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  1. Anyone seen Naomi in COS?

    😂. Thanks my dude. Unfortunately I’m only in town for the week. She stopped posting ads anyway so I decided to seek out other talent. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Anyone seen Naomi in COS?

    Bump for info. I don’t catch any red flags but I’d like confirmation from someone if possible.
  3. Adding a new phone number

    Indeed! I hope I've helped you as much as you have me. We have to look out for each other down here in Springs. God speed!
  4. Adding a new phone number

    Before I disappear from the board for a while, I just wanted to state in this thread that I don't have anything new to report about Lynn, but Bella made a serious effort to make up for the encounter we had, despite it being so long ago. Being that they're associated with Madison Monroe who is also very well reviewed here, I think there's reasonable evidence to point to them changing their behavior. Maybe, maybe not. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Adding a new phone number

    She's definitely using a different name. On the note of "getting over it," I will say that her friend Bella Brinx did the same shit to me years ago and it was to date the single worst hobbying experience I've ever had. I know I'm not over it, and I don't fault habib for not being over it either. If I could post a warning that rests right under every one of her backpage ads, I would pay to do so until the end of time. These girls need to find a new city to rob and harass.
  6. brandy COS

    Looks familiar to me too but I think that's because I saw a warning posted about her at some point. Something about either a shitty attitude or a cash'n'dash. I might be wrong, ymmv, etc.
  7. Madison Love I'm guess this picture is an accurate one and all the modeling ones are "representative"?
  8. 411 on Rosie COS

    Lol that's a bit of a stretch... What makes pimps more likely to use a goofy text generator than an indy girl?
  9. 411 on Rosie COS

    Bump for this girl. Any info would be great.
  10. Summerlove/Vanessa?

    The girl in the picture is a rave blogger named Heaven Tucker. I somehow doubt she'll be the girl to open the door when you show up at the hotel.
  11. How to approach this...

    Yeah, guess I just let the little head get ahead of the big one. You guys are right, this one isn't worth all the possible repercussions. Thank you for saving my ass lol.
  12. How to approach this...

    I appreciate all the responses by the way, it's nice to be able to depend on this board for non-troll advice.
  13. How to approach this...

    I'm not going to link the ad because I don't want anyone texting her about this thread. To clarify though, I have no desire to persue a relationship with this girl. She's just a hottie that I work with. I'm on friendly terms with her (typical goofy work banter) but we don't hang out outside of that. If I was close to her, I would never consider even bringing it up, but then I also don't know her well enough to gauge how she would handle me aproaching her about it. The other thing important to mention is that it looks like she works through an agency of sorts. That being the case, should I contact her directly via her cell phone? Approach her in person? I feel like if I were to schedule with her without her knowing it was me beforehand she'd freak out.
  14. Alrighty friends. I have a massive conundrum. I was engaging in my regular BP trolling when the unthinkable happened. A girl that I know in real life has an ad up. There is no question this is the girl I know. She's had my eye since the moment I met her and to call her a 10 would be an understatement. This is an opportunity I can't pass up but how do I even approach this? Like, seriously, where do I even begin? Help!
  15. 411 Decorum

    Mad about trolling. Trolls. The fucking irony. The only difference here is that the rest of us have contributed. Where are your reviews? If you don't have anything to add then nobody is really going to be upset by you ragequitting. You don't take everything the 411 forum has to offer, give nothing in return, and then get pissed when you break very simple rules. The only one that needs a swift ban is you.