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  1. Fuckin Broncos...

    It would be way more enjoyable to hobby during the games!
  2. Its like Yoga....

    A bad day of fishing is better than any day at work.
  3. Changing seasons...

    Cool weather and fun under the covers
  4. This week's game

    Always had a thing for Drew Barrymore!
  5. Why do you do this???

    It's sad but true that some guys are dumber than rocks even before the blood rushes out of their heads.
  6. Another weekly holiday

    Definitely my new favorite holiday!
  7. What are your "hobby" milestones?

    Originally, 1000 oks, have fun with a lady visiting from every state and at least one lady born in every country. That was until I met my 3 ATF's. LOL. Now I'm just happy to have fun several times a month.
  8. If you could...

    Japan. I've always felt like a reincarnated Samurai traped in a gai jin body.
  9. The best kisser

    Chelsea Jordan!
  10. Do you ever go over your budget

    Budgets are meant to be broken!
  11. Recommended doubles?

    Go heavy on the B vitamins. Lol
  12. Laci French got me thinking

    I second that!
  13. Favorite sexiest accents

    Aussie, Kiwi and British
  14. Gaining Knowledge from an other

    Lol. While learning all this when would one have time for fun?
  15. Sex toy

    Vibrating c*ck ring!