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Found 2 results

  1. Florida Other I want 2 you cum all over me ! My fantasy is to meet up with somebody and have them jack off and cum on my tits and face. Text me if this sounds hot to anyone! I am looking forward toit .Text Here :[ snip ]
  2. Two types of guys I find mostly

    It's hard when guys it to so personal that you won't let them into your life. They get pouty about it or just go silent for days/weeks. I mean I honestly take it as a compliment that a guy would like you that much but very much the realistic hand, that is what eharmony is for. I call them prince charmings because they immediately want to date and start life swapping. I love what I do but it's a second life and it should stay that way. Setting up boundaries is something the sugar dating life style did not teach me and that's probably why I ended up leaving after it started to get serious. I'm not sure if other girls are like this but when a guy gets 'love-sick' about me like a bartender I usually cut them off. It's not healthy for them to think I am going to become something that they will wake up next to. I don't do over nights for that very reason. Nursing; some nurses are great at being able to go home and focus on their home life while some aren't. I find it like that with this job. Some guys can leave us in their fantasy fulfillment while others are playing prince charming home to swoop us on their horses and ride away into the sunset. On that note girl, how much texting do you do with your guys? I really try not to do it too much unless it's work related. I remember when I was a cam girl for about oh, I don't know. Two weeks XD I would charge a small fee for the guy to have my personal line to text me but I wouldn't text him but a few times a day because we all have a home life that we return to at some point. Like college, family, social life haha you know? Maybe I got to tone down the chemistry a few notches eh? Hahaha Anyway, I'm new to TOB but I've been a club dancer and such and always loved working with the boss-minded girls. Thanks for reading Betty Claire