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  1. Soooo...about those dick pics!!!

    LMAO funniest post on here in a while. You made my day with this one.😂
  2. Will that be Cash or Credit Sir?

    IMHO, cash is king.....
  3. Grooming Rant

    I guess I'm from the old school because I prefer a little hair. Not full hippie but at least a landing strip. IMO that bald shit is for little girls and I'm a grown woman. The "harsh nasty stubble" sounds like razor burn. Applying witch hazel followed by deodorant right after shaving eliminates that problem.
  4. Why do you do this???

    You ladies made my morning with this post & responses. I think I used all my rep points for the day. Only thing missing: Do you have a boyfriend? If not, can I see you for free next time ooops I mean become your boyfriend? I'm only asking because you are way better than what you do.
  5. Bp completely removing ad

    Wow! I don't understand the provider hate when there is enough bread out here for everyone to eat.
  6. Ladies absolutely Never Ever No matter How much

    LOVE Sadalia! I go at least twice a year. It takes about 6 months to forget how bad paintball hurts. Alamo game is fun until your the last 3 or 4 standing. I looked like a battered woman for at least 3 weeks. Be careful on the backend of the fort near the creek & hidden tunnel. Poison oak back there.
  7. New Here

    Welcome to TOB!
  8. A true friend will love you for YOU. What you do to make ends meet should not be a factor.
  9. So this happened

    My daughter had hers removed New Year's Day. Start bland & slowly add things back into your diet.
  10. Site for FBSM for Women By Men?

    The demand for this is slim to none. Why? The ugliest woman alive can find a man faster than a cold glass of water. Women will never have to pay to play. FACTS
  11. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    For the summer months, Game of Thrones & Power. Arya is a BEAST! Free Ghost! Top 5 favorites (in order) Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Scandal & The Walking Dead
  12. If you could...

    I would do an around the world cruise.
  13. Sports & Your Balls

    Too funny!
  14. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Delicious squirted her lady juice on everyone. Samantha aka Susie Creamschmear demanded Delicious to bend over, pulled out her whip and scolded Delicious with 10 hard hits for squirting without permission. With each slash to the ass Delicious screamed supercalifragilisticexpialidocious when suddenly.....
  15. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Tasty dropped the feather and to her knees and started to suck Sammy's big salami. Delicious joined in. The dynamic duo tag teamed Sammy's salami. Poor Bobby watched tied up with a stiff one when suddenly....