy heaux with an illegal handgun (I highly doubt she had a concealed carry license for that pistol) and when they do come, I am likely going down for human trafficking for having driven her. Her friend eventually texts her from inside the room and (I guess) says everything is cool. My provider says okay, can you take me back to my hotel? I want to get the figgitedy fuck out of there, so I say sure. We get inside my car, drive back to her hotel, I drop her off at her door and she goes inside. I get out of there the moment she's in her room, driving in a circuitous route that will take me far away from either of the hotels I'd been at. Folks...crazy girl sex can be some of the greatest sex you've ever had in your life, however, it comes at a cost. Seeing as I narrowly avoided the cost, I can think of it all fondly now, but things didn't have to go all that much different for it to have gone very badly.
  10. hotel wi-fi

    No one working at a hotel gives a shit about what sites you are visiting. They don't give a shit if you have girls visiting your room every night. The only thing they give a shit about is if you are causing complaints from other guests, or creating complaints yourself in relation to your hobby. That is the only reason you will even be notable to the underpaid schlubs working at the hotel. You don't have to be deep cover, you just have to not be a problem. Maybe you'll be noticed, but as long as you aren't diddling kids no one will care. As for chains blocking certain sites, they do if you're trying to use the public computers in the lobby. As for the general wifi, it's a free for all and if it isn't, use a VPN.
  11. Classic scenes, modern scenarios

    Umm. How is Citizen Kane remotely connected to Law Abiding Citizen or 300? Gerard Butler wasn't even born when Citizen Kane was released... My timeless movie is Dr. Strangelove. Realpolitik perfectly explained in cinematic form.
  12. Question for the Gents

    I saw a girl named Bianca who used a booking assistant and it all worked out well. Would see her again, except it's been many moons since she's been here... On the client side of things, one thing we really dislike is the idea that the woman is being pimped (or, at least I do). That is why we like contact with the provider directly. If you do decide to use someone to book your appointments, then I would highly suggest that person be female. Anytime there is a man in the equation of all this, no matter if it's your burly gay friend who you asked for protection and pay out of your own roll, on the hobbiest side of things if there is a man around, we think pimp. And since even the most consensual sex work is being conflated with human trafficking in LE's eyes, this is not a trivial concern. It may even be a problem for your friend who books for you with the best of intentions, who is practically your employee. Should you become a target of a sting, the person booking for you might end up being charged as a human trafficker just for setting appointments for you. I do see the advantages of it of using a booker from the client's side as well. I tend to be someone who books on short notice, so when I reach out to a provider who has indicated she is looking for appointments for the day and don't get an immediate response, I think that the provider may either be currently involved in an appointment or preparing for an appointment and can't get back, and if that's the case, then my message may be buried under several other messages at that point and when the provider can get back to her phone, might consider mine a dry lead. In that case, a booker who knows the provider's schedule and can spend the time to vet potential clients could have worked me into their schedule for the day, where a single person doing everything alone might not have. It would also allow the provider to maximize their daily schedule, and their service could be a win-win for everyone involved.
  13. Two types of guys I find mostly

    Your ability to create chemistry is actually something I liked about you. But limits are important. I don't know how the other side of the equation works, but I've always suspected that the deed itself isn't the hard part during a session. Navigating the emotions of the client; finding out what he needs from the session and what you are willing to give, is the part you are actually paid for. And that is why I think a provider should be somewhere between an actress and a therapist. A provider is ultimately a fantasy, but what fantasy that is must be discovered on the fly in the course of a session. The therapy part is where you teach people about their sexuality. There is a lot of shame that comes with being a client, just as there is a lot of shame that comes with being a provider, or with being someone who has to go to a therapist. Ultimately, if everything is consensual, shame is irrelevant, just as talking and expressing yourself to another person is irrelevant and not immoral. And of course, I understand that the shame and judgment is even higher on the provider side of the equation. I think that the best sessions are ones where we are completely real about the sexual aspects of ourselves within the the context of our allotted time together. During that time, what we want is valid. Now, of course small talk, personability and such is a part of that. In that respect, become someone else. Act like you are someone else, but find the part that connects to yourself. Don't be afraid to push back, because sometimes, that's what people expect and want and will ultimately respect. If someone feels a connection to you, remind them that they only feel a connection to the you that exists in that room at the moment. If they keep pushing, make something up that will lead them away from what you truly are. Navigating a client's emotions is probably the hardest part of your job, whether they be loving you, wanting you, hating you, or not caring about you. Fucking is probably the easiest part of it all.
  14. What would you do if this happened?

    Straight up. In a restaurant, if I'm jonesing for a particular dish, if the place is out of it for the night the server should just be straight up with me that they don't have it. If they just ran out, come back to me, tell me you are out, and I'll decide if I want to try something different or just pay for my drinks and leave. But don't just cook something else, bring it to me, and think I will accept it. If I want beef, I want beef. If I want fish, I'll order fish. If the question is an allegory for the hobby, however, my answers are slightly different. A girl isn't a slice of meat after all...
  15. Balls really are tasty

    I had Rocky Mountain Oysters once (at the Buckhorn Exchange). They were tasty and I didn't spit them out or anything, but they did taste like balls. Or, as in they had a faint, semen-y flavor to them. I'd eat them again, but if you know what you're eating, the fact that they are nuts doesn't escape you.
  16. Constructive Criticism

