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  1. Thanksgiving traditions

    Make sausage balls for breakfast!
  2. Thanksgiving Plans

    Already cooked my turkey last Saturday. Been making lots of dishes with the leftovers!
  3. What’s up my people?!

    Good to hear all is going great. Same here. Enjoy all the yummy foods there!
  4. Colorado Sprigs

    Denver better be nice to her. What a beautiful smile!
  5. Hi TOB let me introduce myself

    Welcome to Colorado! Much better weather here. Enjoy.
  6. P411

    Doesn't scare me. Makes me feel more comfortable that we both know the ropes!
  7. Lady's Choice

    All my pics would be dishes I cook!
  8. New Year's Superstitions and Resolutions

    Black eyed peas and cabbage. For good luck and wealth.
  9. What do you want for Christmas?

    A day of fun with one of my favorite ladies! A guy can dream.....
  10. With The Repeal of Net Neutrality Today

    Chill out people. The AGs will sue just to gain points for their quest to gain power
  11. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    roflmao. Dent is definitely the wrong word....
  12. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    To finally make a dent in the long list of ladies I want to meet!
  13. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    I'll gladly bake you lots of cookies!
  14. Denver Broncos Losing Streak

    We should all just spend the time during the game hobbying. Maybe then they'll start winning again.
  15. Fuckin Broncos...

    It would be way more enjoyable to hobby during the games!