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  1. MILF Status?

    At what age are you considered a MILF or are ALL mothers MILFs?
  2. Happier note - West World

    I watch to see James Marsden with his sexy ass. Fell in love with him in The Notebook.
  3. Is it Time yet??

    White does look a little dingy when it's not green & sunny. That's most likely why the Memorial through Labor day thing is a fashion rule.
  4. Despite the recent legislative catastrophe..

    My aunt in Muskogee, Ok still has an outhouse on her land lmao
  5. Something Lighter, It's Much Needed.....

    My dad is from the deep south so we never had cold cereal for breakfast. It was always meat, fruit, & porridge (grits, cream of wheat or malt-o-meal) on weekdays before school & a full spread on the weekends. My favs were Inspector Gadget before school, Blinky's Fun Club after school (Happy birth-day Dear chil-dren) & Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles on Saturday mornings.
  6. P411 is now a closed community

    Thanks for helping me become a p411 member last year!
  7. P411 is now a closed community

    Erotic Monkey has 2 fake reviews under my name, number & pics! A TOB member made me aware my first week on here. I think it was Happy Camper.They will not remove them after multiple request. Both reviews stated GFE activities when I'm a FBSM provider. One of the reviewers marked me as Caucasian when I'm of mixed non-white decent. I even attached screenshots of my TOB reviews & stats as proof. They updated my race to mixed but left both fradulent & misleading reviews. Not a reliable source!
  8. Is it Time yet??

    The fashion rule is white from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.
  9. Nasty, disgusting, sexist jokes - got any?OK

    A woman wanted a pet so she went to the local pet shop. She looked at the dogs and the cats but finally settled on a parrot that was perched in the back of the store for $50.00. She asked the shopkeeper why the parrot was so cheap, to which he replied, "Well, I have to tell you, the birds last owner was a madam at a whorehouse and he occasionally makes off colorful remarks that may offend some people." Thinking that the price was right and she could handle anything he might say, she took him. When she got home she set the bird down on the table. He looked around and said, "New house, new madam". "That's not so bad," she thought. A little while later, her daughters got home from school, and the parrot spoke again, "New house, new madam, new whores." Even though she felt a little insulted, she thought that wasn't so bad either. Later that evening, her husband Ray came home. The parrot again spoke out... This time it said, "Hi Ray!" The woman met with a divorce attorney the next day.

    The forum posts are really depressing over the last few days. Lots of negatively, complaining & ostracizing. TOB is one of our only beams of sunlight during these dark & cloudy times. Not trying to further deter anyone's freedom of speech but can we please try to keep it positive. FUCK!
  11. New here and have an important question

    Look for Newbie friendly providers.
  12. Reference friendly Ladies

    I'm reference friendly as well via email or text only. Clients must notify me PRIOR to using me as a reference with the provider's name so I'm anticipating their email/text. I will not provide specific details and limiting my responses to: "He's safe!" "Would not repeat!"
  13. Switterland Luck?

    Laci, just went through the entire site trying to find this. Where is it?
  14. Switterland Luck?

    Has anyone struck gold in Switterland with a successful appointment on either side of the coin to date?
  15. Escort license.... ive had one in the past

    Jim Bobs 😂