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  1. 411 on Shelly Sinclair

    Seen previously, definitely hot co-ed type. A bit too upscale for effort received on my visit. YMMV of course, never hurts to contact reviewers.
  2. Chocolate covered espresso beans

    Dark chocolate to close out a hard day's work for this hobbyist.
  3. RIP Mr. McCain, great example of a true American.
  4. Warm drinks for snowy days?

    Café con leche, lol for those who know!
  5. Sharing references?

    Agreed. Maybe a question for admin for notification pop up option to come.
  6. Legit. Toftt and review is pending approval. Be respectful gentleman.
  7. Numbers 2-5, 11 & 12 have occurred in my short hobby years. Thanks for that!
  8. Happy 4th Holiday Everyone

    To you as well! Merica!
  9. LMAO!!! 😂😂😅 No more tunas
  10. The searching for a wonderful mermaid will go on! Thanks.
  11. I really wanted to see the provider, and felt like I had been kicked. So that's why I used that imagery of being wounded in the moment.
  12. Thank you ladies who shared their insight and how they would manage a similar situation. Thank you fellas for your opinion, sharing experiences and how you would handle it. I completely understand there's no set of rules or guidelines to the way scheduling works; the fact that this is a business and livelihood for providers. A hobby and/or break from life for the gentleman. At the end of the day, we chose who we want to see and the manner in which we behave both as client and provider.
  13. Would happen to have the link or name of the topic? I don't believe I read/saw that on the forum.
  14. This would have been my fourth visit with the provider.
  15. st louis mo

    Good morning and have a good day Angel!