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  1. If you could...

    I would do an around the world cruise.
  2. Sports & Your Balls

    Too funny!
  3. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Delicious squirted her lady juice on everyone. Samantha aka Susie Creamschmear demanded Delicious to bend over, pulled out her whip and scolded Delicious with 10 hard hits for squirting without permission. With each slash to the ass Delicious screamed supercalifragilisticexpialidocious when suddenly.....
  4. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Tasty dropped the feather and to her knees and started to suck Sammy's big salami. Delicious joined in. The dynamic duo tag teamed Sammy's salami. Poor Bobby watched tied up with a stiff one when suddenly....
  5. Why is twerking a thing?

    You would have to be an ASS man to understand....
  6. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Hobby Bobby called his ATF Delicious over for some afternoon fun. Delicious brought a special treat, her new duo partner Tasty. The ladies didn't waste anytime. Suddenly....
  7. Okay guys I'm tired of all the negativity on this forum. Let's lighten things up a bit and play a good ole fashion game of Tall Tales, TOB style! RULES 1.) Quote the entire story before your tale 2.) Add 3 HOT & SEXY sentences to the storyline 3.) End with "suddenly..." Let's write a story to rival the best of erotica. I want soaking wet panties kitties & rock hard stiffies for all. I'll start.....
  8. Not enough African-American providers

    No Lacey I was concurring with you and adding my question to the OP.
  9. Your other post was totally racist and based on stereotypes. Adding another post trying to justify that crap is not working. So please take several seats and think before you type boo boo.
  10. Not enough African-American providers

    And where did you get these "facts"?
  11. R.I.P. Adam West.

    BANG! POW! BOOM! RIP Adam West.
  12. I think I can say this ...

    I think a majority of us ladies concur with Wendy, unless it's an overnight appointment. Honestly, how many times can the average Joe go in an hour or 2?

    Every woman's worst fear= gaping void big pussy Every man's worst fear= shrimp pencil dick Add the 2 fears together= hopeless
  14. On rate haggling.....

    Speaking of hagling; I had an older gentlemen yesterday whom called expecting a refund because he was retired. X wrong answer.
  15. Funky Spunk

    Uncircumcised fellas that don't stink, what are you doing so we (ladies) can pass knowledge along.