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  1. Am I too old for the hobby?

    I see many much older than you. I appreciate older men they are usually very respectful and kind. You are definitely not too old!!
  2. Would you feel awkward or embarrassed?

    I think it’s a sweet way to show appreciation for being a loyal client. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Slowww!

  4. Happy Birthday Raven Layne

    Happy birthday to my favorite person !!!
  5. Denver is turning into a retirement community

    I once had a gentleman show up and when I opened the door he said “oh I thought you would be younger “, I gave him the option to leave and he decided to stay, and wouldn’t you know it has called almost weekly since then. Sometimes you just have to try something new to figure out how good it is...
  6. Black list

    How do you go about blacklisting someone? If I’m in the wrong forum I apologize thanks Lena
  7. It must be me

    I agree... having at least an hour notice before an appointment is extremely helpful. More time of course would be better but expecting us ladies to be ready in 10 minutes causes stress trying to get ready and be prepared and professional for your visit. I appreciate a day notice but have noticed that most of the time those appointments become a no-show.
  8. Question for providers

    That’s because you are a hell of a man....and a gentleman as well as a great lover.