    The term "incel" is nearly a part of modern parlance now, typically describing members of an incredibly misogynistic online culture of men who can't get laid (spend a moment of two down their rabbit hole and you will quickly see why). They have found their way into mainstream discourse because of several high profile murders they have committed. Likely, there are few incels posting on our forums, but probably many lurking around, looking to harass providers to get some small bit of gratification. They poison the well for the rest of us and should be considered our enemy. That said, it was likely unfair to compare OP to an incel, but it all does exist on a spectrum. Incels are typically anti-provider and cast them as diseased, when this is completely not the way they should think of them. If one feels they are too ugly or shy to get sex, then a provider is probably the next best option. However, incels have an obsession with the notion of purity, and are against the idea of seeing a provider, possibly thinking that their dick will rot off if they do, but it is more a function of their misguided egos. Again, it's completely unfair to OP to compare him to an incel, but I come from a place where just regular girls I hooked up with once were all chain-smokers and the rule was always "if she smokes, she pokes". Providers (and clients) are always thrust into inherently tense situations and I wouldn't begrudge one a cigarette beforehand to help deal with the stress. Hopefully afterwards she will want to a cigarette to just relax.
  17. Constructive Criticism

    Damn shit has changed if guys are avoiding providers who don't smoke. It used to be almost every provider worth her salt was a smoker. Fucking millenials and your insistence on healthy habits. I personally like my booze cheap, my whore's hair to smell of Marlboros, and my sex to be sleazy. Incels are constantly disappointed by their own high expectations.
  18. Generations

    Dividing things into "generations" has always been problematic for me. It used to be they were divided up by which economic downturn they experienced and which war they fought, but now it seems to track with which technological innovations were prevalent when they were raised. One hard line might be pre-internet, post-internet, but one can make the argument for television being the factor that binds together the baby boomers, the VCR being the technology that bound Generation X, the early internet being the technology that bound together older millenials and social media and smart phones the technology that binds the next generation. I don't think one generation is better than the next. The Greatest Generation didn't just punch Nazis, they fucking shot them. However, the Greatest Generation are also way more likely to be casually racist, homophobic, and I doubt they will ever get their head around the trans-thing. Millenials are much less racist and homophobic. The most die hard Trump supporting Millenial is positively woke compared to a leftist Democrat of the Greatest Generation era. On the other hand, Millenials are also the generation that decided to call up those old girlfriends of Fascism and Communism, have taken them out to dinner and fingerbanged them on their secondhand couch after the rest of us vowed to never drunk-dial those bitches again because we know it never ends well. Gen X started as smug nihilists and turned into either smug libertarians or try to amp up their "wokeness" so that Millenials will think your cool and keep inviting you to their parties. The Baby Boomers...well, if you're one of those that protested Vietnam but thought that the Iraq War was a good idea, then stayed glued to your couches watching Fox News, and voting for Trump because, fuck it, it's not my Medicare or social security they will be taking away, then these middle fingers are for you. Every generation has its advantages and its problems. Every generation has its heroes and its scumbags. It's complicated, but the world will churn on.
  19. Teeth

    The greatest blowjob I ever got was from a provider with much-less than stellar teeth. I wish she was still in the game.
  20. Fair warning to the ladies...

    Since we are deep into semantics, I will also add that referring to yourself as a "Barbie" is also problematic. That shit is marketed to women to make y'all feel bad that you aren't both busty and thin at the same time, while also being tall (but not taller than you're man) and having a bunch of cool toy houses and roadsters to drive around in. And because Barbie covers such an extreme range of body types that to describe yourself is not only meaningless, but also pointless. I guarantee that no mature and sane male has ever jerked off thinking of Barbie. Perhaps they did over a similarly unrealistic and airbrushed model (though I theorize that one positive change in male sexuality in the age of ubiquitous Internet porn is that men are open to be attracted to a larger range of female body types than men were when the primary sources of desire were Playboy centerfolds...but that's a different discussion), but Barbie was nothing but the lame shit your sister or cousin played with while you played with the similarly body distorting toys of He-Man or GI-Joe, or even the crazy male body types of those actors in superhero movies nowadays. In any case, while calling yourself a Barbie doesn't completely take you off my list (if everything else seems fine, I might give it a shot) it certainly doesn't make for good ad copy in my opinion.
  21. Cheating

    I don't judge a guy for hiring a provider any more than I judge a provider for providing. Single guys who hire providers have their reasons. Married guys who hire providers have their reasons. Providers have their reasons for providing. As long as everything is consensual and a guy is not spending so much on providers that they are compromising their family or their own financial security, it is all something way short of evil.
  22. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    I've lived a block away from Colfax for many years and never once picked up a street hooker (even though I definitely saw some transactions go down). I wouldn't even know what the protocol for doing so. It's online only for me.
  23. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    I like ads that are just written like the provider has a decent grasp of the English language. Spelling the word sexy "sexii" is not sexy.
  24. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    I saw Lilly of Denver early in her career and she gave me an experience that has yet to be surpassed. Aubrey was also an awesome provider. The hype about her was real. I only got to spend one session with the Kandi Shop before she hung up her spurs. I wish I'd gotten on that earlier because she was also a great time. But my ATF was actually a backpage girl that never advertised here. She was very sweet and I probably saw her more than anyone else. She helped me through some difficult times. As for more recent AWOLs, I wish SweetCecilia and ZoeyCobain were still in the game.
  25. The francophile in me is actually down with a little armpit hair on women. To me it indicates a girl who has affairs and smokes cigarettes in bed while discussing the meaninglessness of life. Sadly, the unshaved armpit look is most likely found on jam band worshipping hippie chicks who likely haven't shaved their legs in a year and that's my dealbreaker. If the legs aren't smooth, fine, but I can't get down with wookie legs.